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  • Something wrong for sure. I have the same issue. I am not going to email all the friends I already have to add them when they are already added. Needs fixing please.
  • You made good choices and it is paying off. It is a good feeling when you can fit into clothes again. Keep up the good work.
  • To both of the above posters. I have been on this app since 2011 I lost 30lb maintained that loss for several years. Regained and lost a bit over the last few years. The point I am making is that most of us go through ups and downs but never give up. No one is a lost cause. Make small sustainable changes. Weigh measure and…
  • If you use the search function in here you can probably find answers to any of your questions. We are a very helpful community but we need to know just what you are struggling with before we can offer advice. Don't give up on the app it really does work but takes a little time to get used to.
  • I don't deny myself anything. I just either trade off to make it fit my calorie goals or have a smaller amount or just eat it and eat less the next day. Small achievable goals. I just aim to lose .5 to 1lb a week and do not freak out if that doesn't happen. Log EVERYTHING accurately and honestly even the over eating days,…
  • Well I would send a request if I could work out how to do it. They seem to have changed the profile pages and I do not like it.
  • Hi Carolyn I am 65 and been on here since 2011 Sometimes life gets in the way. I did well at the start and then several years maintaining then the last two years threw me off course but I am back with a new enthusiasm. This site works if you stick to it. Will send you a friend request as we seem to be in a similar place.
  • I weigh every day and enter it into a weight loss trending app called Libra (Android) this tracks the ups and downs and gives you trend weight. This way I can see that although my weight loss is not linear and goes up and down, I can see the general trend and if that is going down all is good. It makes me more aware of the…
  • Agree with the above. You can't spot reduce fat. You will need to eat at a calorie deficit and lose weight overall. You can however tighten up the Abdominals with exercise. Composite weight training and ab exercises help to strengthen and tighten the abdominal muscles which in turn can help reduce inches a bit.
  • I check my scale by putting 2x5kg weights on it. So I know it is weighing accurately. I would use something you know the weight of to check all three of your scales and use the one that is the most accurate.
  • Tickers used to be automatically posted when you posted something in the forum but that stopped a long time ago. Unless you make the conscious effort to copy and past your code. I miss my ticker.
  • I think @lyn_glenmont has got it sussed. You are all vampires.
  • Several things to consider 1. Check scales are on a solid surface not carpet or soft vinyl. 2. Check scales are weighing properly. I use a 5kg dumbbell to check accuracy. If they are off you will need to recalibrate or replace batteries. 3. Only weigh once per day, naked, first thing in the morning. Getting on and off…
  • You could have just posted about your loss on this forum and how happy you are to have lost this much and you would have got a lot of the rah rah, awesome loss, comments that you seem to need. There is a huge amount of support here if you care to seek it out. But just like losing weight it is all up to you to put the work…
  • Well usually it is not working for me because....
  • I have lost 28 lbs but I have been bouncing between 193 and 195 for six months. I know exactly why this is happening. My logging is sloppy and I am eating too much to lose but not enough to gain. Therefore I am eating at maintenance. It is just physics. I know exactly what I need to do to lose and that is to reduce the…
  • Looks like she hasn't logged in since 2018 so I guess we will never know. But to all you newbies out there thinking about eating under1200 minimum please reconsider as it is not a healthy way to lose weight over the long term.
  • I love my fitbit. When it works it works really well and reasonably accurate, however, and it is a big, however, they seem to have issues when they update. I am on my third charge 3 (two were replacements under warranty a couple of years ago. Two issues seem to be prevalent at the moment on the fitbit forum. One is the…
  • Weight loss is all about finding a sustainable way to eat at a deficit to lose then at maintenance for the rest of your life. There are many ways of eating out there, glad you have found one to suit you. I do agree that perhaps we put way too much emphasis on time of eating. Breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time. So we…
  • Didn't expect such intensity from what I thought was going to be a fun gym thread. Are you ok? I was at the gym and using the stationary bike. The young man on the bike next to me has Down Syndrome, he is a regular at the gym and was there with his carer. Young man looks across at me, checks out my speed and resistance…
  • People who are gaining weight and yet still insist they are not eating too much. Usually accompanied by a list of the things they "only ate" today/this week. The hardest lesson I had to learn was to be brutally honest with myself about what I actually ate. People who don't understand that facts are not just "my opinion".…
  • Mine is open to public. I am a sloppy logger but it gives you some idea of the kind of foods I eat. I am in the UK so not sure how helpful it will be.
  • I don't think you can truly love someone until you have been together for some time and been through the ups and downs of life together and realised that you don't know how you would have coped without each other during those times. Romantic love is wonderful and exiting but true love is the rock you can cling to when you…
  • 1200 calories is too low for a 6t male. You should be eating a minimum of 1500 calories. Put your stats into MFP set your weight loss for 1lb per week and see what calories goal it gives you. Weigh all your food on a food scale and enter into your diary. Try and hit your calorie goal on a daily basis. Eat what foods you…
  • Am I breathing? Check Can I get out of bed. Check Am I in minimal pain. Check I am good to go. :)
  • You can lurk in my bushes anytime. I will bring you out a sammich and a beer. >:)
  • Yep agree with everything that AnnPT77 said. Vet them, research them, before accepting requests. I am sure you can block them. Or just tell them you are not interested then ignore them they will soon move on.
  • An awful lot of us on here are starting over. The point is just to keep going. Even when you gain weight back just take a breath and go back to basics. Good luck 🌼
  • Such simple advice. Eat less, lift heavy, move more. This is what it is all about people. Keep it simple and be consistent and you will see results. Well done OP you look great.