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  • "I tried IF too...what you do is starve yourself for most the day and put up an eating window when you can eat..but the catch is. you still have to stick to your calories. It isn't like you can eat all you want during your eating window. so It pretty much sucks and screws with your metabolism." So much false information in…
  • Great job!
  • I just got mine and it almost feels like your tongue is numb. I keep them on hand and when I have the urge to eat something sweet, it does seem to turn me off. I haven't actually tried to eat something after taking one. Just the sensation and urge to grab something sweet goes away. It's only bee a couple of days so we…
  • I only use my fitbit to gauge how active I am and not for how many calories to eat. I go by the goals set by MFP for that.
  • I've lost weight not exercising and with exercise. It comes down to eating less. I like exercise now as it helps with my physical stamina when hiking, biking and running, etc.
  • I also eat the same breakfast and lunch every day. Once in awhile lunch will change up, but breakfast is the same. My dad has also done the same thing...for as long as I can remember (over 40 years) and he is one of the healthiest people at this age I know. Like the above stated, your body doesn't know any different. Now…
  • I hide mine in the coil type thing above my left front tire of my car. I drive to the lake to do my runs. I pretend I am checking out my tire if anyone is around and then slip it up there. Or the curve of your bumper. I also have a house key hidden at home in a special spot.
  • A handful of nuts (28g) is close to 200 cals so would be easy to boost your cal count that way. Avocado? Lots of dense calorie founds out there that are healthy.
  • I have the Blaze and like but also wear the zip as that is more accurate for step counting. I have had a couple of fitbit models and only replaced for a newer one and have never had issues with them. Same with my husband. The Blaze doesn't need to be tapped to see the display and you can buy different bands for it. They…
  • I use Runkeeper to track my walking, running, hiking and biking. It shows a map when I am finished of my route with stats. Would that work for you? It is an app on my phone. There is a free version and a paid version. I just use the free one.
  • I don't have my synced. I enter my exercise and food in mfp and just track steps separately with the fitbit. My main goal is just to be more aware to move more with the fitbit.
  • I have had a few of the models. If interested in just steps, the zip is find and accurate. You can wear it on your hip, in a pocket or on your bra. I also have the Blaze now and like it but it doesn't always pick up all my steps. I must swing my arms too smoothly as it short changes me on my walks but not on my runs (arms…
  • Amazon has many bands. I have four different colors now and they are comfy as the original band. I had a Charge HR before the Blaze. I like the Blaze much better as for comfort, etc. And the easy of use of the screen. I still wear my zip too though. I find that I must glide my arms too smoothly on walks and get short…
  • Curious about that number as well.
  • I lost my initial 50 pounds with no exercise. Now I exercise because I enjoy it and love to get out and do things. It also helps to stay at maintenance goals.
  • I used WW to lose the initial 50 pounds (2003-2004). When they changed how to calculate points where you could roughly guess 50 cals equal one point, I switched to MFP. I love MFP. If I have needed accountability, I have gone back to meetings but hid the fact I was calorie counting.
  • I'll have to check out that article. I have this smell now and then. I'll have to pay attention to what if anything I have eaten before running. I didn't think anything of it.
  • I only use it when I can't get outside. But, I watch Netflix on my Kindle Fire. I get into the show and then don't even think of the DM. I also only let myself watch Netflix if I am on the DM.
  • Congrats. Job well done.
  • I have the basic Fitbit Zip. I had a Charge HR but I hate wearing watches and found it annoying. Also, I like wearing the clip on my hip and find it much more accurate for step counting. I just depends on what you want to use it for. All of their models are great and awesome customer service. If you only want cals/steps…
  • Great job!
  • It must depend on the owner on what is allowed. We belong to one. Many folks where tank tops and you hear weights drop often and the alarm never goes off. You can sign up with their PT to learn how to use the weights, both machine and free weights and get a routine/plan written up.
  • Agree with all of the above. Give it a try and if it hurts too much, do walking for now until some weight loss. When I run races, I see all sizes out running including your weight.
  • I've used them (for driving long distances, stay up to study back in the day, stay awake at work when I had sleepless nights when the kids were young). I never had any side effects. It impacted me the same way as drinking caffeinated soda did.
  • I belong and it works well for me. I love that it is also clean and if a piece of equipment breaks down, it is fixed quickly. There are many heavier lifters or at least muscular/bulky folks in ours. I think ours carries some of the heavier weights where it sounds like not all locations do.