2 week challenge



  • stephv38
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    I guess my official star report is Platinum since within 100 cals.

    Onward and upward everybody! Its going to be a great week!
  • amysj303
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    sounds good, Jamerz, you can pick a calorie goal for the week-mine is 1600 per day average 11200 per week and I got 11220 so I was within 20 cals, if that makes sense. You can set it up how you like if you want to net a certain amount or set it so you don't count exercise.

    Thanks, Abi, I will try 6 miles tomorrow and see how it feels-or maybe Thursday when the snow melts!
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    Ashley--no star for me this week. I didn't log over the weekend, and I don't think I could do it accurately if I tried to backlog.
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    Ashley - I get a Gold for this last week...

    I got up super early and went for a run this morning before it got too hot and windy out. Hopefully can do that on my other run days the rest of the week.

    Amy - Congrats on the Platinum star!! I will send you some heat to melt the snow if you send the water here :wink: It is supposed to break records this week and be over 100 pretty much every day. I think if you can run 3-4 miles you can probably do a 10k without any issue, just don't go all out like you might for a 5k.

    Steph - Congratulations on your Platinum too! I am hoping to be back there this week!
  • Better_Balance_2011
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    Thanks for checking in for the star challenge. I am just lacking Ramalem's report and then I'll post.

    I had a so-so day yesterday. It was sort of non stop. I'm a little stressed at work right now. I have these couple projects hanging over my head I'm trying to wrap up and it's stressing me out. I can't wait for vacation! We've got our mountains long weekend next weekend and then Hilton Head 2 weeks later. I'm getting a lunch time workout in today. I've got to work tomorrow and Thursday but hope to take Friday off if I can get work to a good place. Fingers crossed!
  • Better_Balance_2011
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    Oh, and I agree Amy. Just pace yourself and you'll do fine with a 10k. My first one I ran on the 4th of July in Lexington KY back around 2005 I think. It was ridiculously hot, and I struggled becuase I tried to be all speedy out of the gate. Wear a watch and check your time at each mile to make sure you're not wearing yourself out. And drink water! The time you spend stopping for water you will most likely make up with better performance by being hydrated. And eat a good meal the night before. I ran a 10 miler last spring and did not eat well the night before (I had fish and rice or something stupid) and I was dragging @ss. I typically do pizza and a couple beers the night before. :drinker:
  • amysj303
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    oooh, eating well is pizza and beer? Sounds good to me!
    It's TOM so I was extra hungry last night, hopefully I can earn the extra 400 back! well, couple of runs, or just a couple of moderate days would help!
    Oh, and I can do a jumping pull up. I was pretty excited about that:bigsmile:

    Shanaber, Gold star is quite good. I would send you the wet snow but it's already gone! it's sunny now but only 36 degrees...
  • shanaber
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    Amy - you really want to eat a bit more carbs the day before a race but most important is to eat something you know won't upset your system. So yes pizza and beer is a good choice if you have no issues with it. Pasta is another good choice and you can always add some protein to it. So excited that you can do a jumping pull up - I have to find somewhere to try it!

    Shander - I have a Vizsla puppy, not quite 2 yo. I have a picture with him in my profile if you want to see what he looks like. It is a before and after picture of me but he and I are running in a trail 5k in the after pic.

    Question for the group - I got a polar loop for Mother's Day; do any of you use an activity monitor and what do you think? I am doing it with my daughter so I can help motivate her to be more active too (she is in med school so it is tough). I wanted this one because we can share activities and it works with a HR monitor.
  • amysj303
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    I haven't been too interested in the monitors but maybe if they worked with an HRM. My friend has a fitbit and I don't get it.

    It would be great if there really was something that told you how many calories you were burning all the time but I just don't think there is any such thing!
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    Hi gals -

    I was out sick yesterday and am trying to catch up before I head home again today. I didn't log over the weekend either, although I'm sure I didn't go too much over. Still, no star for me.

    Hoping to be back in and catch up tomorrow!
  • shanaber
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    I think the fitbit does calories expended and steps and it is supposed to remind you to get up and move... my husband is supposed to be getting one from is health plan at work and if he actually uses it :tongue: I will be able to compare it. My daughter wanted a fitbit but I couldn't see that it would provide much info for me. I did need a new HRM and since the loop can do that and be an activity monitor (steps, calories, etc..) I picked it. It was cheaper too :happy: After I have used it a while I will let you know what I think though.

    Note - I think they all calculate calories expended based on your age, weight and activity and with the loop your HR when you have the monitor on.
  • Better_Balance_2011
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    I have a Polar HRM. I got it about 3 years ago when I was pregnant to monitor my HR, but really like the calories burned feature. Even if it is off (although mine does base on age, weight, height, etc.), it is motivating to see the numbers go up while running.

    Here is Week One of the Star Challenge. If you don't have a goal listed, please let me know what it is. Or if I left anyone out, let me know that too.


    Hope you feel better Ram.

    Got my workout in. BOOM! (Since Beeps isn't here to BOOM!) :wink:
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    I have had two polar heart rate monitors and I loved them when they worked, but they both died on me!

    Ashley- I am not sure if I posted this already, but could you please lower my cal goal for next week to 10,500. I am done breastfeeding officially so I need to really stay on top of my calories in.

    I ended yesterday with 1499, and I did fit in a glass of wine. I am thinking I am not going to hit my goal of 4 no drinking days this week. I just am feeling very stressed and if that glass of wine chills me out at the end of the day then I'm gonna have it! (as long as it fits in calories) I ran the past two mornings because it was warm, the rest of the week is looking pretty cold especially at 5 AM when I go. So I may save my 3rd run for Saturday and do Chalean Wed, Thurs, Friday.

    Has anyone heard of It Works! wraps? A girl at work is selling them and she sucked me in. I'm going to try it for the next month and see how they work. I normally don't fall for this stuff, but the muffin top from the pregnancy is killing me and I am willing to try anything.
  • amysj303
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    It works! wraps? no, you have to explain:huh:

    It's warming up so I am hoping to run outside tomorrow!

    I think HRM does a better job monitoring calories burned, but my friend's fitbit just measures activity.

    One of them mentioned a feature that sounds really cool, it supposedly measured your sleep cycle and could wake you up with an alarm at the best time, like not during the deepest sleep, I guess, I wonder if that works and if I would notice? I never want to get up, well, at 10-11 hours of sleep I will:yawn:
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    Thank you, Better, for doing the Star Chart! Funny how a little thing can be a great motivator. I know that was extra work for you.

    Amy, congrats on your jumping pull up!

    Off to bed so I stay within cals... :)
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    Chloe, i would be interested to hear your report on "It Works" wraps...i gave read about them, but no of no real life people using them!

    I have thought about them in preparation for "an event".... Meaning, i doubt they have any "oermanence", but if i had a special event and needed to lose a couple inches to fit into a dress, i would consider them!

    London is great! Rainy, but great! Hopefully Paris means sun!
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    Ashley- I dropped my calories to 9275. That's 1325 a day. We will see.

    I am so ready for this week to be over. My eating has been HORRIBLE!Some how i missed that my daughter has a choir concert tonight -Yes,I work at the school and should have known. So, I won't be going home until 7 tonight. I just want to sleep. My workouts have been good this week. I did an OLD Cathe DVD - Slow and Heavy. my arms are so sore.

    I would love to here more about wraps...my tummy has always been my trouble zone. I had a nike heart rate monitor and i think it over estimated my burns. The battery died and I have never replaced it. My gf has one of the wrist ones and she likes it because it gets her to walk more????I thought they were suppose to tell you how many calories you burned all day.
    Sorry you haven't been feeling well Ram.
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    Chloe - I'm not sure if it's the same exact product, but my mom said a bunch of teachers she works with were using a wrap system and they have been acting very strange! She said they're really irritable and just acting extremely different. So watch out for it if you try them!!

    Kelly - I'm sorry your night got messed up yesterday! I can't stand when I forget about plans when all I want is to sleep! Good job keeping up with the workouts though

    Beeps - I'm glad you're enjoying London!! I only spent 1 1/2 days there when I went, so I don't think I did it justice!! Enjoy Paris!!

    I haven't used a HRM before, I've always been curious about them too, I just don't usually have the extra $$ on hand to buy one! haha, especially with buying hardwood flooring and paying for the wedding!! I will continue just working my butt off!

    I was very happy this morning at the gym.. I can bench more than the barbie that goes to the gym!! This girl is in great shape, comes in with full make up on (at 5am...) and her long blonde hair done, and works with a trainer and I can keep up! A little healthy competition is good, right? ;) hahaha

    Hope you all have a great Wednesday!
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    Good morning ladies! So much to catch up on. I hope everyone had a good weekend and is having a good week!

    Chloe - Never heard of those wraps. I'm kinda curious though.

    Beeps - Hope you are enjoying your time in Europe. Can't wait to hear about the entire trip when you get back.

    Kelly - I hate when things get thrown in there (even if technically you should have known about it :laugh: ). That always throws me off my game especially when I want to sleep.

    Shand - What's your countdown at now? Healthy competition is great! Glad you are happy with how the gym is going.

    I have a polar HRM but honestly I don't use it as much as I should. When I use it, it seems pretty on par with calorie burns as what MFP would have given me, or sometimes a bit under. I bought it when I found out I was pregnant because I was worried I shouldn't go over 140 BPM, which I have since found out my Dr. said I don't need to be under that. It is interesting to see what your burn is!

    I've had a pretty decent week so far, aside from this stupid headache I can't get rid of. Got one lift in yesterday, plan on a walk today, yoga tomorrow and a lift fri/sunday. It appears that running is getting tough for me as I get winded pretty quick, so I'm opting walk at a high incline instead.

    Have a great Wednesday!
  • Hello Ladies! I'm new to the group and look forward to learning & sharing with you!

    Somewhere in Maryland :)