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  • Not a problem ladies! I will be posting tomorrow and I'm dreading it! But it's the beginning---NOT the end, so I'll hopefully get over it! Ha ha! Get ready to kick butt starting tomorrow!
  • Hi Lacey! I'm right there with you, I want to exercise that many times a week, but just can't get myself there. Which makes me feel even worse about myself when I am not doing anything about it in the first place, ya know!? Hopefully making ourselves accountable helps! And I am nearing the top of my healthy weight range…
  • Great idea Sara! I posted our group in the message boards! Perhaps it will bring us even more supporters! And okay, great, I will get started on planning out the group and some challenges, nothing makes you feel better than meeting a goal or beating some sort of objective! And hopefully this challenge kick starts an attack…
  • Starting today! 8/15 Starting Weight: 156
  • Yeah, I'll probably mix them in as well, I like ripped in 30 and six week six pack, and sometimes banish fat boost metabolism, or no more trouble zones, but one of those is only aerobic and it kills me every time! :explode:
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  • I guess I will just go like everyone else and try to post my starting stats as of now: 25NYS goal weight:135 Current weight:156 Pounds lost:0 Pounds remaining: 21
  • Name: Stacy Gender: Female Age: 25 Height: 5'6" 25NYS goal weight:135 or lower What's your game plan: Stick to a lower calorie diet, less sweets.... and to exercise hopefully 4-6 days a week, with circuit training videos and cardio outdoors! Anyone feel free to add me for any added support!!
  • Perfect! I'm in and starting today. Did this before and don't mind doing it again! WOOHOO for a challenge, I NEED IT BADLY!
  • Wow! [email protected] adelro28 5.8 Awesome Job Everyone! Also, glad to know I'm not the only no pounds lost club member :P
  • My sentiments exactly! So nervous for Wednesday's weigh-in! At least it's the first week so I can only do better from there! :glasses: Haven't touched the scale since last week. Hoping for the best!
  • I am pretty sure we weigh in on Wednesdays since the first day was Wed. the 1st. :smile: Makes sense to me!
  • Had some cookies this weekend, but have not stopped exercising! We can get through this people!!! August is dying to take away our pounds!
  • Wow! Sounds like a doozie to me! Great way to kick off our challenge!!!
  • Awesome! I'm right about where you're at so if you need a partner, I'm all in!! Good luck in our challenge!
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  • I'm at SW: 156, and if I can't make the GW of losing ten pounds in Aug. to be at 146 by Sep. 1st, then I'm going for under 150 to satisfy me! :) Ultimate GW of 135 by November!
  • Eating healthy to my very best ability! Lots of greens! And after reading all of your motivating posts I will up my video workout tonight to a 45 minute one instead of 30! Way to go everyone! Hitting the first week hard!!!
  • WOOHOO! I'm in! Can't wait to get down to business and jump start this attack on being overweight! :)
  • Wellllll super LOL. Day 5 complete but since I was scared of doing a new video I did week 2 of ripped in 30. So perhaps tomorrow I will catch up more since i'm over the first day back hump/blues.
  • I feel you. Falling behind just makes me want to quit since I'm all for being 100%. Sure is tough to not go at a perfect pace. But then again at least we are trying!
  • Soooo, what days are everyone on? Because I know I'm officially a week behind now, but I was just trying to figure out how hard I'm going to be working to try and catch back up! :P
  • Wow, day four done already! Flying by already! YES! Did the shred level 3 today, since I remembered how hard level two is for me :P And a 30 minute workout was very welcome after yesterday's monster of a circuit! I am definitely feeling that one! Hopefully I can get a work out in tomorrow after my 6 hour drive. EESH. We'll…
  • WOOOOOWWWW!!!! That no more trouble zone video--as she says herself, is no joke. I have no idea how I did that entire video. Seriously, but I feel great now! I'm pretty sure I was very near muscle failure at some parts! I do like how each move has a short span at a time. That helps a lot! Keep up the great work everyone!!!…
  • I haven't done my work out yet today, I'm still at work... trying to get pumped for it though by hanging out on MFP. hahahaha. Good to know one of you needed lower weights than 5 pounds for the next video. All I have right now are 3 pound weights :P
  • Well, well, day two of the challenge done. Switched from level 3 shred to level 2. ANNNND now I know why I liked level 3 better before hahaha. Feeling good about this challenge. Since yesterday I decided to up the shorter shred days by doing a little run afterwards. Hopefully they will be longer than 12 minutes, but that's…
  • Seems impossible for me to do even more than 30 push ups at once. Therefore, challenge accepted. And just for that, I'll attempt the second sit-up challenge as well. This looks like a fun crowd.
  • Well, well, much to my surprise, day one finished. I went ahead and did the shred level 3 because I thought it was my favorite, but now I'm not so sure! I'm already wary of if I can do those other videos, aren't they an hour long! SHEESH! Hopefully I can handle it!!! :D
  • Awww yeah! I may still be kind of sick, but it doesn't matter, I'm on it this time!! I may do harder levels on the shreds because come on, we're the master of those :P
  • I botched the ripped in 30 challenge after the 30 day shred. But I sure need you guys in order for me to get it done, so I'm down for this one!!
  • Well, I'm a little embarrassed to come back here after taking a week off for illness, family vacation, and my sudden on take of a symptom called lethargy. But I don't want to quit and even if I'm ridiculously behind, I still need everyone's motivation. As long as I'm willing to keep going I suppose it's okay. Finally…
  • day 6 wk1 complete. Definitely didn't want to exercise tonight because it's late already and I still need to pack for my 6 AM flight tomorrow, gasp! Oh well, but then I figured, hey who ever regrets exercising???? So that convinced me to suck it up. :)