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    I especially need to hold this close to heart as things sloooooooow down for me and it starts to feel impossible (had some troubles this week; working on mental feels rn) to reach my goal despite progress forward... but slow progress can feel like no progress!
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    ...and that why is exactly the reason this time you're/we're/everyone is winning. Not asking why is allowing the self destruction to take over. When I'm having tough days I think back to some days 7 months ago when I wouldn't even have noticed I was over eating, never mind be aware of it and then wanting to address it. It's so much easier to be blinkered from reality than to deal with it head on.

    The mind battle has been the hardest part of all of this for me so far. I am winning!
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    Consciously deciding to eat is way better than just compulsive overeating. Asking “why” is a great way to start recognizing what is occurring. Sometimes the answer isn’t apparent, but asking the question opens up your mind to the opportunity to answer it.

    Our Desires to overeat typically come from the habit brain. Asking yourself powerful questions engages the higher thinking part of your brain, and helps you recognize this and make conscious decisions, not habit decisions. This also helps delay the reaction to your habit thoughts.

    Maybe when you recognize your mind is wanting to eat when your not hungry, you can just sit and think about those thoughts and don’t act on them for say 10 minutes.

    Maybe you can identify another more productive option in line with your goals, and even develop a list of contingency plans for situations such as these and others.

    Maybe you can start writing down your thoughts, questions and answers in a journal. What do you want to eat? Why do you want to eat it? How will you feel after eating it?

    Using your higher thinking brain to make a conscious choices to eat something you don’t need is a huge improvement over eating out of a habit. Your choosing to and that’s ok. “I know I’m not hungry, but I choose it anyway, and I know it takes me farther from my goals, but I will make this decision now.”

    “When a craving doesn’t come from hunger, eating will never satisfy it.”
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    So many of us eat to fill some known or unknown void in our lives....we think food is our best friend!
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    So many of us eat to fill some known or unknown void in our lives....we think food is our best friend!

    I have been guilty in the past of "some is good so more is better" mentality. This happens particularly around holidays. Food can be a great addition to a holiday. You sit around a table with people you hopefully or at least mostly care about and have a grand feast. Nothing wrong with that. The problem I had was trying to make the holidays even more "special" by having copious amount of treats and treat food for all the days surrounding too. Sometimes, and far too often, this mentality extended to just celebrating a weekend.

    The sad thing is I do not like eating that much food. I never have. I would be willing to bet that almost every January I lost some weight because I was so sick of food by the time Christmas and New Year was done. I eventually did learn that when I went someplace like Disneyworld that I did not want to eat a lot of heavy meals because of all the walking. Be nice if I could have learned that lesson sooner for all the rest of the time I did it.
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    I'm not usually a motivational poster kinda girl but this is really good, and applies here:


    Reposting this here.
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    @conniewilkins56, while in theory I agree, do not reward yourself with food, in practice I dont know. I guess it depends on what terminology you use. Planning for a much anticipated higher calorie meal or treat can be a strong motivational tool for myself. I think @NovusDies probably said something similar to that before also. I didnt get to be 400 pounds because I hated food. If I dont plan some of those treats in, and accept the occasional blip, I will struggle keeping forward momentum. I am working to stifle all of my bad urges and others keep popping up.

    Along those lines I contemplated/stressed a little thinking/daydreaming about Thanksgiving today at work. How am I gonna fit that, or limit that day? I haven't had a dinner roll or mashed potatoes and gravy in it seems like forever. Anyone else developed a plan for Thanksgiving yet? I would love some ideas or suggestions.
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    The quote was kind of a joke ! many people say when they lose ten pounds they will eat a candy bar type thing...I was actually thinking of our dog because she is SO bad but if you say “TREAT” she immediately perks her ears up and comes running!....I don’t think there is anything wrong with rewarding yourself with a slice of cake at a celebration or banking some calories for a special event...I was visualizing a person trying to lose weight and if someone says “TREAT” we perk right up and come running....I do lol....I love to eat....that is why I am overweight!


    Thanksgiving....I have been planning our family’s meal in my head for days....thankfully I am the primary cook and I will be tweaking a lot of the dishes...making them a little lighter and healthier....I am not going to make massive dishes of anything so I have less yummy leftovers to deal with....I am using Heinz gravy in the jar...25 calories in 1/4 cup.... cranberries cooked in Splenda and orange juice.....Bob Evans pre made mashed potatoes 150 calories 1/2 beans, not green bean casserole....sweet potatoe casserole with half the butter and sugar I usually put in it....turkey.....a roll and a slice of pumpkin pie....I don’t stuff the turkey so there won’t be a lot of grease in it....adding sliced almonds and dried cranberries and chicken broth instead of butter......

    You are invited to dinner if you are in my neighborhood!
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    @conniewilkins56 that sounds amazing. We usually go to my parents for Thanksgiving and my mom cooks Sunday dinners big enough for a wedding party. Thanksgiving is usually way over the top. I bought her a food scale, for me to use while at her house for dinner lol. My basic preliminary plan is to try and hang out with the veggies, not the pies so much. I will spend a couple days leading up to it at lower calories.
  • For Thanksgiving, I plan to eat everything I love. I will not count calories. However, when I feel full, I am done!
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    'You Cannot Outrun A Bad Diet'

    No matter how much you are able to exercise (cardio and/or strength training) your overall health will be dependent on your food choices.
  • 'You Cannot Outrun A Bad Diet'

    No matter how much you are able to exercise (cardio and/or strength training) your overall health will be dependent on your food choices.

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    Thriving is a trend, not a personality type.

    Ran across this quote this morning, not sure who to give credit to but as I read it I wanted to share it.
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    Quotable- read this in Churchill’s memoir. Doubt that it’s original with him- Perfect is the enemy of the good.

    Insight from a virtual friend on another weight loss board- it’s just about trying to learn to live with some reasonable limits. And life has all kinds of limits that we take for granted. Just eat within some limits.