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    MamboRumba wrote: »
    Daily Post 01/07/20

    Track: Yes
    Calories: Under
    Exercise: 30 minutes kickboxing, 50 walk with dog through the snow.

    I quit all dairy a month ago as I had a chronic cough that got worse with dairy. At the same time I also quit bread. My cough was gone!! Yesterday/today I introduced bread/wraps into my meals and my cough is back. Looks like I'll be getting creative with my leafs to make some wraps and "sandwiches". I guess it's not a bad thing, I don't have any cravings when I keep bread out of my diet.


    Did you try Ezekiel bread?

    I eat this and it is super filling and delicious for your sandwiches.

    I run it in the toaster twice.....since it is frozen.

    I use a can of tuna (I crave the briny salty taste) and a stack of spinach leaves. Some mayo & spicy mustard.
    Pickled garnishes on the side. Mini hot peppers, Pepperoncinis, pickles, etc. If I need more food.....I eat 1-2 soft boiled Omega 3 eggs.

    This has been my staple ‘weirdest’ diet meal......during this challenge. Ezekiel bread brought real sandwiches back to my life without gaining weight.

    Another meal with a smear of real butter and then this spicy salsa I make. I eat my soft boiled eggs with it.

    Watch out for Avo toast, though. Avocado makes me gain weight. Too much calories & carbs. I save guacamole for cheat days!

    I'll definitely try Ezekiel bread!! I'm vegetarian/vegan but I'm sure I can add lots of toppings. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Track: Yes
    Calories: Under
    Exercise: none
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    Daily post 01/11/20 and 1/12/20
    Track yes
    Calories under
    Exercise yes
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    Daily Post
    Exercise- 3 mile run
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    Daily Post Sunday 1/12
    Track: yes
    Calories: under
    excercise: 30 minute walk
    Water: 48oz
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    Track : Yes
    Calories : Technically Under (ate all my activity calories)
    Exercise: Over an hour walk in a blizzard. Pretty intense spring cleaning and downsizing this afternoon.
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    daily post
    January 12th
    Exercise-walk the dog and stayed active cleaning and getting ready for the week.
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    Daily Post (Monday/Jan 13)
    Track: Yes, Walking. Today is take it easy day
    Calories: Yes - under
    Exercise: Yes

    Mini Goals: My mini goal this week is also my daily goal which is not to exceed my sugar and carbohydrate micros

    I had decided to add "The kitchen is closed" to my daily goal. So far it is working. It worked last week, so it's going to continue until it become a habit!

    So here "The kitchen is closed :)" You can't go there any more today :)
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    Daily post 13/01/2020
    Track: Yes
    Calories: under, even said no to donuts from my colleague at work 🦸
    Exercise: 45 minutes workout

    I'm trying to have sugar free days, at least 2 weeks so today is
    Day 1 no sugar 🎉
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    Daily Post
    I had the munchies all day today. I know it was because I forgot 2 of my water bottles so now I am drinking them and will want to pee all night!
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