Bored after the first few minutes on treadmill. What to do?

I have tried treadmill and I seem to be bored after the first 5 minutes. What can I do


  • 3bambi3
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    I watch Netflix on my phone to make it more bearable. But, if you really dislike the treadmill, look into other forms of cardio and see if you find something you like.
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    Run outside.
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    Melolson14 wrote: »
    I have tried treadmill and I seem to be bored after the first 5 minutes. What can I do
    Personally could not stand treadmill as it was far too boring. Road run is far more enjoyable (if you are able too).

    If treadmill is your only option, create and play your fav playlist, watch videos (YouTube, netflix) from your smart device.

    Or try other cardio options or mix it up
    Skipping, cycling, Rowling, Sprints,
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    Its all about the music!
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    The Zombies Run! app helps me. I listen to music on Pandora and then the app will pause it to tell me stories about zombies and let me know when I need to run faster because they're right behind me.
  • I hate it so much. I far prefer the recumbent bike at my gym, I can go faster with more resistance, and with my awesome playlist blasting I don't keep an eye on the time like I do on the treadmill.
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    I find it boring as well...I just stare at the numbers the whole time. I'm going to take tennis back up, at least that is an exercise that is fun!
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    I find series on Netflix or Amazon Prime and watch while on the treadmill. I only allow myself to watch those particular shows on the treadmill so I make sure they are really good ones. I've been known to do two hours at a time if I'm really into the show. My advice is to find something you enjoy doing and it won;t be work.
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    Agree about the elliptical. I really enjoyed using the recumbent elliptical.
    Plus I love listening to books and various
    Speaking, preaching while working out.
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    I only use it when I can't get outside. But, I watch Netflix on my Kindle Fire. I get into the show and then don't even think of the DM. I also only let myself watch Netflix if I am on the DM.
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    treadmill is boring, i just do it anyways because if you want something bad enough you will do it.
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    Lateral shuffles. Walk backwards. Lunges. Or crank up the incline and do a slow hike. There's many exciting ways to use the treadmill.

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    Are you walking or running on the treadmill? If I'm walking I find reading a good book passes the time quickly.

    If I'm running, I listen to my favorite songs while playing number games with the time/distance. Most treadmills have a light display that looks like a lap and blinks little lights as you run around the lap. I'll count each blink or count how many seconds between each light lighting up... It's extremely ocd, but it's surprising how quickly the time passes - lol
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    Run outside.

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    Don't use it
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    I am not a fan of the treadmill aka dreadmill and hamster wheel. That said it has its time and place. Netflix is great. I survived a 12 mile on the TM with it. Interval runs also help me through.
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    I like listening to news talk radio and getting furious about the hot button issues lol makes my brain think.
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    Stock up on new music! Download all of your favorite songs that get you pumped up!
    Or a good tv show
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    Some good music. I shut my eyes and go like hell! Lol