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  • I am thinking about doing it. I would like to read any input also.
  • What is your box name so I can follow that?!
  • I eat chipotle pretty much everyday. There are some days where I really want a burrito but i force myself to get a salad or a bowl. With guac. and after eating it, i'm satisfied and what I ate still tasted good. And I agree with the previous poster that said bread is really just a vehicle for most things like burritos and…
  • When starting paleo I drank chicken broth when I felt faint.
  • spinach salad with pecans, blueberries, and feta. it's pretty and tasty. toss in oil and vinegar.
  • Thanks for the advice!! The "arctic enema" (haha) is what i'm most scared of!! I hate jumping in ice water. Now i'm kind of excited. :)
  • My coach said to have bone broth too. I forgot until I read your post. i'll be doing that tonight.
  • I got this idea from someone else on here but its a great one! guac and bell peppers. really tasty. beef jerky or some chicken.
  • "everytime you stop a kitten dies" lol. i've been laughing for like 15 minutes on that one.
  • I just saw this!! dang it. I don't know why i missed your post. I'm sorry. My box and box out of houston put it on.
  • If you are stopped up, eat more fat! I read somewhere that fiber is only important because of the SAD. If you are eating enough fat and veggies, you shouldn't need to supplement. Paleo is a cure for constipation and IBS.
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  • I'm in. I need help on the eating part...
  • Thank y'all! i'll talk to owner about childcare. we are moving to a new and bigger location very soon so that may be possible. It is for my friend and she is pretty much like a single parent. Her husband doesn't help at all. I was thinking about watching her kids so she could go but I dont know. Those are great ideas about…
  • no one has to find a place for their kids to go while they crossfit?
  • I was thinking about it too. I have to travel alot this month but I think I can still hang. At least do the best i can!
  • I just try to get btwn 50-100 grams of carbs. Not sure what the percentage is. Then I eat as much meat and veggies as i want. Typically its about 110 g of protien and i eat alot of guac and coconut oil. I guess I should pay better attn. lol. But lately Ive been drinking a dr pepper or a chia tea latte a day. Bad news. I…
  • I am going through this right now. Tropical Traditions has some cake recipes that would qualify as paleo. Also there are blogs that have some like paleomg.com elana's pantry paleo parents health-bent that is just a few...there are a ton. I think i'm going to use one from tropical traditions and use coconut sugar. She is…
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  • [/quote] But I used the 20in in the WOD and did again yesterday too which resulted in a first ever RX!!! [/quote] yay!!!!!
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  • hahaha! Good Job!!!
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  • I give you kudos for responding nicely to that snappy post. [/quot lol. Thanks.
  • I was def being macho (for a girl)...I thought "oh this is what i did last time with fresh unsore legs...so i'll quickly work up to this weight." Yeah i was dumb...i'm disappointed.
  • I have done this lift multiple times...It is actually my favorite oly lift. I'm really bad at remembering all the names. It just has been a bit. My coach is always there helping me. I did warm up with an empty bar. I was really sore already so I probably should of not gone...but I love that lift. I think i was babying my…
  • I have been thinking about buying Eat like a dinosaur. So it is worth it? Meatballs is a great idea and I can make them in the crockpot! Chicken strips too! Thanks yall. These are all great ideas. My kid eats whatever...except eggs ( I hate that). So these sound like really good ideas for the non paleo kids.
  • to PP --yummmmm!!!
  • Thanks yall! i love paleomg. I think i was getting againstallgrain and againstthegrain confused. i really like againstallgrain now!!
  • aww. Thanks ya'll!! haha! I'm glad i'm not the only one. It sounds like mine was minor compared to what could of happened. I had to finish the set but I def did it slower and paid more attn. I WILL BEAT THE BOX JUMP!!
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  • haha. this makes me feel better. I just had my first kid and i HATE job roping bc of the pee. hahaha. yeeesss!
  • thank you for posting this. my grip sucks and i didnt even think about making it stronger. haha.
  • I just make sure i have btwn 500-100 g of carbs and about 100 grams of protein. I play with the % until it meets those numbers. :)
  • I do btwn 50 and 100 g of carbs for weight loss. When I get to where I want to be, I will do 100 to 150 g to maintain. I just play with the percentages to get to that amt of carbs. The rest I split btwn fats and carbs. I find that for most ppl 50% carbs is way too much. I eat about 110 g of protien and I have to eat meat…