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    I'm HAPPY you are all JEALOUS of my travels, lol!! Because, I've been slaving away through THESE holidays and that means I'm DUE!

    Better - I've only tried 1 24-hour fast....and, I didn't make it! (I think I made it 22 hours, though.) Hunger monster got me! I just know (now!) that when my body DOESN'T want to eat, I just don't eat....so, after Xmas indulgence, my body was CRAVING a break from food, and I'm doing the best I can to give my body NO FOOD, lol. Yesterday, I made it 18 hours. Today, I made it 17 hours. Tomorrow, I'm aiming for 18 hours, but we'll see.

    kclynch - lay off the carbs and your tummy will flatten RIGHT OUT! Oh, and drink TONS AND TONS OF WATER, too!

    Ris - I'm glad you're posting, again! What exercise do you have planned for January?? Are you in marathon training?

    Shmoozy - I've never HEARD of "piriformis syndrome" - maybe that means that your workplace needs to provide you with a standing/walking desk! That would be AWESOME! I met 2 dudes who have standing desks that they use 6 hours per day - they claim that it has helped with weight control and also with aches/pains often associated with sedentary jobs (like mine).
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    HI ladies - I am new to this group.

    My goals for the next 2 weeks:

    Continue HIIT 5 days/week
    Continue logging food and eating clean within MFP net calorie goals
    Continue yoga/stretching (depending on day) and foam rolling
    Drink MORE than 8 glasses water/day
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    Welcome, jellybird!

    Beeps - I work on a farm! :laugh: Any sitting troubles are my own doing, unfortunately! Sitting in a tractor all day bothers me, I do have to get out and stretch from time to time. Then other days it's totally fine. It's weird.
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    I am back from a fantastic few days away. There was a really bad snow storm so we did not get in much shopping, but the inn and the food were fantastic and I got a lot of rest. Today I have a party and Monday night dinner at a friends house, but starting on January 1st I will be back on track. I start a new DVD workout program - Les Mills Combat - on Jan 2nd. It's all workouts based on mixed martial arts so it looks fun. We'll see how it goes. I also must detox myself of all the junk I've been eating through the holidays so my diet is going to be pretty strict for at least the first week or two.

    Welcome jellybird & spicy!

    Beeps - I don't know how you do the fasting. I am like a baby, I need to eat every couple of hours or I go crazy. I am glad it is working for you. Your upcoming trips sound fun, glad you will be able to get away & enjoy yourself

    Kc - good luck with your new program, let us know how it goes
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    For me, this "delaying my meal as long as I can" is the ONLY thing that seems to be keeping my calories in check. I can't even explain it beyond that!

    And, it's become "routine", now, so I quite like it.....yet, I am *still* looking forward to the day when I don't have to be in a "calorie-deficit". It is getting a little "hum-drum" and, yes, I'd like to BE at "goal weight" instead of STILL STRIVING FOR IT!

    It'll come....at least, if nothing else, I now know how to get MY body there and, now I know that my body WILL be at "goal weight" in 2013! That's comforting!!!

    Happy New Year, ladies?!?!?!?!? Who is doing what??
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    I'm putting on brunch for 20 tomorrow at about 11:30 am. So, tonight, I'm doing as much of the prep as I can, and then even tomorrow, I'll do the table setting, etc.

    I *like* cooking for brunch.....and I *like* knowing people will come at 11:00 and likely be outta my house by 2:00-ish....and then I can still have SOME down-time before I hit the work grind, again!

    I'm going to lift 3 x this week - and next week - and then I'm taking a PLANNED "rest week" - heading to Mexico with hubby.

    I *did* put on my bathing suit yesterday and it was pretty loose on me! That felt good - but I'm not sure I'll have time to get to the store to buy another one....I'd rather get a pedicure and have pretty toes for the trip!
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    Beeps--I am in marathon training, sort of. I signed up for the Providence marathon in May as well as a two 10 milers in April. I did something to my toe right before Christmas (I thought I broke it, but it has healed very quickley) so I haven't been running too much lately, but I'm going to try to get back to it soon. I was hoping to get in a long, slow run tomorrow just to see where I'm at, but it's supposed to be pretty gross out, so I may have to wait until this weekend. I'm not looking to set any records, just to finish.

    In January I'm going to start focusing on my general health rather than fitness in particular, as right now I'm more concerned with TTC again than losing weight or fat since I'm in a healthy range on both. I just changed my goal weight (previously 120) to my current weight (123), so I am officially going for maintenance now. So my goals are to eat cleaner and get some sort of exercise in every day. I'm going to go for a no-booze January, with exceptions for a few special occasions TBD.

    We're going to two holiday parties tonight, both with food and lots of booze, so I'll probably skip the logging and just make sure I've left myself some extra room for calories. We have to drive to the second party so I'm going to skip the booze at the first, which should help. We'll be walking home from the second, so at least I'll burn a few extra calories that way!
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    Lots to catch up on here and I read it all, even if I can't comment on everything.
    Beeps, I think you mean "Hola, Tequila" :wink: that should be fun! You deserve a new bathing suit! and a pedicure... Enjoy your brunch today.
    I got "snowed in" upstate New York, our Wed. evening flight was cancelled and they couldn't get us out until Saturday. So my vacation was extended and that was nice, being stuck with family, anyway, and not at the airport!
    Yesterday I worked out and tomorrow I should be able to wrap up week 4 of the ultimate female training. I will continue with that plan until our Dominican Republic vacation in February.
    I don't want to step on a scale right now... Lots of indulging.
    I wanted to try a sober January but it seems too daunting so I think I will just try to not drink home alone, and when I do drink, limit that to 2 drinks.
    Tonight we are going out for sushi with friends and I am going to try not to overdo it, to the extent of feeling too awful to workout tomorrow.
    And if anyone wants the vacation body blueprint, it's a 3-4 week plan, just PM me an email where I can send it!
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    Ris, I'm excited that you are TTC....2013 is going to bring you so much joy, I KNOW IT!

    asjerven - if "vacation body blueprint" includes HEAVY lifting, than I want it! I'm at [email protected]*****.com

    I am *not* going to do a "dry" January.....because I'll be in Mexico, but I think I'll keep it "dry" OTHER than Mexico! I think I had exactly 6 drinks through the holidays....and, that was good enough for me! I don't like champagne, so getting through New Year's is also pretty easy for me.

    here's an interesting tid-bit....I fasted (accidentally) all day yesterday....had my first meal (an egg, cheese, bacon homemade 2-egg omelette) at 5:00-ish! And, I stopped my eating at 8:00 sharp. That "unintended" fast dropped A POUND off me!

    I wasn't sure how much could come off with a one-day fast, but, now I know (at least for me). I'm trying to figure out if I could fast, every other day, until I go to Mexico, just to get rid of 5 lbs (knowing I'll put it right back on while in Mexico). What do you think?? I think I'm going to try this.
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    I'll send it Beeps, you can take from it what you like. The whole thing is incredibly long-winded, but I like that it sort of meant for people who are "in striking distance" so you might like what it has to say about maintenance too.
    I tried to condense it and came up with this:
    Vacation Body Blueprint
    Tip #1...Go Into Every Workout in a Fasted State
    Tip #2...Wait 1-2 Hours After Your Workout Before Eating
    Tip #3...Limit Carbs, Especially Around Dinner Time
    Tip #4...Try to Work in a Couple of Fasts Each Week: Eat Stop Eat” style twice per week.
    Tip #5...Do Some Type of Exercise Each Day During This Time
    Tip #6...Strictly Limit Your Calories and Mainly Eat “Diet Foods”: chicken salad with rice vinegar
    dressing for dinner, keep Fuji apples handy and eat them as a dessert 3-4 times per week.
    Tip #7...Make Full Use of Supplements During This Time
    Tip #8...Increase Water Consumption
    Tip #9...Follow an HGH Flush Workout With Steady State Cardio: Here is what my workout looks like, The 2 day split done 5 times per week, After 3-4 of those workouts I will do HIIT for 15-20 minutes followed by 20-30 minutes of moderate steady state cardio. If I feel worn down, I will skip the HIIT and just walk on the treadmill after the lifting. On the two days of the week I don't go to the gym, I will do a body weight fat loss circuit.
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    Mmmm, I love champagne. My dry January will definitely not be starting at midnight sharp.

    Beeps--I think that going dry in January other than in Mexico is an excellent plan. It'll help you shave off that a little bit extra before you go, and your body will probably enjoy the detox afterwards! I'm impressed that you have your body trained so that you can "accidently" fast. If it's been working for you (which it sounds like it has been) then stick with your fasting plan for Mexico! Though Amy's plan is intriguing too, and still incorporates your excellent fasting skills.

    Amy--my 2012 resolution was very similar to your January plan, no drinking alone and no more than 2 drinks at a time. It didn't really stick, but I made it for a few months at least. I may try to reinstate it for 2013.

    BTW, I went to the gym on Saturday and did weights again for the first time in a few weeks, and I am still super sore today. I've been hobbling around like an old lady. I'm not sure if I should be glad I got in a good workout, or worried that I got out of shape so fast....
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    I am also going for a no-booze January as well as a NO SUGAR January. I must detox myself. I am making one exception and that is for my mom's annual soup soiree - every January she invites the whole neighborhood over for a night of apps, soup & bread, desserts & of course - lots of wine. When I say no sugar I don't mean fruits and things - I mean sweets & junk food. I also begin my 60 day DVD program of mixed martial arts exercise tomorrow. My goal will be to log my food every day & be super strict. I will start low the first couple of weeks and then probably go back to maintenance. I don't really need to lose weight, just get fit. Good luck everyone. I am sure you all have lots of goals for the new year!
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    Happy 2013 friends! Whoah I have been really bad. With drinking, eating, not moving, everything. I feel gross today, but I know it will soon pass. I just lowered my cals to 1200 this morning. Not drinking and not going out to dinner as much should help me stay within this goal. I also plan on kicking up the workouts. I need to start doing some in the mornings. Sounds like I'm setting myself up for some goals....so here they are for the next 2 weeks:

    1. 1200 cals a day; can eat back exercise cals
    2. 4 workouts a week: HIIT, circuits, lifting, and/or running in addition to my 2-3 walks
    3. NO ALCOHOL!! (all of January with the exception of 1/16 and maybe minimally on 1/19)
    4. I think I am going to do a 24 hour juice "fast". Not sure when; I need to grocery shop
    5. 1 morning workout a week on a work day

    It sounds like everyone has great plans for success in the New Year! I'm excited and ready to get back on track. I feel really gross and very fluffy.
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    Can someone give the recipe for Jen's Detox Tea again? I looked through the threads but couldn't find it. Thanks!
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    I weighed myself this morning and I am going to reset my ticker. I am up 8 pounds from before my 11 day holiday bender. I know alot is water weight, but I feel so blah. But, enough with that. I was probably 80% back on track yesterday. But, starting today its 100%. Here are my 2 week goals:

    1) No drinking....at all!
    2) Avoid sugar (meaning more like desserts, not fruit)
    3) Stick to the Turbofire schedule

    The drinking one is obviously going to be the hardest, but I just want to make sure I don't replace it with snacking on sugary stuff. I totally cleaned out my fridge and kitchen yesterday and went to the grocery store and stocked it with veggies and fruit. I also cooked some chicken yesterday too. So I am ready to go!
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    To quote Jen (since I saved it to my email so I wouldn't have to search for it later!!:

    here is the detox tea recipe: I use 4 bags of tea (usually 2 bags of Everyday Detox (by Traditional Medicinals), Dandelion Root Tea (Traditional Medicinals) or Yogi Detox Tea, 1 bag of either Get Regular Tea (Yogi) or SMooth Move (Traditional Medicinals) BUT let me emphasize ONE BAG ONLY!! and lastly 1 bag of Green Tea. I boil 1.7 liters of water (what my electric tea kettle holds) and steep the bags. Then I add 1 cup Diet Cranberry juice (Ocean Spray only 5 calories, 2 g carbs) and the juice of one lemon. I drink it throughout the day and I count it as my water. It helps me flush sodium/water weight and any toxins. I make it about every other day
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    HI FRIENDS!!!!!!

    It has been a long time! Sorry to check out but it was so lovely and necessary. I have just focused on enjoying food, time with friends and family and working out hard! I have been crossfitting 4-5 days a week and am happy with my progress. I haven't weighed in much but I have a feeling I am in the upper 140's or even back up to 150 or so. I am super concerned. For one, my clothes still fit well. Marginally tighter-especially in my waist-but not too much. My abs are also looking more muscular than ever (which feels weird since they are usually such a problem area). I contribute this to crossfit and have decided to keep going in the new year. So far it is SO worth it!!!!

    I am back to logging food today. It's my 'warm up' for a 10 week cut starting on the 7th. I don't think I am going to quite follow LP because I would like to incorporate 3-5 day of crossfit but I am going to steal some plays from her book and see if I can't design my own cut I think would work.

    How are you all?? I've missed you guys! Hope the holidays were fabulous!
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    I actually had bad tummy troubles over New Year's. Didn't sleep. Had 18 coming for brunch on New Year's Day and was pretty worried that the 6 hours I'd just spent prepping/cooking was going to have to go to someone else's house!

    Anyway, the people came, they ate, and then I finally had to kick them out at about 4 pm because my fever was high and I needed to SLEEP.

    I. ATE. NOTHING. That's right....I cooked for about 11 hours, total, and ATE NOTHING. My tummy just said, "no". So, if I could step on the scale today, bet I'm down to the weight I'd wanted at end of 2012. Unfortunately, I've got meetings all day, so won't get to the gym, today.

    Just as well - there's no way I could lift - my energy is at -4.

    How was your new year's???????????? What did you all do??????????????????
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    Hi chui! I watch your updates on crossfit, and DarkAngelEyes, too - you gals are KILLING that program! Wonderful!

    Chloe - I'll get my goals down shortly - yours look very do-able!

    Better - hope you are feeling less "fluffy" - I know that feeling and it sucks.
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    I'll be leaving for Mexico in less than 2 weeks, so here are my goals until then:

    1. On lifting days, fast until 12:30 pm. On other days, fast until 3-4 pm.
    2. Keep calories to their minimum - I'm raising my calories by 100 per day in order to manage this, actually.
    3. Get my Saturday cardio in. If I have to miss my "class" - then I have to make it up elsewhere on that day.