Fitbit users?

Hello! I'm planning to buy the fitbit, but there are different types? Like some models are more expensive then others.(Fitbit charge, fitbit surge, etc) Which one would you recommend? I just want to count calories/steps and have a watch for the most part. Thanks.


  • KathyApplebaum
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    I started with the Fitbit Charge, and really liked it until (ironically) it stopped charging. I traded up to the Fitbit Charge HR, and am glad I did, because it seems to give more realistic step equivalents for my biking and strength workouts.

    If your activity is mostly some form of walking or running, I'd recommend the Charge, but if you do anything else, you'll probably wish you had the Charge HR.

    As far as the Surge goes, it looks like a good try, but if you're looking in that range you should be comparing it to the Garmin Vivoactive. Garmin's phone app isn't nearly as nice as Fitbit's, but Garmin has a great history with solid tracking watches and is probably a better watch for the money.
  • Spike_G
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    For me it was the Charge HR. Not for the heart rate monitor but purely because it had a proper strap and wasn't going to pop off my wrist.

  • cindytw
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    I had a Sparkpeople device, a Fitbit One, and now I am on my second Fitbit Flex. I have also had Garmin running watches that I sold because it 1)din't sync properly. 2)isn't a step counter. 3) Had to wear a chest strap. 4) didin't track sleep. I would get a Charge HR if it wasn't so BULKY! At least with the flex I can change bands too..Oh and the Fitbit One is a belt clip and easier to lose...I lost 3! On in Jamaica after I saved it from the pool too!! :(
  • chuckyjean
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    I have the fitbit charge, love the way it automatically syncs to mfp. The band is a bit hard to snap though, I should have gotten a smaller size
  • theyarddog
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    Forget Fifbit, they have many design flaws. Get a Garmin Forerunner 225 (if you want wrist based HRM) or (if you have the money) get a Garmin Fenix Sapphire, it's the best that money can buy.
  • nuttyfamily
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    I have the basic Fitbit Zip. I had a Charge HR but I hate wearing watches and found it annoying. Also, I like wearing the clip on my hip and find it much more accurate for step counting.

    I just depends on what you want to use it for. All of their models are great and awesome customer service.

    If you only want cals/steps like you mentioned, then a zip would work for you. I also like it because it has a regular battery and can go three months before needing a new one. No need to charge it like the other models.
  • vburgess76
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    Looking for fitbit friends I have the Charge hr and love it. Please add me on fitbit [email protected]