Important Posts to Read

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In an attempt to keep the threads from being over-run with stickies and for ease of use, please find below a list of the posts that you should read as well as other informational posts that should be useful to have to hand:

Basic information regarding diet

The Basics

Not posted in this group yet, but the much more comprehensive and expanded version of "The Basics' thread:

Setting Your Calorie and Macro Targets

IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros)

An example of applying IIFYM

Clean eating

Exercise calories

Logging accuracy

Very useful reads and information

Research on Protein Intake

Insulin, Low Carbs, Gary Taubes, and James Krieger

The Glycemic Inex

Q & A's With Eric Helms

Nutrient Timing

MFP report function

Cardio and Fat Loss

Links to Recurring Topics

Posts on common misunderstandings and myths

How to blast that fat from a specific area!

Meal Frequency. Rev up that furnace. LOL.

Building muscle AND losing fat at the same time!

Myths and Facts About Hydration Requirements

Detoxes and Cleanses

Glycemic Index

Starvation Mode

Other Informational posts

Body Fat Estimation Methods

Resources and References

Protein sources

Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting - Form /Technique

Strength Training - the basics

Barbell routines - when you only have dumbbells

Form Check

Lifting and Running