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    This article made me laugh. Our PM does not have the virus, but his wife does, so she is self isolating in one part of the house, and he is self isolating with their 3 kids in the rest of the house. They normally have nannies, housekeepers etc, but because of the circumstances, they have no staff, leaving the day to day childcare and house stuff all up to him. The only exception is that meals are delivered daily. The article talks about the kids interrupting during his important conference calls with his cabinet and other leaders. It was strangely comforting to me that he is experiencing what other parents are during this time.

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    Have to laugh at all the moms trying to home school for the first time. Yes it is important to keep the kids busy and to keep their minds occupied. Why not try something brand new - an internet scavenger hunt maybe? A new recipe they can make on their own?
    My grandson is 18 and a senior in high school. He was complaining to his Mom, my daughter who is a teacher, that it has been soooo long since they were in school (only one week) and he wants this to be over. He in on the lacrosse team and their season got cut short, he is undoubtedly missing the practice sessions with his buddies.
    Update on my journy - had the port implanted this morning - went well home in less than three hours. Next is endoscopy on Friday to check out the stomach, pancreas, etc to decide for sure which drug combo I will get. Keep the prayers coming please.

    Patsy (I'll kick myself if I have your name wrong)...You sound in good spirits considering what you're going through in the midst of this. Hats off to you!! Where do you live and how are things in your area hospitals while you attend your treatment? I have heard that some wards in the hospitals here are less busy. Big hug.
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    @1theresamcvean thanks for the information on handling the paperwork. I’m in Michigan and our state was put on lockdown today, so I’m going into work, but just to answer the phones and work on items already in the office. No appointments or anything like that. I guess I’m trying to occupy my time since the clock seems to be moving very slow. I do enjoy having my son and grand puppy in town and that’s been wonderful. Today I gave the puppy a bath and washed his little smelly shirt! Plus I cleaned up some of his messes (grrr- not so much fun!!)
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    Virtual piano lessons for son #1 going on right now, omg. Life online takes time to get used to!!
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    Tuesday 3/24
    Food: good
    Water: 48 oz
    Exercise: 20 minutes high intensity bodyweight, 20 minutes low intensity, 60 minute walk, 15 minute walk

    I woke up at 3am today, I'm sure it was because I slept all day expecting to go to work last night and then Michigan went on shelter in place. Since I was awake spent some time in prayer.

    Got up after a while and did a load of laundry. I figured since I have nowhere to be I might as well get some extra laundry done.

    I spent my day alternating between doing Bible study, reading a novel and cleaning.

    I went for an hour long walk with a neighbor and her furry friend, Lucy. After that I called a few people from church to check on them.

    One of my friends called to see if I wanted to go for a walk. We just went around the condo complex with her furry friend, Jack.
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    Here's the high intensity workout I did this morning. You can modify any of the exercises to make them easier or harder if you want.
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    @tryingagain5 Holy workout, Batman! I don't think I could do this many reps.

    Did a run today, but moved my phone to my sports bra to take off my jacket, and I closed the run app with only one interval left. Stupid boobs! At the end of the day, it's not so much about the mileage and time, but about just getting out and exercising, so I just have to be happy about the run itself.

    Ate light throughout the day, and made another round of Thai pork bowls for supper - sooooo good! Everyone liked these so much I had to make them again today, but today I made some knockoff lo mein to go with it.

    I'm hungry right now, so I want to figure out something that won't be too salty before I head to bed. Hoping for a loss tomorrow!

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    Tuesday 3/24
    Food: logged and on target
    Water: over 64 oz
    Exercise: 40 min walk, PT, stretching and strength

    I didn't do too bad today. Had some little muffins that I didn't have planned but otherwise good with food. I did make a point to get a good PT session in and a nice walk. I was just exhausted today. I hope it was from not getting enough sleep last night.

    Hope everyone has a good night :)

    @Cafelelia That article was great! It is funny to think that the Prime Minister is going through the same things as many young parents are and trying to run a country. Virtual piano! That must be pretty cool!
    @pacsnc6 I am glad that your treatment plan is going along as scheduled with all that is going on right now. Sending prayers and hugs!
    @lennoncpa Sunny looks so good after his bath. :) Hope you have a seamless transition to working from home.
    @tryingagain5 Sounds like you had such a pretty productive day today! That workout looks tough-awesome job!!! Hope you can get on a regular schedule for sleep while this is going on. Jack is adorable!
    @KUMEcyclingteam That looks delicious! Dusting off the spin bike is a start, hopefully you can take a little time and ride it at some point. I also hope that you are getting adequate rest, even Sanitary Man needs to take care of himself ;)
    @GingerPwr I know that the important thing is you got out and exercised but I know how gratifying those apps are. That Thai pork bowl look so delicious!
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    @tryingagain5 yikes! That workout looks crazy! I have no idea what exercise a suicide is, but ai am pretty sure I would not be able to do 30 of them, let alone anything else on that list. My body aches just from looking at it 😂
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    That workout was hard! A suicide is basically running(or in my case jogging) from point A to point B and that is 1. Going from point B back to point A is 2 and so on.

    I'm pretty sure there are several things on the list that I may not be doing correctly but I'm still moving. I found this workout online somewhere. It was so long ago I don't remember where.
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    I did have a pretty productive day. Now I just need to keep it up. That workout was hard. I shared it in case anyone wanted to try something different.

    Yes, I'm going to be sleeping at night until I go back to work. I slept really well last night. I did wake up a couple of times but fell asleep again quickly.

    Yes, I think Jack is pretty adorable too.!

    Hope you and Jim feel better soon.
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    Week: 4
    PW: 186.6
    CW: 183.4
    Loss: 3.2
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