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    Beth, impressed that with your work and home schedule that you make time for your workouts, impressive. We totally understand that it must be difficult to also find time to get on the computer. Your time is as precious as your "littles". So we will cherish whatever time you are able to share with us.

    Suzi, you brought tears to my eyes just thinking about your legacy farm. I hope that Dave sees how important it would be to have a home there, especially with what you have shared about your feelings for it.
    I'm with you on the mouse issue. My son and DIL had a motorhome on our property at the river for a few years. One weekend she noticed the dog food seemed to be gone before her pups had time to eat it. Then she was cooking and pulled out her oven mitts, put her hand in one to find it filled with baby mice. You should have heard the shrieks. I did not make fun of her, but I check all my oven mitts before I put my hands in them since then, even at home, lol.

    This will probably be my last post until we return on Monday nite. Plan to totally go off the grid while we visit with our friends. Total veg out time is planned for all concerned until game time. For those with no affiliation or care of the game please pray for the Broncos and Peyton Manning. Would so love to see them win this year. I have been a faithful fan since 1983, starting with the John Elway years (for those in the know, lol). I will do the best I can with food but I think I really need this weekend. When I get back I will start planning Mom's surprise party, have lunch with the Yayas and need to get back to the wedding invites. But I won't think about that now, I will think about it tomorrow at Tara!
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    Hello all. Another long and grueling day at work, but I am taking tomorrow off.

    I was running from one building to another for my 8:00 meeting, running a little late, and got caught outside at colors. (8 am and sunset, they play colors – a trumpet call to colors, recording of the National Anthem, then trumpet dismissal. If outside, you must stop and stand either at attention or with respect. If driving, you stop your car.) While I was a little impatient, it also made me reflect a little, and think about how glad I am that I work for the Navy at a job that I think is important. That gave me a little boost as I went through my day. Of course, I ended up working late, and was leaving right at sunset, and you got it – caught outside by colors again! Twice in one day, when I don’t think I’ve been out for it in a year.

    You gals have been chatty today! Not going to try to keep up with every topic of discussion, just a few.

    Beth, welcome!

    Patti, you probably won’t see this, but have a terrific weekend!

    MaryLynn, thanks for the website. I tried it – put myself in at my current weight, want to lose 30 pounds in 6 months, active (because I do work out five days a week, usually) and light at work because I get walking around, have a standing desk, etc, no increase in my activity. It said I should be eating 1740 calories a day! That seems like a lot – definitely more than I was eating on WW when I was actively losing weight.

    Mice: Suzi, we used to have a terrible mouse problem both in our shed and in Charly 3 (our last motor home - the current one is Charly 4). We got these things from Good Life called the Guardian Pest Repellent – basically a little electronic ultrasonic noise emitter that works on batteries or electric. We put one in our basement and all those horrible spider crickets left! We put one in our shed and no more mice or squirrels, and now we have one in our RV, to keep the mice away. They are terrific!

    All for tonight. Tomorrow I am going to go do bloodwork and lab work for my physical, get my nails done, and work on decorations for a baby shower. We are doing a Dr. Seuss theme. I’m going to make a truffula tree (The Lorax), a Cat in the Hat themed table centerpiece, and I’m not sure what for the last one. I’m planning cookies too – trying to figure out how to simply make cat in the hat cookies, or maybe fish. (One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. I already have a plan for green eggs and ham snacks.
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    marking my spot- need to go and have my performance review- but needed to see all your uplifting posts.
    Survived dentist by area still tender-- soup for dinner last night and i did eat a donut on the way home- counted it but i so hate leftover taste in my mouth after it being open so long. Hence the donut and coffee- iced so I could use a straw.
    Back later.
    Oh and onto book 3
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    Good morning ladies! My full body lifting yesterday had resulted in full body aches...its a good thing, but not surprised the weight was up this am! I have an osteopath appt this am and then heading to the gym for part of a spin class and hot yoga (or maybe a spin class and part of a yoga class...hmmmm)

    Diane - thanks for sharing about *colors*. It is important to remember why we do what we do every day! I am going to have to look into that guardian pest kids don't like to be in our basement because of pests and it would be great to change that dynamic.I had to google spider cricket...yep, those! Enjoy your day off today! that baby shower sounds amazing!!

    MaryLynn/Diane - that link also surprised me with how many calories (1749...almost exactly the same as Diane!), but then I went back to look at what I am eating and that is about right because I eat more when I exercise to maintain the target deficit.

    Patti - I am surprised that you got 1345 are so active! What was your physical activity level score? I got a 1.8. Have an excellent weekend! we will miss you!
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    Suzi - that farm house dream is fabulous!

    Beth - those catered lunches can be the worst. The meeting goes on and on with the temptations sitting right there!

    Jeannette - who are you going to dance with tonight? Does your husband go to watch? I am going to have to try the quinoa pasta! Kids are always wanting the "regular" pasta, tho spelt is pretty popular.

    Cindy - as much as I try not to reward myself with food, that donut sounds like it was perfect after enduring the dentist. Hope your appraisal went well!!

    Hope everyone has a great friday!!

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    my turn for losing a post, grrrr. i think it's the back button. oh well, it was a short one.

    GOOD MORNING everyone. just popped in to say HI and how i enjoy reading all your posts! I don't have time to respond to them all at the moment.
    Lisa: I intend to pick your brain on "dead butt syndrome"! I only heard about it for the first time a few months back. trust me, IF i had known how to prevent it, i would have done anything!

    I hope Patti has a good trip and visit with friends. I'm not a BIG football fan, and i'm only cheering for the panthers because they are the "home" team. I can appreciate her loyalty, and I, too, would like to see Peyton win the Super Bowl before "retiring" (he's such an old man, you know) but i just can't help enjoying that cam newton smile! i guess you could say I'll be pleased now matter who wins!

    anyhow, happy healthy Friday,
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    Good morning! It is Friday, time for the weekend! Hubby (his name is Brian, I don't usually call him by his name, though, so I guess that is why I don't use it here) isn't going with me to my parents' house today because his boss decided he needs to work today and he won't get done on time to come with me. I'm disappointed but it is only one night. It also means I can leave a little earlier and avoid the worst of afternoon traffic. Also they have a scale so I'm going to try weighing myself. Not sure how accurate of a weight I'll get because I imagine I'll be pretty swollen after a night of dancing.

    Oh the mouse stories are making me shudder! We had a mouse in our house for quite a while. It was too smart to get caught in any traps; I found out I scream when they startle me!! :smiley: I'm not generally squeamish but when one runs across the stove as I'm using it I guess it just gets me. Of course, that's nothing compared to having them run up your pants or putting a hand in an oven mitt full of babies!!!

    Suzi - I hope you can talk your husband into your dream farm situation. We would also like to live on a small farm in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

    Lisa - I love having sore muscles; it makes me feel like I accomplished something. When I go to these dance classes it is "no partner needed". You go and you dance with who is available and there is so much back and forth between partners in this particular style. Last time I went there were over 50 people there. You just say "do you want to be my partner" to someone standing near you and, for this style of dance, you hardly see them again. I always lead, too, so I am pretty much guaranteed to have a partner because there are always more women than men. Here is a link to some similar dancing This is where it started, Cuba.

    Diane - the baby shower theme sounds like a lot of fun! I understand the frustration of having to stop for "colors" but am glad it gave you moment to reflect on where you are and that you truly enjoy what you are doing.

    Cindy - yay on to book 3, I hope you have an easier time with this one; that it is more enjoyable to read for you.

    Well, I am going to try to finish up school projects before I go today, otherwise I'll have to finish Sunday afternoon after church. Have a wonderful weekend, not sure if I'll check in tomorrow or not. It will depend on what my mom has in mind for us.

    Grace and Peace to you
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    Cool, I didn't realize the video would show up
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    Good afternoon, I'm back from my doctor visit. He said I was doing great and that I can start bending a little to help the muscles. He offered to order physical therapy, but I want to try it on my own first. I can go to the gym now and do recumbent bike, elliptical, and can also lift weights (up to 10 lbs on each side). Definitely won't do all that at once. I'll ease into it.

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    Hi everyone :) whew, am I ever glad it's Friday night! It was a busy week. I intended to work out last night but got sucked back into work, and ended up working after the kids went to bed. I was excited to have lost 1.8lbs this week! I need to do better about tracking my activity in MFP, but right now I'm using an activity tracker through a health program at my work (it's called active u, I work for a public university). Remembering to track everything everywhere is hard
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    Ugh, lost half my post..responded to each of you, but it's gone...well...nice to have caught up, haha
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    Bert - I strongly recommend a few sessions with a pt. They can be really helpful. Glad you are doing so well!

    Jeanette - very cool dance video!! That looks like so much fun!

    I made shepherd's pie for dinner tonight...DELISH. I put the recipe in MFP and it is surprisingly low cal. Guess if you make your own mashed potatoes and gravy, its pretty healthy. So, hubby just left for my daughters bball tournament. I am heading there tomorrow. Need to be strong and not have too many glasses of wine as I enjoy a quiet evening at home...Not sure what I will do for working out on Sunday, since I won't be home, but tomorrow is definitely a rest day.
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    TGIF, all. Wishing everyone a most excellent weekend.

    Beth, you came back -- nice to know we didn't scare you off.

    Suzi, thanks for the lovely word picture about your dream farm. If you discussit that way with Dave, I bet he'll share your vision. There's a swing set for the grandkids you can see out your window.

    Diane -- Colors is such a lovely tradition. Respect. My friend gave me a yellow rose at the cemetery Tuesday and I took it to my favorite place to give respect -- a roadside memorial to 21 African-American Union soldiers who were killed while driving cattle to their troops. It's called the Horrible Massacre and for some reason it just gets to me. I salute every time I pass it. There was a small artificial bouquet attached to a signpost. Stuck the rose in and said a prayer for many people, including those men. Drove past today and the rose was still there but has opened despite the cold. Love the Dr. Seuss theme -- hope you'll post photos.

    Cindy -- Glad you survived the dentist. Guessing the performance review was a litany of praise.

    Lisa, I'd never heard of spider crickets. Hope you can get them gone easily.

    Myra -- I really like both teams but Cam's smile could light a major city for a month and I love that he gives balls to the little ones, so I have to pull for the Panthers too. Luke Kuechly and Greg Olsen are pretty easy to look at too. (Hoping for a close game with some classic Peyton moments).

    Jeanette, that dance was very cool -- the tall guy in the grey t-shirt was an amazing dancer. They all were. Give two months of constant instruction and a really good partner even arthritic, klutzy me might be able to learn that one.

    Bert, good news from the doc. Count me as another pro-PT vote -- I've learned quite a bit from physical therapists.

    Karla, hope you didn't overdo and that your eye is calm today.

    Patti, if you're reading I hope you are happily ensconced with your friends while Frankie gets spoiled on her "vacation."

    Another weird night but got out for errands this morning. Hit the local needlepoint shop -- I REALLY need to get back into it and needed some supplies. Always tempted by lovely things there. Got enough sushi (all rice-free!) for the weekend, plus fill-in produce. Will be home all weekend except tomorrow morning. Hoping to get super-productive. Wish me luck!

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    Good morning ladies!!
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    Hello friends! The prodigal member returns!! I had a wonderful visit with my family, father and brother. All went well with my Reunion planning committee. Back home with my adoring husband, back to work with my awaiting clients, and, of course, grandkids are upon me. LOL.

    Izzy came over last night and Glenn has gone to get Jakob. I hope it warms up enough for us to take them to the park this afternoon and I can get some good steps in. I have accumulated over 4316 steps just this morning doing some in house laps. LOL.

    I see others are having the same issue as I have had with more than 3/4 of their post not being sent. It happens to me when I am on my cell phone mostly. I'm going to send this one now just in case, before I start any personals. I must say, I have missed you all!!


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    Janet- My eye is doing extremely well. My father's Ophthalmologist, Dr. Pynes, discussed my eye with me and mentioned they had a million dollar piece of equipment there called the LensX that he could remove my medication induced cataract with. He wasn't sure UAB had it. I called my Dr. Fowler and found out they did indeed have it. I don't think her tech, Abbie, understood what I was talking about though, she said it wasn't covered by insurance. I was talking about the equipment not the IOL.

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    Good morning ladies,
    Some weeks seem to really fly past, as this one has. Pleased to read how active everyone is!
    While we both enjoy NFL, we may miss much of the game, as Myron has a CT scan at 6pm Sunday in Nanaimo. Vancouver Island has had it's share of rain this week, today some sun?

    Patti - Enjoy your "off grid" time with football friends, so important to a balanced life!
    Diane - Colors sounds like a beautiful salute to service. Wish Canada had something like that.
    Cindy - How did the performance review go for you? Glad that dentist ordeal is over for you!
    Lisa - Your healthy mix of movement and nutrition is consistent and pays you many rewards.
    Myra - Love your closing comment of "happy healthy Friday"! We share a common goal here.
    Jeanette - Sorry that Brian couldn't join you. Thanks for posting that energetic dance video!
    Bert - Great to hear about your recovery progress! Easing into adding new movement is wise.
    Beth - Welcome to an island of positive support as you continue tracking towards your goals!
    Janet - The action of gratitude and respect with the placement of the yellow rose is beautiful.
    Karla - Glad that you are back home safely with loved ones. Hope you can enjoy outside time!

    Stay well and keep moving forward towards healthy sustainability my friends.

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    Patti- I hope you are having a good time and won't be unkind to yourself if you show a gain for the week with the celebration, you know that is how it usually goes for us!! It does me anyway. lol.

    Diane- I was a military brat for the first 39 years of my life as I stated earlier. I love all the traditions and is definitely the foundation for my success in medical billing precise requirements. Your ideas for the baby shower are spot on and your are definitely the cookie QUEEN!! <3

    Jeannette- I loved the dance video!! It looked so very fun for all involved. My husband is talking more and more about retiring and this is one thing I think we both would enjoy learning and doing. We love to travel and cruise and there is always dancing!!

    Janet- also, that yellow rose you put at the fallen soldiers sight from your friend's mother's funeral was very, very touching. You are one special and caring lady.

    Bert- I don't know if you keep missing my question, or if I keep missing your answer, but I would love to add you to my group step of ladies on my garmin site. Do you sync your device to your phone or website?

    I am having a lovely day. Glenn and I watched some netflix while Izzy was sleeping. I had a healthy omelet, put on some ribs and some green beans. Glenn went and picked up Jakob, our 5yo grandson. Izzy woke up and I prepared her breakfast and bathed her. They are playing in my spare room, which is full of all types of toys. Life Is GOOD. :D

    Tomorrow is our big family Joe Cain Day. We will have a group of 26. We have a grill, chairs, blankets and a small tent for the kids to rest in, or, if they do something too terrible, the time out tent, but not by me LOL. We will have such fun. The weather is full sun and temp at 60 degrees, so will be nice. Where we will be the parades go by twice. So lots of beads, moon pies and toys for the kids.

    I am back to work now, finishing up so we can get out for a bit. I am over 6k steps now.

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    Welcome back, Karla! Enjoy Izzy and Jakob.

    Beth, why are meetings always catered so carb-heavy? It's almost always what I call Guy Food. Whenever I had a chance to influence the order, I'd try to get at least some salad or veggies and fruit onto the table.

    Got y errands done and now heading for doing some chores around here -- just wanted to pop in.
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    Good morning ladies and welcome to Joe Cain Sunday!! We are excited to gather our large group of family and friends and head to downtown Mobile. This has been our family tradition for several years now. We ended up taking Jacob home last night as he spiked a low grade fever and we didn't want to take a chance on him getting worst, nor giving Izzy anything. We all had enough of sicknesses over the holidays.

    Jeannette- I meant to remark about your parent having the same injections as my father behind the eye. It's strange, sometimes they hurt, and other times it does not. It really does depend on the technician that prepares him. Th is time though he was anxious afterwards, shaky and nervous the next day.

    I took a sneak peak, scale hop, and found I am down another 1.3 pounds!! I don't officially weigh until Tuesday, but wanted to look. I was very active yesterday as I achieved 12k steps. This morning I am getting my weights out and doing some strength training and some squats before I shower.

    Suzi- In case you read on the road, I am leaving Wednesday and Thursday open for us to get together. I do have a massage planned for Wednesday at noon, so if you want to do Wednesday we could do a dinner someplace? Or Thursday we could do lunch. We will work it out somehow!!

    I am so excited about my weightloss steadily going down. Thank you all for you comments on my feedline and on these comments. It is really supportive.

    I better send this before I lose it!!