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    Week 2
    Weigh in day: Monday
    Previous Weight: 163
    Todays Weight: 165.2
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    Daily Check In: Sunday
    Food: No and over
    Water: 64oz
    Exercise & Steps: 30 minute bike ride; 6199 steps

    Sitting out on the deck looking out to the water and it is so quiet! I love off season at the shore! I am going to ride my bike the length of the island today. It is 5 miles but I am in the middle so it will probably be closer to 10 miles. It is hard to do during the off season so today will be a perfect day to do it. It also looks like low tide now so it will be perfect to go kayaking later today. My oldest daughter Nicole had a girls weekend and I have two bathrooms to clean but that is it. I have my kids change the sheets before they leave. I prefer to do the bathrooms. Everything else is spotless. I think it is funny how things changed once my children got places of their own. Lol! I already have my food pre-logged and I am actually listening to podcasts that address overeating. I have to figure this stuff out. I am recognizing it now at least. Now I have to address why I continue to eat when I know I shouldn't.

    @Barbb1557 Sounds like you are being smart about your workouts. Be sure to listen to your body. Great idea to speak with your doctor about the Max heart rate. You need to push but not overdo it so there is a fine line.
    @GingerPwr I know you are dedicated and will crush that ab challenge! Is it that one you have done in the past? That is so hard and I think you did it more than once. You really got right back into the swing of things after your trip. Great job!
    @ihp2015 No worries about the weigh in, I was just afraid you weren't with us anymore. Next time let us know and we can put you in for an excused weigh in. Hope you had a nice time in the Netherlands!
    @amsandos You week couldn't have been as bad as you thought if you lost 3lbs. Take it as a gift if you feel you didn't really deserve it and build on it this week. It does help with weight loss if you get organized in other areas of your life too. Once again, planning helps. Even planning in the organizing. Let's have a good week!! I can't wait to see your Paris photos!
    @twyla77 That goal is within reach! You can do it! I have seen you when you are committed and you do awesome. You also did so well on all those trips. You just need to get back into that frame of mind. I know you are busy but maybe a daily check in here? When you check in you seem to do well.
    @gottagetthisdown Hope everything is going well. Check in when you can.
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    I am so very proud of myself for such a successful weekend. I started last week at the shocking 147.2 and this morning 143.8. My goal for Wednesday is 143.6. I entertained on Saturday and still ended up with a loss. I had a plan and I followed it. Our bike ride yesterday was lovely and a lot of fun. I am still keeping up with yoga but it really is a challenge since I had not been as consistent. I love being back to daily sessions.
    I was able to clean our master bedroom and bathroom and the hall way that was loaded with bins and storage items. It all looks so nice. Next is the "fairy room" (my room) and all my clothes that I own. I want to see how much I can give away. I still have more than is necessary.
    Food-I had a yummy popcorn, organic gummy bears, dark vegan choc chips and walnuts treat packed for bike riding. I actually had everything measured out and I only at 1/2. I made the macadamia white chocolate cookies but they did not come out. The were flat and runny. They tasted good but Molly and I decided to throw them in the trash. Sad but I don't need to eat my disasters nor do I need to feel guilty. Things happen. My yellow curry on the other hand was spectacular. I doubled the amount of broccoli so I could eat a lot of it. Turned out to be a great idea. 3 heads of broccoli in one batch with yellow bell pepper and asparagus.
    this is going to be a bz work week and my boss is coming Thursday. EEKs.
    I don't know what is going on it my life but I think the universe is trying to get my attention. My phone is still out, my computers at work crashed this morning, I was able to access my personal email and found that our Airbnb had been canceled by the owner with no explanation...now need to scramble to find another place with a short time frame in one of the most popular time frames...sigh....
    I decided to take a break from wearing my fitbit also. Trying to figure out where I am at and what I need.
    It was such a great weekend. We have lots of fun activities planned for the next few months all the way to the end of the year.
    @sleepymom5 set small weight loss goals, figure out what you need to do to get them...I know you know the answer to that...And then DO IT! The hardest part is getting started. I think it does need to be an all or nothing. We either are following are plan...or we are not. Doesn't mean we can't have fun and goodies in there but we have to plan it. I know it can seem easier said than done but it can be done. Once you get in the groove it seems to snowball. Success attracts more success.

    I am giving a lot of thought to my future. I turn 63 in October. I have plans to retire in 2 years. I don't know that I want to go another 2 years. Thinking about what that would mean if I could do something now to help get me to where I really want to be. Blogging? writing? I am hoping to have everything in my life organized by December 1st. Then come up with a game plan starting January 1st to help move me to a new space in my life.

    As I am organizing I realize that I have an embarrassingly large inventory of yarns. Way more than I want or can possibly use. Any suggestions what to do with it? I really hate the idea of putting it all in to bins and storing it for some unknown date. Probably 6-8 bins worth?

    This weekend I felt such fondness for our team. I really love all of you here and I feel like I have really developed friendships. Thanks for all the incredible support!
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    @Mrsbell8well What kinds of yarn? Do you knit or crochet? You could make hats for preemie babies and donate them to the hospital (my Mom does that) or make hats or mittens for children and donate them to a school (I do). It doesn't take very long to make them and is a good way to use up left over yarn from projects.
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    I am giving a lot of thought to my future. I turn 63 in October. I have plans to retire in 2 years. I don't know that I want to go another 2 years. Thinking about what that would mean if I could do something now to help get me to where I really want to be. Blogging? writing? I am hoping to have everything in my life organized by December 1st. Then come up with a game plan starting January 1st to help move me to a new space in my life.
    I saw this and am jumping in with my 2 cents worth!
    I retired at 63 rather than waiting to 65 (I am now 65). I am really glad I did it, but found the first year REALLY weird and more difficult than I thought it would be. Having "everything in my life organized by X date" has never been possible for me, and probably never will be! When I retired early (due to a lovely incentive plan by my university), it was a bit sudden. Jumping in and seeing what happens was my only plan, and for some things it was great, and others it took a long time to re-discover my mojo. I was quite exhausted and needed longer than I though to simply do nothing. I rode it out. I knew that eventually I would want to do something, but it was a bit disconcerting. I kept fit, I did all the things that needed to be done (house, garden, care of elderly, help to young adult kids), but did not feel there was something just for me until much later. It is coming back, and even though it still feels tentative, there is progress! All in all, though - I am super glad I did not wait until 65 to do this. Now I'm hitting turning 66 in January with something like a plan in development. I might be losing my reluctance to organize things after organizing so many people for so many years at work! It is really a process that takes time - and I look forward to hearing how you are doing if you decide to take the leap. Good luck!!!
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    Check in for Sunday
    Food - logged & under
    Exercise 35 minute walk
    Water - 2l

    It was such a busy weekend! I am not a food prepper by nature, but I am so glad that did so much prep. My older son & his team won their hockey tournament this weekend & a photo is below. He is slightly taller than me & weighs less, but he looks huge in his goal gear!

    @sleepymom5 - Cycling & kayaking sound lovely & hope that you have a great time! You will figure out what works for you with the eating, just keep it up!!

    @Barbb1557 - Sounds like an awesome birthday!! What an amazing NSV with your workout clothes!! Are you doing photos (eg. what you looked like at the start vs now)?

    @mrsbell8well - I agree with @pacsnc6 that hats for preemies are always needed. If you don’t have time to make them, perhaps you can donate the yarn? As for retiring now vs. 2 years, I think that you can absolutely look into alternatives. It all depends upon your overall needs & goals. I left my job 2 years ago after over 26 years in the private & public sectors, and I started my own practice. I definitely planned, carefully reviewed personal & business financials etc. It was absolutely the right decision for me, my practice is great (almost too busy at times) & I have not looked back. My advice is to think about your needs, goals & what it is you may want to do. Then research, including talking to people who may be doing something similar. The millennial generation in particular has a wealth of knowledge as many have had or chosen to work in the “gig” economy. Like @jugar, there are few people that I know who regret retiring a bit earlier!

    Here is Son #1 this weekend:

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    Hello everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend!

    Sorry I have been MIA, I have been busy and hardly have time to get on here to check-in. I am deciding if I am going to continue in this challenge after September. I feel bad that I am not really participating or posting. I will try to make more of an effort and see how I feel at the end of the month. I enjoy reading everyone's posts when I can, you are all so supportive & motivating.

    @sleepymom5 last week was an off week for me. I skipped workouts and my eating was bad. I bought chocolate, which I had in my desk at work, I was thinking I could just eat a little bit, but I lost all self-control. Lesson learned!

    I am trying to get back on track and motivated. I brought yogurt & fruit with me and an individual container of hummus with grape tomatoes to eat at work. I am going food shopping after work and I am trying to buy things that I can eat, will fill me up & are healthy. Trying to reset.

    Have a great day! Going to try to catch up with everyone's posts! :smile:
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    @Cafelelia I agree! The Fall is a good time to start fresh! :smile:
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    @jugar and @Cafelelia Your really getting me excited about retirement possibilities. @Cafelelia what an awesome photo! So fierce!

    Thanks for the yarn suggestions @pacsnc6 and @Cafelelia. I do crochet quite a bit in the colder months. But 6-8 bins is soooo overwhelming. I have done projects for cancer kids and hospital kids. I even crocheted tons of baby hats and gave them out to clients when ever I saw a new born. But I think I have more than I could ever use. I get carried away at times with my passions. Thought I was going to do an etsy shop at one time. My all time favorite project was a gorgeous mermaid doll that I did for my granddaughter. She has tons of gorgeous multi color hair. But again that is still a lot of yarn. I might tell myself to donate 1/2 and pick 1/2 that I would like to keep. Not sure yet. I even have elaborate baby sets I crocheted with hats, mittens, coats, pants, a matching toy and a matching blanket. Us crocheters put in so much time and love it is hard to put a price on something like this. I will upload pics when I start organizing.
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    I ate much better today. Lots of protein, very few carbs. Even drank my coffee black to avoid excess sugar.

    Catching up on the ab challenge. I've only completed it once in March I think. Since then I've started it a few times but never kept it going.

    I gained a BUNCH of weight over the trip. To much junk, hardly any water or exercise. It took its toll. Really watching my food and staying active to see where it falls by Wednesday.

    Okay, off to do some school work before bedtime.
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    edited September 2019
    I have PT early tomorrow so I may not have time to get on here in the morning. I will check in later in the day.

    @lennoncpa How cute! It is funny how she likes to eat when no one is watching!
    @amytriesww Your Monday looks a little better than just ok! Sounds like a productive day plus you still got a walk in, your food was on target AND your water was amazing!! Looks like a pretty awesome day to me! Also you deserve a pat on the back for pushing through with the water. It was tough at first but looks like you are kicking butt now!!
    @GingerPwr Glad you had a good day today. You still have time before your weigh in on Wed. I bet a lot of the weight is fluid too. Try to flush some of that out with water. I know it is hard to drink that much when you are a teacher but try the best you can.
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    Monday's Weigh In still due
    Tuesday's Weigh In
    Wednesday's Weigh Ins

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    Daily Check In: Monday
    Food: Yes and under
    Water: over 80oz
    Exercise & Steps: 60 minute bike ride; 8356 steps

    I had a great day yesterday! I plan to have another one today . I have my food prelogged and my day planned. I have to head out to PT and may stay and shop a little. Then plan to clean and ride my bike again. It looks like another beautiful day today! Hope everyone is having a good week!
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    Week 2
    PW: 163.9
    CW: 162.6
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