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    You look great, well done!!
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    WoW!! Great job. Keep up the good (and hard) work!
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    Born yesterday - WTF is an NSV?
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    fdhunt1 wrote: »
    Born yesterday - WTF is an NSV?

    Non-scale victory. Something you can celebrate besides focusing on a single number to the exclusion of anything else. :)
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    Remember, you can take the meat/cheese OUT of the bread and eat that, if you're hungry...

    @melmerritt33 @xDaniDragonflyx
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    @KnitOrMiss That’s actually a really good idea, thanks, I have a birthday party to go to in a couple of weeks and I already know it’s being catered buffet style so I was worrying about it. I can now see myself discreetly dismembering sandwiches!