TEAM: Flab-U-Less (January)



  • Starshine15
    Starshine15 Posts: 457 Member
    Weigh in Jan. Week 2
    PW: 181
    CW: 182.8

    Sorry team. @mram3582 We just moved and my scale was packed, and i'm weighing in today rather than yesterday!
  • victorious55
    victorious55 Posts: 3,278 Member
    User name: Victorious55
    Week: January – 18 Week #2
    Weigh in day: Saturday
    PW: 152.8
    CW: 153.5

    Sorry guys :(, I am working towards reversing this!
  • readyornot1234
    readyornot1234 Posts: 1,027 Member
    Saturday, 1/18/20

    Tracking: Yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: Yes

    1 hour walk
  • 42Amy
    42Amy Posts: 77 Member
    Daily Post
    exercise-T25, shoveling
    Restful rest of my day, needed it!
  • mram3582
    mram3582 Posts: 2,482 Member
    Daily Post mini challenge weekly results;

    Winner's Circle (Posted 6-7 days)

    The Doing just Flab-U-Less Crowd! (Posted 4-5 days)

    The shhh....they're hunting wabbits....(Posted 1-3 days)

    Still having amazing participation and going strong two weeks into the challenge! Keep it going! GO TEAM FLAB-U-LESS!!

  • WA_Teacher
    WA_Teacher Posts: 1,042 Member
    Daily Post: Jan 18th
    Track: Yes
    Calories: Under
    Exercise: Nope...was a bum and spent most of the day reading. 🤓
  • Stimpy56
    Stimpy56 Posts: 591 Member
    Daily Check in

    Track: yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: none
  • fiftyonefour
    fiftyonefour Posts: 105 Member

    Track: Yes
    Calories: Under, but of course ate ALL my exercise calories.
    Exercise: 45 minute walk, 45 minute snow hike
  • mrsjar5311
    mrsjar5311 Posts: 514 Member

    Track - yes
    Calories - over. Ate lots of chocolates!
    Exercise - none. Less than 2k steps. So tired
  • readyornot1234
    readyornot1234 Posts: 1,027 Member
    User Name: Readyornot1234.
    Week: January Week 3
    PW = 145.5
    CW= 144.7
  • Jwoodro
    Jwoodro Posts: 24 Member
    Tracking yes
    Calories over
    Exercise yes
  • Jwoodro
    Jwoodro Posts: 24 Member
    Track yes
    Calories over
    Exercise yes
    Why are the weekends so hard!
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