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  • WOOHOO!! SO CLOSE! I'm due in June, so I'm at my halfway point now, but I am definitely here to support you if you'd like! I am still on here because I was kind of at an all time high for my weight and wanted to at least attempt at managing it some so I don't go crazy with the weight gain during my pregnancy, and can…
  • Awwwww thanks guys! I see you caught on to my oh so subtle hints :wink: Shh. it's a secret :glasses: And yes, yes it is our first! Sooooo hopefully somehow I keep as active as allowable/possible as to not become a full blown heffer! I hear it can be done! I'll do as much as I can with the group early on, but then I'll have…
  • True, of course I will ask her when I finally get in to see her. And I know people exercise while pregnant, but every darn pregnancy video or workout just seems sooooo simple and/or boring. However, I may feel like doing those types of things later on when I have a big balloon?? Who knows. I'll just carry on as usual, but…
  • That is neat. Thanks for posting it! I even plugged one in for my husband since he likes the 6 week 6 pack video lol He knocks out 363 with that?! are you kidding me?!?! LOL
  • Cool! I'll have to check that out!
  • Yes, I know this different muscle groups rotation is going to help a lot I hope!
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  • Awesome! Glad to have you! Most of us started on Monday, but I know of at least one who started on Sunday. Jump in whenever you are ready!! I'd say after two days it's going great!!! I'll let you know on week 3 HAHAHAHA
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  • Congratulations on your Ripped in 30! Your results are fantastic! Where in Sweden are you from? I lived in Karlstad for a year many moons ago :)
  • Work out one was a breeze, I think I will at least make it through the first 2 weeks of phase 1! HAHAHAHA! :glasses: I too got bored on the the 30 day shred, I kept mixing up the days during the week, so hopefully with these 3 workouts rotating through the week it shouldn't be too boring. And I do plan to do extra running…
  • CORRECTION 27! HOLY COW! :smokin:
  • You're welcome!! :-) Yeah, I usually quit if I don't have a group for my crazy goals.....but now I am extremely accountable and we don't want to let each other down and not be hot for the next year, right?! Why wait until January and make another resolution to lose weight the following year..... I'd rather have a…
  • CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding! I'm sure these videos can help get you there and then you can finish the second half of the series after the honeymoon to make that hot body stick!!! :-P Girl you better get to moving the next month to keep that dress looking fabulous!
  • Ha ha, yes, maybe a bad idea to watch that last one now, BUT BUT just think if you stick with it all from the beginning you WILL be doing that come December! So that will be a huge accomplishment just to get there! :) You get two weeks at each level, so I'm sure moving up like that will help!
  • Awesome! I can't wait! I planned on skipping the 7 day kick start, but if anyone starting from scratch wants to start there go ahead! The nutrition plan is totally up to each individual. I do alright with eating.... I am just incredibly lazy. But if the nutritional plan will help anyone by all means please follow it! I'm…
  • Holy smokes, 14 people already?! I guess I have to actually commit now! :tongue: :blushing: :glasses: hhahahhahaa!!!
  • WOOHOO! Congrats on getting the 5K under your belt. Don't know if you want to buddy up for training for a 10K, I don't know anyone else that is trying to do one! I know someone training for a half-marathon, but they don't plan on running that the whole time :tongue:
  • Thanks everyone.... I can finish a 5K in oh 35 minutes or so, but I want to get down to 30 minutes for my next one in November, but next year I want to work up to a 10K, so just seeing how anyone else transitioned to double the distance :) I suppose I don't care too much how long the 10K takes me to do....yet. But I would…
  • Great! Already got started last night! I had a goal to lose 22 pounds ASAP and losing 10 by Thanksgiving would be awesome! CW156.6 GW146 UGW135 or better :glasses:
  • Yeah, I can log my food all day's just.....trying to change my habits. But I try to cut the calories where I can. :P
  • Sounds great, that should definitely be the next challenge!!!
  • Yeah, I'm completely mentally blowing it, but I just can't give up anymore :(
  • It's okay, I have been here in mind, but haven't been doing too much with my body. There's still plenty of time to get this ball moving!!!
  • Yes, I haven't been exercising as I should be either, but this is a LOOONG challenge and I did it that way because sometime or another we all fall off the bandwagon. I just do it more than others because I'm so discouraged about how I feel because of how I look, but then I have to finally remember just sitting around…
  • Yes, I'm at a standstill as well, but just keep doing what you're doing as it is not having you gain weight, right? And I try to do measurements once a month and weigh myself once a week just in case. Perhaps add a few more minutes each day to the exercise? Even if it's pre-set for yourself see if you can go a little bit…
  • WOOHOO!!! Those look like great rewards!! I know seeing all of those little goals sure help me. I wanted to get frozen yogurt so badly this weekend, BUT since it's one of my rewards, nope couldn't do it! :blushing:
  • Awesome reward with your Mom! I hope you win! :laugh: I'm sure you can think of something just as motivating this time around. It's a long challenge!
  • Oh my goodness! I have a feeling you will be there this week! Am I right?! :) GOOD JOB! You are inspiring me already. I'm at a plateau...(ALREADY!? I know!) but since it's a long challenge I'm not going to cry about it...yet! :)
  • Absolutely you can join us! There's still plenty of time left in the challenge for you to make a change and see a difference. Just check in this week for your start it's the beginning of our week 3. WELCOME!
  • Starting weight: 158 Current weight: 157.2 I'd hoped to be counting pounds at a time...buuuut I'll take almost a pound for the first week. Not too shabby I suppose!
  • Username/Real Name: spaceEF/ Stacy Starting Weight: 158 Goal Weight: 135 Mini(halfway)Goal Weight, (if any): 145 Why do you want to lose the weight? To gain confidence. Whenever I hit higher weights I just don't feel like myself anymore, I don't care to be around people, especially do active things with them, eat with…