Sweet Defeat product: thoughts?

Has anyone seen or tried the product called Sweet Defeat? I’m curious to hear your thoughts!



  • RelCanonical
    RelCanonical Posts: 3,883 Member
    Looks like a really fancy mint.
  • happytree923
    happytree923 Posts: 464 Member
    The Nutrition Diva (podcast hosted by a dietician) covered these. Apparently they actually do work because one of the ingredients temporarily stops you from tasting sweet. Definitely not something you need to use regularly but her conclusion was that if you want to have a little bit of something sweet but tend to overdo it once you start, using a lozenge after you have a small portion would be helpful.
  • nuttyfamily
    nuttyfamily Posts: 3,079 Member
    I just got mine and it almost feels like your tongue is numb. I keep them on hand and when I have the urge to eat something sweet, it does seem to turn me off. I haven't actually tried to eat something after taking one. Just the sensation and urge to grab something sweet goes away.

    It's only bee a couple of days so we shall see.
  • scalebeater
    scalebeater Posts: 65 Member
    I just got them and they seem to work! As nuttyfamily says .. my tongue felt almost numb and it totally shut down my sugar craving!! I tried drinking a diet soda, it doesnt taste sweet .. really shuts down a sugar binge for me!