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  • Please find someone to help you with your mental health. We are not qualified to help you sort through the complex issues that surround you. There is help available, but it will require face to face, step at a time kind of process... Peace and all the best in your pursuit of health.
  • Welcome, and congrats on all the success! You have some wonderful new habits that will serve you well in this environment, I imagine!
  • Just keep looking forward. Put your mind to it, and don't let yourself off the hook. I am having a bad week, and turning to food for the wrong reasons, so saying this for myself, too!!! :)
  • Hi- There are some specialized groups organized that might be of interest to you. I know some have members dealing with chronic pain, etc. Click on the community tab, then groups, and search. Hope that will help!
  • Measure the cream and log that, for sure. It can be a surprise, as to how many calories are in a "small pour". Coffee is in the data base, very few calories, so maybe it's not that big of a deal to log it. I always log about 6 cups in the morning for about 14 calories.
  • @SoulOfFire15 Some MFP challenge groups exist that have activities to keep you focused on your goals. I have really been helped by the Hogwarts Challenge. It contains a game sort of atmosphere, and you have challenges for food, exercise, and some quiz type things over Harry Potter trivia. These change weekly. You get…
  • Found your post quite refreshing! A week break is good. Because it sounds like you really do appreciate your whole being. When I was thinking about losing weight years ago, I approached it from the standpoint of, "I'll either slim down, or I won't"-- and I loved myself regardless. Little changes, over the long haul, and I…
  • Not going to be intimidated by something like a gym.....because people there are usually in their own routines.... or looking at much younger people! haha! My gym is the YMCA, so my membership helps my community, as well as is reasonable. :) I value having access to many different types of strength machines, and cardio…
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  • You are an amazing testament to the resilience that is in human beings. You have my deepest respect for changing your life in so many positive ways!
  • I applaud your efforts to reduce your weight and get healthier. I know that some people in my city participate in a medically supervised fast to get the desired outcome more quickly. They progress to a more moderate diet that is sustainable on their own.
  • For skin adjustment, I've read that it takes awhile (a year?) for natural tightening of some of that skin. It bears repeating--Focus on how much better you can move your renewed body. I know some who have lost as much as you did go with a tummy tuck or skin removal, so explore that after you give it a year or so. :)
  • Following, as this is concerning to me, too. Keep on fighting......Like @neanderthin said, hopefully you got an explanation, and a reasonable prescription.
  • Here's to success in managing your health!! It is a process, but you have access to many tools that can get you there. You have to ask yourself what you can do that is sustainable and fits your life, as you know.... There isn't any magic to it, and consistency is key! :)
  • These are great ideas.... No shame in enjoying treat foods. I have always been annoyed by people who worry or claim "cheat days" or call certain treats "bad foods"--- The yo-yo weight loss I had done in the past is because I felt like I had been bad, so gave up. I have been maintaining over 30 pounds of weight removal for…
  • Reading fiction. Cleaning--the trick is just to get started. Walking in natural surroundings, if possible.
  • Feeling like that's something! Do it your way!
  • Great outcome- You are doing this!!! Congratulations, and continue to take care of yourself. :)
  • I still log-at least loosely, most of the time. I keep an eye on my weight range (within 4 pounds of my stated goal.) Maintenance has been helped (for over a year this time) by participating in one of the group challenges on MFP. It is renewing. It provides those "little boosts" as you are able to do more over time.
  • apple kolach
  • I have always felt a bit uncomfortable with "compliments" on weight loss. Yes, @msapplek -- it is weird to ask how much, and depending on how close the friendship is, I would back off from responding with a number. If it is a friend who also struggles with weight, maybe I will say "around "X" amount of pounds." To someone…
  • All the best. You are not alone. Just make your behaviors modest, and commit to the long haul!!!
  • 1. How do you like your eggs (if you don't eat - what might you eat instead)? Over medium. 2. How do you take your coffee/tea? With a splash of milk. 3. Favorite breakfast food? oatmeal 4. Favorite nut/pb and/or seed butter? peanut 5. What kind of dressing on your salad? Italian or Dorothy Lynch lean 6. Favorite ‘special…
  • Not sure she has given you good advice. Biggest problem with CICO is that people don't give it enough time, and they are overly reliant on the scale. The trick is to find that "sweet spot", where you are maintaining a deficit, but not overly restricting to lose weight. I don't have the tech to follow weight trends, but…
  • First, treat yourself as if you were talking to a best friend. Is there any kind of gentle workout your doctor recommends? It will help with stress reduction. Do you have a craft/activity that can occupy your hands, so you're less likely to grab and eat. It will help get your thoughts off of food. If you aren't logging…
  • I make a quick gravy with a cup chicken boullion or broth, thickened with corn starch slurry. Add miso or soy sauce, a tablespoon of butter, some garlic, maybe some poultry seasoning......
  • Those big cocoa bombs that are so popular this year......
  • Congratulations!! Don't detract from your hard work.....pick a range, work at the maintenance and good luck!!
  • So, here is my weight maintenance graph for the past year. Today I celebrate health and a commitment to fitness. The very top line is 2.5 lbs. away from the next line. The top line is the high end of my normal BMI. I'm 62, and feel better than I have in years. Weight may go up a little bit in winter, and down in the…
  • The celebration includes some feasting. I plan to be selective about what I enjoy to the extent that it doesn't create tremendous stress. That stress can come from throwing all caution to the wind, as well as overly restricting on the special days. We should now be more in touch with what our bodies need. I know that foods…