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    @sleepymom5 - beautiful daughters and beautiful dress :)

    Sorry I haven't been checking in but been busy. House went on the market last Thursday and have been busy with showings. We had an offer last night and apparently another one is coming in today. Looks like I can move from keeping a super clean house to packing :) Poor Lucy with all the strangers coming into her house. We came home on Saturday and baby was locked upstairs. Luckily no "accidents" :)

    Yesterday I started to get back on track. I've been sloppy with dairy and sugar but time to stop it.

    Have a great day everyone!!
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    Check in for Sunday

    Food - logged but couldn’t eat all calories due to illness
    Exercise - nothing other than coughing & blowing my nose a lot
    Water - 2l

    Feeling much better today! My husband and I took our younger boy for a medical appointment this morning. Everything is just fine & he is healthy. After we dropped him at school, we talked about taking more time to stop and express gratitude for our blessings, like health. We both have a tendency to focus on life’s problems & trying to solve them. It was a nice reminder to be grateful for all that we have.

    @jedaschultz -Outstanding loss, congratulations!!

    @carlsoda - Best of luck with the offers, hope it all goes well!!

    @sleepymom5 - So glad you had a great weekend! You, your daughters and your soon to be daughter-in-law are all beautiful! I love the dress and you look great in it! I think we are around the same age and I gotta say, you have lovely skin! Tell us your secrets (aside from genetics)!? Thanks for sharing the photos!

    @CassieGetsFit2013 - Wish you all the best in rehab and sending you a big hug. We are here for you whenever you need us!
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    Checking in. It has been a slow day. A few of you have mentioned trouble sleeping. My doctor has worked with me and I generally can fall asleep and return to sleep after bathroom trips in the middle of the night. All of that has ended and I am voraciously hungry. This has slowly changed since I started a new med for anxiety. I left my Dr. a message and explained I am stopping the med with her permission.
    I spent decades getting up between 2 and 3 and not being able to get back to sleep. It started in college and it is a horrible feeling.

    I am excited at the thought that I may be able to get my hunger under control again and sleep better.

    @sleepymom5 Your pictures of you and your daughters, and daughter in law, are so beautiful! You look so young!

    @CassieGetsFit2013 Good luck!
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    I don’t really have addictive food items like chips, cookies, ritz crackers and buffalo pretzels. But...this weekend I created a carmelized apple cinnamon French toast casserole. OMG...I could not stop eating it. Had 2 servings for breakfast and a serving for dinner. With little vegan maple sausages on the side. Melted vegan butter, maple syrup drizzled (ok poured) over top...I was in heaven and hell. It got me. There was a smidge leftover. I demolished that at lunch today. It was soooooo good and I was soooo bad. I’m planning on making a pumpkin version. I adore custardy things and never thought I could enjoy that again. But the recipe was a success. Diet...not so much.
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    Week 3 weigh in
    PW 141
    CW 141

    sts I was a bit premature about the computer I have had a bit of a mare getting it set it up. I have also been struggling with my eating but I am at it today with a new resolve. Didn't go to work kitchen and swam in my lunch break. I am going to check in everyday.
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    @sleepymom5 the tortilla chips made it half into my *kitten* and half in the trash! Funny I never thought about it that way but I will definitely think of that from now on!! I can even visualize it!! Lol
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    Week 3
    Weigh in day: Monday
    Previous Weight: 165.2
    Todays Weight: 165.2
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    Check in for Monday
    Food IF on track
    Water good
    Exercise C25K, 65 min walk, 30 min yoga and plank challenge
    Steps 14,297

    @sleepymom5 I love your flower dress - my favourite style

    I have a friend/neighbour, she is lovely, loves to cook. Ever since she found out that I am trying to lose weight, it feels like she is sabotaging my efforts. Ex: she knows I looove bread and anything related. Today she sent me this, with a message: come over if you want

    It's freshly homemade pretzels 😳😳😳
    I had to really fight with myself to finally say: thanks, but I'll pass.

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    Check in for Monday
    Food logged and on track
    Water 80 oz
    Exercise 30 min bike
    Steps over 7,500

    I need to run. I have PT. Good day yesterday. I have another busy day today. PT first, then trying my dress on for my sister in law and then cleaning. I think I may ride the bike before cleaning though...I will check in later. Have a great day everyone!

    @carlsoda I can't believe how quickly everything is coming together! I know that dairy starts messing with you after a while. Hopefully you are back on track. It is a lot to think about but you will be much happier when things settle back down if you followed your plan. I am so excited for you!
    @jedaschultz Awesome loss! I am glad you had a great week! I am with you, a loss is very motivating!
    @Cafelelia I am glad you are feeling better and your son had a good checkup. Hopefully everyone is feeling better now. I also need to take more time to count my blessing. And thank you, I am lucky with my skin but it is starting to show my age now Lol! I didn't forget about that challenge, I haven't had time to write it up.
    @Barbb1557 That was a fluke for me Sunday night. I am usually able to fall right asleep and like you, go back to sleep after the bathroom brakes. It is a horrible feeling. Are you going to take something else for anxiety or see how it goes?
    @Mrsbell8well That sounds so yummy! I can see why it would be hard to stop at a serving.
    @amsandos Maintaining isn't bad and you didn't gain. Sounds like you have a good plan for the week. Let's do this!!
    @lennoncpa Lol! Me neither until she said it on the podcast. If it is something you shouldn't be eating, you are really wasting it even if you are eating it.
    @gottagetthisdown Hope all is going well. Are you still seeing the nutritionist? Remember to check in if you need us, sometimes checking in keeps people on track.
    @GingerPwr That is absolutely a win!! Awesome restraint there my friend!
    @hope002 Your workouts just amaze me. You are doing awesome! Sometimes it does seem like people are trying to ruin your efforts. You handled it beautifully! Give yourself a pat on the back. Thanks for the compliment on the dress, I loved it too. When I was trying it on I was hoping it would fit.
    @phoebe112476 Fantastic loss my friend!
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    edited September 2019
    Check in for Monday

    Food - logged & on track
    Water 1.8 l
    Exercise - 35 minute walk

    @gottagetthisdown - While we are sorry to see you go, you have to do what is right for you. We are here whenever you need us! Take care!

    @phoebe112476 - Amazing loss!!

    @hope002 - Oh, those food pushers! Good for you for not giving in! Saying no and having boundaries can be a difficult thing on so many levels. You did great!

    @gingerpwr - You are absolutely correct! Avoiding the cupcakes is a huge win!! Way to go!!

    @carlsoda - Congratulations on the sale!!!
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    Here is something for all of those tempting & tricky situations

  • Barbb1557
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    Checking in
    Yesterday I was on track with food but felt very hungry.
    Today has been really good including a workout with my trainer. We started working on a machine where you pull yourself up with weighted assistance. The last time I used the machine I weighed 135, at 234 it is a whole other experience. John was so good to me, we worked on 2 at a time for 3 rounds of 6. You can also do 'dips' and I was able to do 3 rounds of 12. Huge success and a machine I will use every time I go to the gym because it will get easier as I become stronger and weigh less and it will be something tangible like smaller jeans :-)

    my doc for anxiety is so slow to give me new meds, it is very frustrating. Once I am off the Ability for 2 weeks I will push harder. It was harder taking off my ring today after stopping the hctz, water pill. Hopefully things will even out. I am nervous about my weigh in tomorrow.

    @Hope002 those pretzels, yikes they look so yummy. Could there be a serving of passive aggressiveness from your neighbor?

    GingerPwr Shot score on avoiding the cupcakes A very solid victory! Congratulations!
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