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  • Pmagnanifit
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    I had a terrible weekend I worked and had abdominal pain. My physical therapist and my massage therapist think I have SIBO- small intestine bacterial overgrowth. I am seeing my dr tomorrow.

    I had a good workout tonight. I am going to give bt3 another week I think-I am increasing some weights and want to stick with this mix of exercises a little longer.

    I am 2/3 for the week- I didn't make my protein. I don't really have an appetite and thought if I stopped the protein bars and shakes I would feel better.

    Nice job Jamaica
    DNA can I have your recipe?
  • dnamouse
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    Pmag, it's really simple :)

    400mL milk of choice (I used a can of light coconut milk so it was dairy free)
    1 tbs (20mL) pure maple syrup (can substitute for agave or leave out - this is an optional sweetening)
    85g white chia seeds
    185g strawberries (or fruit of choice)

    Blend the milk, strawberries and syrup together.
    Transfer into an air-tight, leak-proof container.
    Add the chia seeds.
    Screw on the lid and shake it hard (see, you even get a workout in! lol)
    Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, shaking every so often.

    It is divine. I shall have to make more to work out the proper calories etc, but it's roughly 100-150cal per serve I think.
  • DouMc
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    Sounds like everyone is doing really well. jamacianlady, congrats on sticking to your goals and seeing a loss. I have gotten a bit more used to the calorie amount and I think I like having the same amount to eat everyday, it stops me from trying to convince myself that the two hours I spent wandering around shops counts as exercise and therefore allows me to eat more. I am 5'8'' and weight about 145lbs (according to my inaccurate scale, other scales put me as heavier) but because I have such low muscle mass my TDEE is really low.

    For squats, I try to place the bar on the shelf on my back created by muscles when I pull my arms back (if that makes any sense) but I have seen people in my gym wrapping a yoga mat around the bar to act as cushioning.

    Re. crossfit: someone on my friend list was giving out about it one day and I asked her why people hated it so much because from what I had heard it seemed like a really good workout. This was her response
    'My personal opinion is that Crossfit is the Jazzercize of lifting. I'm not a fan of their business model, and I think most of their trainers are under-certified. I also think that unless you're already fit when you start, the likelihood of getting hurt is probably pretty high. (High intensity + "constantly varied" movements + a competitive atmosphere = probably not paying as much attention to form and individual capacity as you'd like to see). I'm in pretty good shape but I also have wonky knees, unbalanced hips and a messed-up shoulder, so I think it's really important to take each person's body into consideration and tailor workouts to each person, and I wouldn't trust a Crossfit environment to be safe for me, let alone a new person who doesn't know how their body reacts. /rant'
    So having heard that I have decided that it is not something that i want to do and I am happy to stick with lifting.

    Last week I lifted three times but on Friday I didn't have much time so I rushed through 3B and skipped the intervals. This week I will finish stage 3 and I will have more focus while working out! 2/3 for me last week, I missed my protein goal but about 20 grams for the week.
  • sunshinelively
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    My eating sucked this week. Made up my mind for a waffle bowl ice cream sundae last night with hot fudge. Self sabotage will get ^me nowhere.

    Doing well on protein macros, got all lifting in plus some walking. Injuries healing.

    Getting back on the horse today - happy Monday!
  • jdgro
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    Tell me more about these foam pads for squats. Is this something that is in the gym or is it something you bring with you? I did put a towel between the bar and my back but it was one of those really thin hand towels (just the towel my gym makes you bring so I just end up bringing it and aimlessly carrying it around with me but never using it.) The only place I am feeling it is along the bone of my spine where the bar was pressing. It's not like it's terrible but if there's some pad sitting around the gym that I didn't know was for that purpose I'll pick it up and use it for sure next time.
  • runzalot81
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    I think I would love CrossFit. I don't want to pay for it.
  • Beeps2011
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    jdgro - google "fitness barbell gel pad" or "fitness barbell pad" - click on "images" and VOILA!!
  • Beeps2011
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    I think I would hate CrossFit - because I do NOT like the feel of HIIT, at all. I don't like any of the "heart-racing" type stuff.

    I think CrossFitters are just begging for injury!! So, what's the point??!??!?! Because an injury has you "out" for WEEKS!!

    Yep, for me, I prefer the slow-and-steady and uninjured route. I can lift and lift and lift and be injury-free!

    Mind you, I am TOTALLY glad CrossFit exists because it keeps A LOT of gym-rats out of my gym and in the CrossFitters gym, so my gym is emptier and has room for me!

  • WillLift4Tats
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    Good morning and "happy" Monday to all! I've been very lackadaisical in the past week but am recommitting again. What I need to do is come in here any time I'm feeling apathetic. Ya'll are always kicking *kitten*!

    Re: the crossfit discussion. I think it's very glamorous and "in" right now and was tempted to try. But after looking more into it, the popularity seems to have worked against it in the fact that there are too many coaches with not enough training or experience. Safety does seem to go by the wayside all too often. And me being extremely unlucky/uncoordinated/prone to injury, I decided it just wasn't worth the risk. Plus, why so expensive?!?
  • suelegal
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    Good morning! I'll have to go back and read, but wow you all are doing so well! I was fine until the weekend. My friends were here from Maine and I didn't log and didn't really eat well either. I did however read some more in NROL4Life so I'm 1/3 this week.

    I went to bed too late last night so I didn't lift this morning. I'll lift tomorrow.

    Did a whole lot of walking this weekend, including a hike up a small mountain to the Lakota Wolf Preserve here in NJ. Absolutely awesome! Also walked all around Manhattan, enjoyed the play Beautiful and had a wonderful dinner at Trattoria Dell'Arte.

    Re Cross-Fit, they have a team at my gym. I watched for a while - and agree with Beeps re injury. Too many cross-fitters in the class for 1 coach to monitor. I watched a woman do "squat snatches" and dump the barbell behind her, nearly hitting another crossfitter. Not so good if you ask me. I too don't like that heart thumping thing either, Beeps - I do get it in spin class but I am only doing it for cardio fitness 1/wk right now. And yea it's too many $$ for me.

    Hope you all get out there and GET IT DONE!
  • manic4titans
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    0/3 I weighed last week! EEEK but I was down in weight! LOL I haven't been to the gym in over a week. I have noticed more definition in my arms. Yay for loss of water retention in muscles.

    I realized why I am in a funk! The new med I am taking. It makes me sleepy and decreases my appetite (hence the weight loss).

    I will be MIA for the next 2 weeks. I'll be traveling. Summer is a busy time for us. Things won't slow down for us until mid September.

    Welcome to all the newbies if I missed you.
  • rocky503
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    Busy week, work outs were okay although I blew a weight training session. Had a big BBQ at my house and many mojitos so my intake is out of bounds this week. Tonight I'm trading a night alone wiht DH for working out since DD will be at a sleep over. We are never alone so it's worth it.

    1.5/3 this last week.

    Shooting for three areobic type workouts and one weight training session. Next Sunday on Vacation so will get hiking and runs in where i can.
  • jdgro
    jdgro Posts: 30 Member
    Thanks for the lifting pad info. I brought a heavier towel that I was going to roll up and stick under the bar but I ended up discovering THE busiest time I've ever seen my gym, so I stuck with my dumbell squats (the ones from the book with heels under 10# plates) instead. Noon on a Monday -- I am thinking this is the time when young guys on school break and meeting each other to work out. It was all groups of 2-3 guys ages about 16-28 just packed into Golds. Total testosterone scene. So I pretty much got in there, got my workout done as quick as I could without getting crushed then got back out.

    What do most folks end up doing with travel? Do you try to stick to usual preferred days and work out as you can at hotel gyms or makeshift/make do, or do you try to adjust your schedule? We travel kind of a lot and I'm trying to plan what I want to do.
  • jdgro
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    Oh also have to report an unanticipated and very good side benefit to my new weight lifting. I have had this painful tailbone thing for well over a year now. I haven't been able to discern a pattern to it though driving for long periods of time does aggravate it. Though, sometimes I'll drive just half an hour and it'll be horrible, and other times it takes a longer drive of a few hours to trigger it. Then there are days when just lying down on the couch hurts.

    So anyway, I realized as I collapsed on the couch after a LONG day yesterday (where I drove 7+ hours) that my tailbone was totally fine, and that it hasn't hurt at all practically since day one of starting this program (I am in week 3.) I am thinking perhaps it is all of the squatting move. I think this is possible since before now, the only thing that's kind of somewhat alleviated the pain is certain squat-type moves in yoga.

    Every workout has squat motions so I've been doing a lot of deep squatting warmups, like holding a wall in front of me for balance and squatting all the way to the floor with my knees out over toes to the sides.

    So I will be thrilled if squatting fixed this annoying problem:-)
  • Beeps2011
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    jdgro - that is WONDERFUL news about tailbone!! Wonderful! People tend to FORGET that weight-lifting also does A LOT for "range of motion" (i.e. flexibility) and so, I am NOT surprised that you will end up with ALL SORTS of side-benefits from the weight-training.

    (Like better sleep patterns, too!)

    Do you take holidays that are long (in # of days away)? Because, if "no", then I would totally feel free to SKIP THE WEIGHTS when you are traveling! You can do cardio when you are away (i.e. lots of walking, or a morning run or whatever....), if you REALLY feel like you need to schedule SOMETHING.

    Otherwise, even when you are doing NROL4W program, it is going to be 100% NORMAL to take "lifting breaks" throughout your year....whether it is every 8- weeks or every 12- weeks or whatever. If you travel A LOT, you can plan your "lifting breaks" to coincide with your vacation!
  • jo_marnes
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    Hey all,

    2 hours sleep..... another birth :yawn: ..... now going to combat, then helping at school, meeting a friend for a coffee and revision.

    Where's the coffee? :drinker:
  • samntha14
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    Everybody is lifting eating and learning, I love it!
    I spent my day putting together diploma folders and tearing down my classroom. Almost at the end of the year.
    I just finished make chocolate chunk brownies for my eighth graders and only ate two of the damaged ones. I think that's pretty darn good.

    My workout schedule is strange because I'm a slave to my cycle. Week one four-five days at the gym. Week 2, 3-4 workouts, Week 3, just 3 lifting days, and week 4 I'm lucky to get in two because I get the worst PMS fatigue. Whatever your schedule is, make it work for you.
  • redlipsticklyfe
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    3/3 last week. finished stage 7 today. I wanted to stop halfway through the workout because its sooo hard. The moves are pretty simple but doing them so quickly back to back just wears you out. Looking forward to the rest of this week since bikinigeddon is saturday. SATURDAY!!!
  • bepeejaye
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    >>>Handing Jo some coffee :drinker:

    Checking in at 2/3. I under-ate this past Sunday...and then for dessert, I had sugar free piece of lemon cake. I did have a glass of Moscato too, and Kahlua with sparkling flavoured water...yum!! I also had homemade whole wheat lasagna (one of my challenges is not to eat "visible" carbs)...I did not meet my protein macros this past weekend..but today? Am standing at 114g!! Wohoo!!

    Lifting today was half-hearted...hoping for a better work out come Wednesday.
  • ChasingMyBliss
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    I just started day one of the Nrol4W today! I am really excited to see what kind of results I get on this program compared to the workouts I have been doing. Would love a few friends who are new... and a few who know the ropes to help me along the way.

    Glad I found the group, and am looking forward to reading through the past posts.

    Please friend me if you would be willing to help, and we can motivate each other!