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    Check in for Thursday

    Food - logged & on target
    Water - 1.5 l
    Exercise - 45 minute walk

    One more car trip & I am almost done my week of chauferring the boys. My husband takes over tonight & through the weekend. My weekend plan is to get in some cardio both days either walking or the exercise bike, as well as doing my daily physio exercises. I do not fully meal plan, but on the weekends, my husband and I review the upcoming schedules for the week and high level plan our suppers. I will do some advance prep for breakfast & lunches, and this weekend, I will bake healthy treats too. I also plan on continuing my health research & have started listening to the Found My Fitness podcast by Dr. Rhonda Perciavalle. She has a PhD in biomedical science & her research focuses on nutrition, genetics, aging and disease. Some of the podcasts veer into the technical, but she is very good at translating the latest scientific research into laymen’s terms.

    @hope002 - Thanks for sharing all of this info on IF. I am very interested in it. I have been doing a lot of research on the science & genetics related to health and diet, and IF comes up a lot. I might try it out, but want to research a bit more & also coordinate with my trainer & the nutrition plan she is designing. With your weight being up this week, do not worry too much & keep doing what you are doing! With C25K, you are building muscle & taking in more water, so that could very well account for your gain. This has happened to me a number of times with running training plans, so just keep going!

    @nstephenson01 - Thanks for reminding us about about not celebrating our small successes. I did that during my morning weigh in. When I saw my loss, I thought “Oh it is probably just loss of water”. Then I caught myself & did celebrate, because I worked hard and focused this week to get back on the wagon. I like your September goals, especially the mindfulness. I am going to make some of that nice cream too!! Hope that you feel better soon!

    @timibotkin - Hope that you can rest this weekend and that the antibiotic starts working. I also find nights challenging when it comes to food choices. I am trying to stay out the kitchen entirely, and hang out in my home office, where I have a kettle & brew some green tea.

    @lennoncpa -Nice maintaining & impressive number of steps for the week!

    @sleepymom5 - Great plan for the weekend! Impressive way that you handled happy hour! I never met a glass of Prosecco that I did not like, so I am so impressed that you had just one glass! Thank you for helping me get back on the health bandwagon & for all of your encouragement!!

    Happy almost Weekend!

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    I am happy with my loss this week especially since I was over on calories the last three days. I ate low calories (1200~) on Monday. I also drank extra water every day - trying to increase that on a regular basis. My weight was up Tuesday and Wednesday morning and I really dreaded getting on the scale this morning. But I have found that is the way my body works - eat less for a day or two then increase for a day or two. I guess it's like a roller coaster ride that works best for me.
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    every looney has come out of the bin this week. Geez work has been crazy. I have never dealt with so many odd issues. But I am working my way through them.
    I realize a big downfall end of last month is that I was hoping really hard to stay at my maintenance goal. And I was talking very confidently about how I was going to stay at 142 and re-hit 142 by September 1st. But it turns out that is all that I did. I failed to draw up a plan. No plan...no success.
    Big contrast to this week. Although I have become a clock watcher. I hold off until 10:30 and 3:30 before having my snack. My breakfast mango, pineapple, banana smoothie was delicious but I used discipline and saved 1/2 for my morning snack. And it's after 5 and I am just now enjoying my blackberries and yogurt with cinnamon and sliced almonds. It is a strange feeling not eating what I want when I want. But it also feels very positive. I feel my self filled up with self love that I care enough to take care of myself. And the scale went down again this morning. 4th day in a row. I will hit all those marks by following my plan just like I said I would.
    As far as parties and events...I always make lots of yummy food that even meat eaters would enjoy. The big difference is I eat more salad/veggie courses and carefully measure out any desserts. This morning I looked at those pb cookies and opted for the yogurt and berries instead. And the strange thing is that I actually wanted the berries and yogurt more than I wanted the cookie.
    For me I know that sweets get me craving more sweets. I still need my sweets so I plan them on my plan but it can be as simple as tea with honey.
    Have a fantastic weekend everyone!
    @nstephenson01 I am so glad you saw Natalies email yesterday. Like I said I read it several times. I thought it was profound and made so much sense to me. Her emails come on Thursdays and are pretty sweet and short. I always enjoy them. Glad your staying with your plans too! We can do this co-motivator!!! Let's lead the way.
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    Checking in
    Happy weekend everyone!!
    I had the most wonderful time bonding with my grand daughter. It might have been the adrenalin of seeing her but I was able to lift her high into the air so easily. I did it about six times. I am so grateful to my trainer for always pushing me.
    I passed up the ice cream and had a whole tomato and half an English muffin with melted shredded cheese for dinner.

    Timibotkin, sending hugs and prayers your way as your journey continues. I hope the antibiotics work quickly for you.
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    @nstephenson01 Love your goals, I am still working on eating mindfully. Thank you for posting the link to the nice cream. I can't wait to try them
    @hope002 The scale can be up due to a number of reasons like you said. You had a good week and have been working hard. Keep it going, the scale will eventually catch up.
    @timibotkin Nice loss! Nights are tough. I am a nurse and actually left my last job that I loved because I just couldn't do night shift anymore. Try planning what you are going to eat and when before you are exhausted. I am glad you didn't have to go to the ER and got in with the surgeon instead. Hope that antibiotic starts working soon. You are 1/5 of the way through radiation, I know it feels like you have so far to go but you are chipping away it. Hang in there! Sending hugs!
    @lennoncpa Maintaining is better than gaining! I am not sure what you mean about not spreading your food out. Do you eat all your calories early in the day and then when you go to eat later they are gone?
    @Cafelelia Sounds like you have a good plan for the weekend that includes setting up for a successful week! I actually looked up those podcast and downloaded a few of them. I am always looking for new things to learn about.
    @pacsnc6 Nice loss! Sounds like you had a good week! Great job working on getting your water in.
    @Mrsbell8well I like your reflection on August and plan for September. You are doing awesome on maintenance. Things aren't always going to be perfect, we learn and plan accordingly. Nice job as always! You think you had looneys this week, I hear next Friday is Friday the 13th AND a full moon...
    @Barbb1557 Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your granddaughter. It is nice to see how far you have come. Little things like lifting your granddaughter are so much sweeter. Have an awesome weekend!
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    Friday's Weigh Ins still due

    Saturday's Weigh Ins

    Sunday's Weigh Ins
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    edited September 2019

    My dinner tonight - so yummy! And I am
    Usually not a fan of pork chops.

    These last few days I am really trying to maintain a 250 calorie per day deficit to achieve my goal of half pound weight loss per week. Did well Wednesday. At maintenance yesterday and set to be st maintenance again today. Really craving sugar /sweets tonight. Kids eating Ruce Crispie treats and I sat long breathing they my craving. I wanted the brownies I know are in the house, but felt that craving lift after my yoga breathing and self talk while sitting thru my rice crispie craving. In bed now and was able to finish in the 200 range for deficit. Yay me! This one feels hard won. It has been a very long week and I get to work two 12 hour days this weekend - but today I met my goal even when it was hard.

    @timibotkin - thoughts and prayers for you on your journey; what strength you must find.

    @Mrsbell8well - I totally agree about the loneys this week; never used that statement and it made me laugh out loud. Hope your weekend is restful and your week next week improves.
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    We are on the last leg of our trip. I'm so tired of restaurant food and fast food. I've eaten salads most of the trip, but yesterday I had a hamburger and fries. Ugh.

    I'm so ready to get home and eat reasonable portions of vegetables and to exercise.
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    Week 1
    Pw- 197.6
    Cw- 197.6
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    Check in for Thursday
    Food - logged & on target
    Water - at least 64oz
    Exercise and steps None and 5,594 steps

    Cleaning took longer than I thought and I ran out of time to exercise. Otherwise day was ok until the evening when I gave in to an ice cream pop. Today I am leaving soon to get my nails done and I also have a party tonight. I do have a plan for the party so I will be good with that. I am going to have a low fat greek yogurt before I go so I am not starving when I go. Not sure if I will be on tonight but I will try. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and still following their plan!

    @phoebe112476 Dinner looks yummy! Great job sitting through your craving. I am sure it was uncomfortable but you did it! I need to practice the breathing sitting through my cravings too. Although, I am not sure if my are cravings. I just know something is there and want it so I guess mine are mostly urges. You made me think with the 250 calories a day for 1/2 lb a week loss. All these little things that don't seem to make a difference really add up.
    @GingerPwr Hope you enjoyed your trip. It does get tiring eating out at times and it is also nice to get back into a routine, no matter how much you enjoyed being away. Enjoy the end of your trip and safe travels!
    @Zumba_Luvah Maintaining isn't a bad thing, it is better than gaining. How are things going? Hopefully you are doing well and sticking to your plan.
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    Hello and happy Saturday everyone. @sleepymom5 I skip breakfast, eat a very small lunch and then eat a huge dinner. That’s what I mean by not spreading out my food. I know it’s wrong but I do it all the time. Just a really bad habit I’ve gotten into.
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    Daily check in for Friday

    Food - logged & 50 over
    Exercise - rest day
    Water - 1.8l

    @Barbb1557 - Great day yesterday!! Happy Birthday (in advance)!!! You absolutely desserve a toast for that!!

    @sleepymom5 - Good luck tonight! You have a plan and you can do this!

    @phoebe112476 - That meal looks fantastic! So sorry you are working the long days this weekend and hang in there, you are doing great! I got that nutrition plan from my trainer. Yes, she upped the protein to almost as much as carbs (around 40, 40, 20). The plan is far too restrictive in terms of the foods allowed and types of foods (eg. no breads/pasta, eat certain vegetables/fruit, not others). So I am not going to follow it in detail as it will set me up to fail & I do not want to model this type of restrictive eating to my kids, especially now that I have a teen. I will try out the the macro approach and some of the supplement advice, which is in line with what my doctor tells me. The plan was a complimentary part of my training, so I don’t feel too bad about it. It feels good to say no to something that I do not think will work for me.

    @hope002 - I finished up my IF research and did my first IF yesterday. Given our busy schedules, I am following 14:10 or 13:11, based on what I am doing that day. Thanks for sharing that app!!
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    A bit of Cyndie nostalgia. Cyndie was great about food prep & always posted about it in detail on the weekend. As for my prep, I did wash & prep all veggies & fruits for the week for breakfasts, lunches & suppers. I also prepped overnight oats for me for the week. I am baking healthy treats & making pizza tonight, so this will help with lunches for the kids. The supper plan will be tomorrow with my husband.

    If any of you are meal prepping this weekend, what are you doing? Any photos to share?
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    @Barbb1557 Sounds like a great day AND you were able to stay on plan! Hope you have another great day today! Happy Birthday!!
    @lennoncpa I am not sure if that is necessarily a bad thing. Many people are doing that IF which you eat later in the morning or afternoon. I would think what you are doing is ok if you aren't snacking because you are hungry or if your evening meal isn't so huge that you are stuffed.
    @Cafelelia Sounds like you are all ready for a good week and weekend. My only food prep this weekend is bringing stuff back with me to the shore. Lol! It is a good habit to get into and helps when our motivation starts to diminish at the end of the week. It is planned and ready to go even when we are tired.
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    I have not worked out in a few days. Tomorrow I am sure I will probably not get to my Zumba class either. Big baby shower day. I'm already exhausted, lol. Just about everything is ready to go. The baby is due Oct 16. Not sure if she will go that far. It's supposed to be a nice day. Her other shower is next week with her family, hopefully they get everything they want.
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    Previous weight:166.2
    Current weight:170.2
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    My phone is kaput! Not sure what’s wrong with it. Borrowing wifeys phone to check in. More tomorrow. I’m totally behaving but I will have to tell you the apple fritter story tomorrow.
    Behave everyone!!! We can do this!
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    Happy Sunday! Molly and I are gearing up for a 12 mile bike ride this morning. I’m cleaning master bathroom and bedroom this weekend. I’m hoping to fit in my hallway and storage closet with all my extra clothes as well.
    Yesterday was a good eating day. I made eggplant roll ups, a large salad and had rosemary bread. For dessert I made lime daiquiris. I wasn’t happy with it so after 2 sips I decided it wasn’t worth the calories. Mom had fried apple fritters for dessert. A week ago she told me she was making them and they were vegan. I hesitated because they were fried. The kids were all with us yesterday and had a blast swimming all day. I finally gave in and took a bite of the fritters they were eating. It was pretty tasty. I asked Skylynn to go ask my mom again if they were vegan. Yes! I ate the rest of the fritter. When mom came up I told her how much I enjoyed it. I asked again if they were vegan. She paused and said “well they did have 1 egg”. I was so shocked and dismayed. Mom knows I don’t eat eggs. But she does get confused. What can you do at that point. Oh well.
    I got a 27 minute run in yesterday morning and a 40 minute yoga. I have been consistent with my daily yoga this month.
    Still using Molly’s phone.
    @Cafelelia I am making yellow curry tonight and prepping a red cabbage salad for tomorrow’s dinner.
    Macadamias are part of the produce challenge for the week. I’m also making white chocolate chunk macadamia cookies. I will make them tiny and throw them in the freezer for small treats. And they are definitely vegan!
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    Just weighed myself. Back down to 143.8. Going down! My goal for Wednesday is 143.6. I wanted popcorn last night but had tea instead. I’m really happy to be back on track. I actually feel like this is a more “normal “ way to live.
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