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  • jamaicanlady
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    Hey everybody!

    Sorry I've been kinda MIA. I'm back at work now so I've been trying to adjust to my new schedule. And it's going to change again next week when the students roll in.

    So I finished my diet break and exercise break and weighed in 2 lbs heavier than when I started it. Not exactly how it should have gone but oh well. I also didn't bother to count calories. I took a tracking break as well. And I ate ALL the food, ESPECIALLY carbs so I know some of that weight is water weight. But definitely some fat is in there. I can feel it. I must say though that the break was really beneficial. I feel so much more energetic now. And before the break my left hip flexor was really tight and slightly painful to stretch (I was a bit worried about it) but this morning when I stretched it during Insanity I didn't feel it at all. Yippee!

    I've also started Hypertrophy I in Supercharged and I'm liking it so far, except for those 20 rep sets.

    Anyway, I've recommitted myself and I'm back to do this right. I MUST lose 12 lbs in the next 10 weeks. So my plan for the week:

    1. 3 days of lifting
    2. 1 day of HIIT cardio
    3. 3 days of no junk food
    4. Eat TDEE - 16% in a calorie cycling fashion
    5. At least 25% of calories should come from protein
    6. Drink 6 cups of water daily
    7. No late eating
    8. 3 servings of veggies daily

    I hope everyone is motivated and doing well!
  • dnamouse
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    So I go to the health food shop and buy millet meal. And come home with organic coconut flakes. Because they looked cool.
    This weekend I can foresee much recipe thinker-uppering.

    I did, however, walk past the locally produced carob bean-based (!!) gf/df etc etc protein powder - for now.... :wink:

    I need to start shopping for these things online...

    And right now I've decided that work can go jump - my brain is fried. I'm having a cup of tea and am going to finish catching up on Doctor Who.
  • Pmagnanifit
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    Jamaica can you post your hyper trophy workout?
    I am taking a break - I wanted a less complex workout for a while
    . But hypertrophy is next

    DNA I am sure whatever you make with millet will taste good.
  • dnamouse
    dnamouse Posts: 612 Member
    lol pmag, it's a part of the mix for our pizza bases - the best gf pizza bases I have ever tasted :bigsmile:
    A little fiddly, but well worth it.
  • manic4titans
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    Hello, Ladies!

    it has been a little over 2 weeks since surgery . I am finally over the pneumonia which I had to be re-hospitalized for. I had a dr appt yesterday. He wanted to look at stitches and see how I was doing. I go back in 4 weeks and hope to be released for regular duties and LIFTING!

    I haven't read the thread . I apologize. Keep up the good work. I'll be back here hopefully by 9/22! I am getting anxious.
  • Beeps2011
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    Congrats, manic, on being on "this side" of surgery! Great news - you will be back at it soon enough!

    I am 1.6 lbs down from last week, so the calorie-control part is finally paying off on the scale!

    I will do tape measure/photo on Friday for "month-end" reporting purposes.
  • bepeejaye
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    Manic....good to know all is well!

    Beeps, yay for you!!

    >>Getting off the Zumba high now...aaahhhh.......
  • BarbellCowgirl
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    Pmag, I would be thrilled with an "official" BF% of 28%. Right now I only have the calculators, handheld BIA, and mirror to go by (all totally unreliable). 28% puts you firmly in the "healthy" category and close to the "fitness" category. Yay!

    Sam, you know your body well. I am sure you will figure it out.

    dna, your posts always make me smile. You're always so positive.

    Manic, so glad you're healing. Keep resting!

    JL, I liked Hypertrophy a lot!

    Got a good session in tonight. The gym was BUSY. Reminded me why I don't go in the evenings. Too many groups of ladies hogging space while they chat and curl 5lb weights.
  • dnamouse
    dnamouse Posts: 612 Member
    Hi manic!! :flowerforyou: Awesome news :happy: It'll all be worth it in the end (even if the waiting for the all-clear is boring :smile: )

    oooeeerr end of month means dragging out the scales. No idea what they hold for me, don't care too much today. Tomorrow I might care more :tongue: Who am I kidding, of course I care! A 0.5kg cut would be nice (1.1pd), but I'm not holding my breath :wink:

    Barbell, those 5lb weights are heavy dontcha know? I had several of them in my backpack this morning while doing negative chinups and that hurt... oh... wait... :tongue:

    Note to self. Lifting in the morning after about maybe 1 hour's sleep (serious insomnia last night - my own fault), probably isn't the smartest thing to do. But I never said I was all that smart lol I blundered through it slowly but perfectly fine :bigsmile:

    I am seriously in the "I've-had-no-fricken-sleep-and-I-don't-care" stage - almost delirium. But I've made cupcakes for tonight and bought all the stuff requested. We are having wraps apparently. I shall go prep the salad stuff shortly and throw it in the fridge. And ice the cupcakes.

    I may need another coffee.
  • Pudding1980
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    Manic, hope you recover quickly!
    Beeps, sorry about the layoff.

    I have been MIA the past week. Between my sister having her baby, me helping out, dh going on a new schedule (12 hour days, three days on and three days off) which means he hasn't seen the kids in a few days and I am without help, them being sad due to this and rangy because they're ready to head back to school, and me getting sick, its all a matter of survival until next Tuesday when school begins!

    I am keeping up with lifting mostly because my eating is ****ty and scattered and lifting is at least keeping things semi in control, and also because I want to finish stage 7 on this coming holiday Monday as planned. Not bothering doing anything else this week as I am tired from being with the kids full-time and fighting this cold. Next week I'm going to take a break from lifting to do cardio and maybe a new class or two while the boys get settled back into their blessed routine :) Then on to Supercharged!

    I really need to get it together with my food and BED though. I did so well when I was in a Biggest Loser competition on another board and lost 20 pounds in three months but have gained 10 back :( and its all down to my food. I don't want to have to buy new fall/winter clothes in a bigger size.
  • jo_marnes
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    I am seriously in the "I've-had-no-fricken-sleep-and-I-don't-care" stage - almost delirium.

    This is me. Night shifts. I have had 7 hours sleep in the past 64 hours. It is ugly. Needless to say no lifting here. It has been a workout just typing this! Bed soon..... lift tomorrow hopefully xx
  • samntha14
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    Oh boy we have some tired ladies on the thread. get some rest everyone. "If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything." Get some sleep Jo and DNA.

    Manic, glad you are doing well, or at least better. Hopefully, you will turn a new corner and have a healthy (sickness injury free) life after this last hurdle (no wammies)

    Jamiaca, happy new school year. I go back Tuesday :)

    Today is a small break from our "squeeze the juice out of summer" week. Sunday was the park, Monday beach, Tuesday Water park, today we rest up, maybe a local park, and tomorrow will the entire family the entire day at six flags, Friday bowling, Then who knows what the weekend will bring. I'm as bad as the kids (no you cant make me go back to school.) Though I'm really looking forward to it lol. While my children frustrate me to no end sometimes, I love the weeks when I can just be Mom.

    I did get to the gym yesterday morning. It's been so long since I've done big lifts like DLs and Back squats that my form needs work. My DL was 2x12@75, not my best, not my worst. I moved up to 20lb dbs for my reverse lunges, squat press and chested supported rows. It was a bit too much, and went back to the 15s for the second rotation. I really needed a 17 which doesn't exist.
    Happy lifting ladies. Maybe I'll hit zumba tonight if hubby gets home in time. He's been working a lot of overtime this week catching up from vacation, especially since his boss is now on vacation <sigh>
  • Beeps2011
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    omg - you ladies need SLEEP!

    I am soooooo religious about that. Good sleep first!

    I am in the 7.5 hours per night right now. It is good, solid sleep so no complaints!

    I will lift this afternoon!
  • BarbellCowgirl
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    I agree- SLEEP is always the first factor in the healthy lifestyle equation. I know much of it is beyond your control, ladies, but I hope you can get some rest in soon!

    Sam, sounds like a good workout. I did DLs yesterday instead of a Strong Curves workout for the same reason- form. If I don't do them at least a few times a month, my form gets sloppy. SC only has Romanian DLs so far.

    It is ridiculously hot around here (100 F or 38C). We are just now getting a real taste of Summer and I don't like it. I'm thinking it's a good day to stay in the house and do laundry and housework. I bought a yoga DVD Monday- maybe it's a good day to try it.
  • suelegal
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    Checking in! Wow you all are active! Mary, I'm so glad to hear you are on this side of all that yucky stuff and I'm hoping you'll be back in the ranks of heavy lifting soon! I miss you!

    Congrats Beeps and Dou for your achievements and PMag I LOVED my training sessions. He was really great and kept me honest about form and weight. Pudding I did the same thing - lost 25 and have put on nearly 10. But I am eating better recently and I think the scale is finally moving in the right direction!

    Sleep has been an issue for me for years! I started the menopause deal back in 1997 or so and at the time was seriously sleep deprived. I would wake up at 1:30 or 2 am and not go back to sleep. That was when I stopped drinking any caffeinated drinks etc after noon, which helped a bunch. I'm still not one who sleeps through the night. I always have to get up to use the bathroom, but these days, I take 1/2 of an over-the-counter sleep aid and it lets me go back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night. I don't feel groggy in the morning from them either.

    I'm still doing PT but also lifting pretty regularly now. My shoulder feels generally better but I notice the arthritis more. I am trying glucosamine/chondroitin to see if that helps, as suggested by the PT. She also said the best thing was lifting, so yea!! I am banned from overhead presses but I can pull any way I want so I will get back to assisted pullups too! I want to check with her to be sure it's ok before I do them.

    What's on the agenda for the holiday weekend? We're talking about a trip up to Maine but not sure yet. Hope you all have a last blast of summer fun!
  • samntha14
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    we're scorching too Cowgirl. This has been such a mild summer that 96 feels like it can choke you. It was definitely a good day to crank the air and clean the house and do errands.

    Sue we were considering a little weekend get away, but...doesn't look like it will happen. Instead, I'm thinking haircuts shopping, and whatever else the weekend may bring. I sure we're bound to find some fun. :)

    Sleeping is not really my problem, staying awake is grrr.
  • dnamouse
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    Right, so I can't link up videos LOL so here is the link to me doing 3 partial handstand pushups this morning :bigsmile:

    I hope that works lol
  • DouMc
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    wow, DNA, That is awesome!!

    I am jealous of everyone experiencing heat. Our summer is well and truly over. its feckin freezing here!!

    I did 6B yesterday and it was hard because i am still sore from Monday's workout! Its very short! I did 2 sets of everything and I was finished within about 20 minutes so I added in an extra set that completely turned me to jelly. I tried to add in hip thrusts but wasn't really sure how to do them so I did them wrong. I just watched some videos so ill try again next time.
  • dnamouse
    dnamouse Posts: 612 Member
    Our weather is trying to be funny. It feels almost like Spring in the morning, then we get a storm and the temperature drops again. Everyone has colds and coughs. I'm not amused :grumble: :wink:

    6B is really short. I'm not allowed to do the crunches in it, so I've subbed that out for my physio exercises and then do a quick HIIT session afterwards. It does get longer the further you get into it though :smile:

    Which reminds me, I have to go set up my weights for a B workout before I go to bed... probably should've been in bed ages ago, but we had yet another school thing on again tonight.

    Night night!
  • BarbellCowgirl
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    Love it, dna!

    I don't know when I am going to fit a workout in today but I will somehow.....shoulda dragged the kids to the gym early this morning I suppose.