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  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    @bjooles1 awesome hike today!
  • WA_Teacher
    WA_Teacher Posts: 1,042 Member
    Daily Post: October 7th
    Track: Yes
    Calories: Under
    Exercise: 35 min walk
    Water: 72 ounces
    Gym Days: 0 out of 4
  • Katchoi
    Katchoi Posts: 65 Member
    Daily Post: October 7
    Track: Yes
    Calories: Over
    Exercise: None
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    @WA_Teacher Excellent water intake today!
    @Katchoi Great job logging!
  • holygoop
    holygoop Posts: 24 Member
    October: Week 2
    Weigh-in day: Tuesday
    Previous Weight: 209 lbs
    Current Weight: 208 lbs
  • mrsjar5311
    mrsjar5311 Posts: 514 Member
    Oct 8

    Week 2
    Weight - 71.5kg! (end of week 1 weight. It's there to keep me in check!)
    Track - Y
    Calories - Y under allowance by 894 calories
    Exercise - Y almost 3 hours walk. 28k steps and 40 minutes cardio.

    I'm totally wiped out and slept fr 6 hours straight! First in a very long time, I also just remembered that I haven't taken my reflux meds for 4 days!!!

    My goals _
    #1. Track EVERYTHING I eat that has calories
    #2. Stay inside your allocated daily budget.
    #3. 90 minutes of daily exercise
    #4. 18/6 hour fasts - the fasts are becoming easier
    #5. Weight training every other day
    #6. 10K steps daily

    Starting weight - 73.6kg
    Oct Goal weight - 70kg
    Weigh in day - Friday
  • bjooles1
    bjooles1 Posts: 43 Member
    Daily post: Oct. 8
    Track: yes
    Calories: Ate to plan, under
    Exercise: Walked the dogs 2 miles, stairclimber 10 min., elliptical 30 min., 12,000 steps
  • happy7811
    happy7811 Posts: 154 Member
    Daily post tuesday 8th

    Tracked --yes

    Calories targeted__yes
    Had to raise calories again they said wasnt getting enough calories. But gee still over by 224 calories of 1250

    Exercises_yes 55 total min
    Did early walk 20 min
    Lower body stretch es 20
    Arms only on stationary bike 5
    Legs only on recumbent bike 10

    Water 9 cups

    Steps 5075
    Min 55

    Total for week
    Steps 33,993
    Total min for week 347 min
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    @MellOnTheMove @holygoop Great weigh in today you two!! Keep it up!
    @mrsjar5311 Hit all your goals today!
    @bjooles1 Perfect day!
    @happy7811 those steps are really adding up!
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    Daily Post: 10/08 Tuesday
    Track: yes
    Calories: over-by 4 measly little calories....I'll do 10 jumping jacks or something to make up for it!
    Exercise: I really did the 10 jumping jacks just to say I did.
    Daily goal: To find a virgin to light the candle and bring forth the Sanderson Sisters. Tomorrow-yeah, that...I haven't thought that far ahead yet.
  • 12774
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    Weigh Day..Tues
    Last week..201
    Today. 201:2

  • 12774
    12774 Posts: 1,416 Member
    Daily post 10/8
    DJMKT Posts: 39 Member
    Track : Yes
    Calories: Under
    Exercise: walking om crutches
  • mrsjar5311
    mrsjar5311 Posts: 514 Member
    Oct 9

    Week 2
    Weight - 71.5kg! (end of week 1 weight. It's there to keep me in check!)

    Was in agony most of the night. Every movement hurt so I cancelled gym this morning. Looking at my fitboit, I slept for 6 hours! It's the longest I have slept without any medication!

    Fasted till 12pm so 17 hours and had a large lunch. 

    Walked only 45 minutes and will be back at the gym tomorrow morning. My body does feel better although my calves aches like no man's business!

    Haven't weighed myself today but stuck to just under my calorie deficit with 507! It's the little things!

    Track : Yes
    Calories: Under 507
    Exercise: Y- 45 minutes walk
  • happy7811
    happy7811 Posts: 154 Member
    Weigh in weekly post

    Week # 2 weigh in day Wednesday oct 9


    Have 8.6. Punds yet to reach my goal
  • victorious55
    victorious55 Posts: 3,075 Member
    Hi Flab-U-Less folks, I am so sorry... I forgot to post my weight before travelling for the weekend. I thought I will have access to internet on my trip but it did not work out as planned.

    I am back... it's a new day/week!

    Daily Post (Wednesday - October 9)

    Track: Yes
    Calories: Yes
    Exercise: Yes- walking and 30 minutes of strength and cardio

    As mentioned earlier, my mini goal for today was to sincerely say Yes to all expectations and I am glad to do just that! This is actually my daily goal this month!

    Yeah... 1 more day of 3 yeses.....
  • pandygirl56
    pandygirl56 Posts: 73 Member
    Username: pandygirl56
    Weigh-In Week: Oct Week 2
    Weigh- In Day: Wednesday
    Challenge Start Weight: 297 lbs
    Previous Week's Weight: 282.2 lbs
    Current Weight: 278.6

    Been working with an occupational and physical therapist to strengthen my upper and lower body parts and hopefully someday be able to walk better and have more strength in my extremities. Not as large a weight loss as last week, just happy to still be losing. I think I'll be able to pass my October Goal of 273 lbs 😀💞
  • 12774
    12774 Posts: 1,416 Member

    Daily post 10/9
    Track Yes
    Cal..Under exercise walked
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