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    @emmyjaykay A purple door sounds awesome! I think we finally get around to replacing our front door I am going to do a dark teal color.

    I will probably do a burgundy /red as it will tone well with the brick and give a little pop of color to the house.

    NSV: It's small, but I made a pizza today and automatically grabbed measuring cups to measure out the toppings instead of just making guesses as to how much cheese and sauce I put on it.
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    I know that @bmeadows380 has mentioned not really believing she's really the size she is. I might have the same issue. I've been wearing size 22 pants/jeans from Catherines. I've long believed that Catherines is one of the worst offenders for vanity sizing, so I've always figured I'm a 24 or higher in any other brand. Well, I now also have jeans in size 22 that came from Walmart. Yesterday I was at Target looking at some jeans and the 22s kind of looked like they would fit, but I talked myself out of it and got the size 24........they're too big. I guess I really do wear size 22, at least when it comes to plus-sized brands! (Although I am still convinced that ALL of them are vanity sized. There's just no way these hips are a true size 22.) :)

    @bobsburgersfan believe it! lol I'm now into a 16 regular at Cato's and am flirting with a size L. I bought 2 T-shirts off the sale rack the other day at XL and they were baggy, so I'm going to experiment with the L's. I also bought a dress and a T-shirt at Cracker Barrel both are L and both fit - I can't believe it at all! Not all the L's at Cracker Barrel will fit of course, but just getting into some of them is a mind melting thought. I'm into 18's at Walmart now. If it wasn't for a belt, i wouldn't be able to wear the shorts I bought back in May!

    And yet like you, I look at my hips and belly in the mirror and think "nah". My brain is now getting down to 22's for sizing - I find myself wanting to reach for 22/24's when I'm now apparently into 18/20's and some 16/18's so I suppose that's progress because before, my brain was reaching for 26/28's......
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    I look in the mirror and I think, Who is that lady looking at me!...I was not supposed to get old!...
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    I avoid mirrors at all cost.
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    @bobsburgersfan (ps i love your username!)

    You did it for sure! I always try to trick myself into not believing it too. But you can't argue with that, especially across different stores and brands!
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    The NSVs keep coming.

    Tonight I did a full pushup (two, actually). It wasn't pretty, but I did it! I've been doing them on the stairs, slowly getting lower and lower. That, and plenty of yoga (hello chaturanga) have apparently paid off!
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    Worked overtime 4 days a week ...the weeks prior it was tough for me to sit up longer than 2 hours ...Also great food Selection and portion control all week .... praying more frequently and my faith in Lord and my abilities are improving

    Good job! glad to hear you are doing better!
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    My sister in law can drive me crazy sometimes, but you know, she's the most supportive in the family when it comes to weight loss. Even though I'm carrying a lot of water weight right now, she complimented me in the jeans and shirt I was wearing, which was nice :smile:
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    @emmyjaykay that's awesome. I love when clothes fit unexpectedly.

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    My mom took her sister out for a birthday Macy's run today and they texted me a picture of the cutest jacket that was on major sale. It was the tippy top sizing in straight sizes which I definitely wouldn't have fit into in April. I figured I'd give it a shot because even if it was snug, I'm committed and I'll fit into it eventually. She just dropped it off and it is the most perfect fit! I can even zip it with room to spare!

    Best Feeling Ever!
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    I went upside down yesterday!

    I've been slowly working on increasing my strength, with the goal of being able to do a handstand, head stand, or other inversion by the end of the year. Yesterday was the first time I got both feet off the floor in head stand, if only briefly. On the next try, I got both legs up decently high and so well balanced that I scared myself and kicked back out of it lol. I also managed to balance in crow pose for 2+ seconds this time, AND I'm ready to drop down a step on my stair pushups. I started at the 4th step, and worked my way down oh so slowly. I can now do a solid 5-10 on the second step, though it is still challenging. This week, I'll drop down to the last/lowest step and give it a go. I feel like even my fitness improvements come in whooshes - nothing for weeks, everything seems harder than it did previously, then BAM! Tangible improvement.

    These are all super tiny improvements (from 1 second to 2 seconds in crow pose :lol:), but it is really exciting to actually see progress. Six months ago I never would have thought this would be possible for me at my current size. I love instant gratification, so continuing something with such slow progress is itself a NSV for me.

    Had to Google crow pose and OMG how do you even get into that position?!? Very impressive!
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    Great job standing on your head!...I have no intention of ever standing on my head lol....I do good to stand on both feet!
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    amart4224 wrote: »

    Had to Google crow pose and OMG how do you even get into that position?!? Very impressive!

    By falling on my face a lot :lol::lol::lol:
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    My clothes are also starting to feel baggy. What wonderful feeling!