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    That happened to me JACKIE. Time travellers!
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    Happy Saturday! :) Another gloomy day with rain on and off. Will have a zoom call with my family and then go celebrate my birthday with the kiddos. Got all my laundry done yesterday, just have to put the clean sheets on the guest bed for my son and his wife who arrive next Friday.
    While I am sitting for my daughter's dog in May I found out my friend is having a 90th birthday party for her husband on May 22nd. I am coming home May 24th but I think I am going to change my flight to come home Saturday the 21st so I can attend his party. I will call my daughter today and she might be upset because I won't see her at all while I am there since she leaves two days before I get there and gets home on the Sunday of the party. This party is important to my friend and her husband is a very good friend as well so I really want to celebrate with them.

    Jackie, glad you made it back and hope life is better on your side of the world even though you are now getting a new variant. Will it every end???

    Good morning to everyone else, time to make that call. Have a good day.

    One Day at a Time
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    Hello friends. I am working on birthday cards today and struggling with WiFi connection problems.

    I am glad that both Anne and Jackie are here. I hope you are having a good day/evening.

    Sandy, enjoy your birthday party. 🥳 I hope your daughter does not get upset with your change in travel plans.

    Sorry I didn’t get back yesterday to post my daily teapot.

    Here’s a nice one.


    Be safe everyone.

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    Hello everyone! Our day is partly cloudy but the sun keeps parting those clouds to shine on through. Hello Mr. Sunshine🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

    Today starts with Katie barking non-stop for an hour. She is upset by something in the back yard. Who knows what? I looked and I can’t see anything. She is a whack-job, to be certain!

    John has a short list of things only he can do so I will stay out of his way. He is very intense when he has a repair job in process. Look out…don’t get in the way. It could result in a very loud cranky retort. He says it is a guy thing. I am not buying it. It is a John thing!

    Personal corespondence today and making meatless chili. I will serve it with avocado slices and a lime. Since John will be very absorbed in his repair work, I will try not to annoy him with too much extra spices. You know me. Just like Mae West used to say, “too much of a good thing is WONDERFUL!”

    My list of anniversary gift possibilities are a year of lawn service, new drapes for the living room and dining room plus installation. Having cars washed and detailed inside and outside. I know my list is insanely too practical and basically uninteresting. It is just that we have been married so long, we have collected way too much stuff, and we are sentimental and don’t get rid of much. John is not adding much to the gift list, he is mainly in charge of crossing things off the list. So far he has wrinkled his nose at most of the things I have suggested.

    Sandy: sounds like you are one busy lady and back to traveling. Complicated trip coming up! Will your daughter be upset that she will not see you? And if you leave early, what happens to the dog you were dog sitting? I am sure it will all work out. You seem able to work through those issues.

    Anne: so glad you are back.

    Jackie: this is the time of year when we get consumed with our list of things we want to accomplish this spring. What is there about spring? Makes us think of cleaning, planting, painting, building, and or traveling! Katie is dreaming of love, I fear. She is barking love songs to a neighbors cat, two crows and a nest of little green garden snakes. I am excited for you about your new raised garden beds. Maybe you and your good neighbor could share an allotment on your property. I can just imagine you gathering your harvest all

    Lin: I loved seeing your cards and designs. I hope you show us more as you finish them.

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    Well better late than never. I too got lost in the above page numbers trying to find my way back to here. I would be two pages done, get busy and have to repeat trying to find where I was. However I am back for this update anyway.

    So much has gone on with everyone. Glad to hear those that have had illnesses are doing a lot better. Jackie definitely had her challenges with all of the great changes to her cottage. From the one picture I saw it looks fabulous ! Sandy it looks like you had a great vacation to Jamaica with your family and Happy Belated Birthday too. Sorry to hear about B s son. Lin you are so creative with your cards that you make and love that your creativity with them is growing. Look forward to seeing your Easter cards ! Barbie I am glad your hubbie is doing a lot better now. Definitely a big concern for you. As for Ann and Patsy take care of yourselves. Ann with all of that itching I don't know how you lasted so long with the shingles. Thankfully I have had my shots for that. Since I have no tolerance for skin itching I was feeling for you and wondering if you needed a better topical lotion. Patsy....know about those foot boots. I have broken both baby toes. Have a boot I would give you taking up place in my closet.

    Lots of wind this winter here in the Sacto Valley with no rain for 66 days straight. Some due today in 2 small storms then next week two 80 degrees days then cooler again. Our lake levels are way down again and they are concerned about our summer fires already. They definitely are getting worse each year, but I live in a suburb in a senior community, so things are ok here.

    Thankfully all is well here though can get a bit boring. Time to get walking again and change up my interests a bit. Our senior 12 yr old toy poodle keeps us challenged, but doing ok. Between his meds, special diet and a specialist we own stock in our vets....just kidding. Glad he was a healthy dog for so many years!

    As for our kids, our daughter and family moved 45 min away with 6.5 acres, 3 dogs and now 3 goats. Lots of projects to be done, but they are loving it. The eldest is at ASU and loving it. Still 2 at home. And our son and family bought a house a year ago about 1/2 hr away, but due to Calif. high cost of living now they are in the midst of cleaning it out to put the house on the market to move to Tennessee where the cost of living is a lot less. Hate to see this happen and we will miss them and our 2 granddaughters, (12 and 14), but you do what you have to do. Mid May they will be leaving...We were really hoping they were going to be around for our later senior yrs. They said why not move too ? We are quite comfortable, so that definitely isn't in our plans.

    Hopefully I haven't bored you all to death. Shall try to stay on top of this now that I have finally caught up. Look forward to hearing about your lives and projects everyone is doing. With no family any where near and life changing for others it is like what Sandy says....One Day at a Time. We will get thru this....

    Thinking of everyone,

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    Good Morning Diane, good to read your post.

    Here its raining all day. I've just had a text from Michael that he's coming over so I'm baking a chicken and veggie pot pie in anticipation. We will have half for lunch and he can take the other half home for a couple of days lunches now his work hours have changed.

    You can tell how "exciting" my life is when I tell you I've finally managed to put my black jeans on. Great excitement because I've slopped around in pyjama bottoms for months because of the painful leg scabs. Anyway, I'm finally back to being almost "normal" and had a super undisturbed sleep last night despite Bean curling round my tum and as close as she could get. Feeling my old optimistic self again as well which sure beats wondering if I'm about to push up daisies.

    I too wondered the same as PATSY what will happen to the dog if your daughters flight is delayed back SANDY? I think I would rather see my offspring than go to a party but its different strokes for different folks and as you say the friends are very special to you. Just a thought though that plans can change in the two months before one reaches 90 years! Sorry to be a downer!

    So thats about it. Nothing on the news except mad Vlads doings. I'm still wondering what happened to JACKIE?
    See y'all,
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    Happy Sunday! :) Just finished watching mass and soon will shower and get ready so I can pick up Babe when he returns from attorney. He will spend the day with me and I will make dinner. It is sunny and going to be warm so maybe we can go for a short walk in building his strength.
    Not to worry about Dexter my grand pup. My grandson is 25 and he does not work on weekends so he will be home for Dexter. He will be home every night as well so I won't be alone all the time. I just spent a week with my daughter and her husband so she was understanding in my changing my flight and said I could come back anytime. I have known this couple for over 25 years and they really wanted me there and if he doesn't make it to his birthday I can always change my flight. He is still driving and they have a farm about an hour away they go to on weekends so he should be fine.
    I will go back and visit my daughter later in the year to spend time with her as she and her husband are very busy with travel plans this year. They are going to Hawaii in August for three weeks to spend time with her son and his wife. They don't come here to visit me very often so I do not feel guilty as I paid for my own airfare to take care of Dexter.

    Diane, great to hear from you and hope you continue to join us. Sorry about those fires and hope they aren't as bad as last year. Always sad when our children move out of state but they do have their own lives. I am grateful Rob, Lisa, Bryanna and the kiddos are near me and I see then often.

    Have a great day on this first day of Spring.
    One Day at a Time
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    At the moment I can only get on to the sneakers on my tablet and already the page is unstable so see how I get on. A dry but cooler day and I decided I need to get back to more exercise so when I took George and Betty to the moors I chose a place that’s open and steep, the strode quickly all the way to the top. George thought it was a great game as he raced with me while dear Betty tried to take short cuts to keep up! On the way home I caught sight of my dog walker Brian with his Westie walking along the road so pulled over and spoke to him through the passenger window. He seems brighter, probably because the weather has improved, and told me another dog walker friend had been asking if he had seen me because he was worried and in fact he had worried too. All these men concerned for me!! The other man was David whose little pug had lost the use of her back legs and last week he came in search of me, going on what little I had said about where I live. A long story that was told in a lost post but the upshot was that sadly little pug had been put to sleep after a traumatic experience he had with a vet and he and his other dog are still pining. I now have his phone number so we can arrange to meet up for a walk one day.
    Friends phoned when I was home and making coffee and we had an exchange of news. More sad news; her horse Smarty collapsed and died last week. She was only 22 so not particularly old but a knowledgeable friend told her it sounded like a heart attack because she apparently laid down, rolled a couple of times then was gone.
    This afternoon I’ve been measuring the area I plan to create raised beds then began to dig and weed and now my tomato and pepper seeds are doing well I’ve replaced them in the electric propagator with courgette and kale seeds.

    Very sad news for Chrissie who has been told her Lymphoma has returned and the oncologist doesn’t feel she is strong enough for chemo treatment. Instead they will put her on steroids but if that fails she may only have weeks. What a terrible shock for her to deal with. Her friend Katie was the only one person allowed to visit but now Chrissie has received this news a schedule will hopefully be made by Katie more of us can visit and not clash with each other. Katie tells me she will inspect a care home that’s literally five minutes from my cottage so Chrissie can be released from hospital. That would mean I can pop in every day, even for five minutes.

    Hello Diane. What a lovely surprise. I was only thinking of you the other day, wondering how you were. Those fires are scary aren’t they and I remember how we all worried so much about Patsy and John in Portland. Yes, those builders were a challenge so I’m hoping I’ll never have to have one in my house again, although they did do a grand job!

    Anne, my ex gardener Sue has sent a newsy email and mentioned her shingles has returned. She puts it down to the stress of looking for a house to buy and after looking in other areas of England is back to a place she looked at quite a few weeks ago but dismissed. As ever, I won’t offer an opinion because liking a property is a very personal thing. We have definitely been time travellers on MFP. 🤣. I even saw Shirley’s name pop up and she left us a long time ago!

    Sandy, I agree, old friends are very special and certainly life teaches us to make the most of every opportunity to meet up. Family too of course. Enjoy your day with Babe and hopefully get out for that walk, even a short one. Our Covid numbers are rising in a dramatic way and my friend Linda continues to struggle with a nasty cough and lack of energy. She had asthma which adds complications and a district nurse has advised she must use her puffa more often even if she doesn’t feel she needs it. She also forecast long Covid for Linda which naturally upset her.

    Lin, I did mention in both my lost posts that I was feeling once Dan and his family got to England they have so much support from his parents and brothers, he shouldn’t need us other than as a regular blogger. Along with millions of us Brits, I’ve donated funds to our Emergency Disasters Fund that supports every charity needed in Eastern European countries coping with millions of refugees. It makes sense to me that they should be in a position to offer the most help. He does look happy today and has lost that hunted look.

    Patsy, poor Katie feeling those love arrows hit her. Brady goes through a similar struggle this time of year when feels an extra love for Betty! She will take a certain amount of head rubbing but draws the line when he gets too frisky! Funny to watch but definitely not normal!! I’m definitely looking forward to my little veggie gardens and not having to get the car out late evening to drive to the allotments to water everything. Debs and Louise plan to demolish an old garden shed to make room for a poly tunnel which sounds like serious business to me!

    I will leave other events for another day because it’s time to throw a pasta and salad dish together as well as feed the pets.
    I won’t spell check because the post might fly away!
    Take care
    Jackie 🥰
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    Who knows what’s going on but I’m really cross with MFP. Typed the longest post, repeated what was lost in previous post, answered everyone, touched POST REPLY and it disappeared. Sorry friends but I certainly won’t be repeating the whole post in the near future!

    Jackie 😤😠😡🤬
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    Cloudy and showers this AM. Rain was Expected and so no expectations of a sunny warm day. We will be chatting with Damon and trying not to read the latest war news. There are times when I feel like a ninny….avoiding any bad news so I can go blissfully on my way.

    I must admit I too would choose a visit with our children but then I am not a party animal. I love small gatherings with special things to share like photos, surprises, small gifts, special foods (Anne’s chicken pot pie) and music. John certainly is not a party person. He likes a gathering with two or three other people. I might enjoy a gathering of maybe 6 other people.

    Talk about a romantic anniversary gift….hold the phone! I can’t believe I went along for this. New siding for the house. Oh my. Expensive and what a mess it is going to be. But as I said, we aren’t much into travel, except for day trips or over night trips, if they accept doggies. We have enough stuff. We will do a little celebration with our kids. And we will look at the siding colors and design. Everyone will voice their opinion on color etc. we will ignore all suggestions and do what we please. But it will be a great conversation topic for days on end!

    Diane: helloThere! So happy to see you. I hope your schedule will allow you to come back often. As you can read above, my news certainly never registers as even remotely exciting. I guess I am okay with that. I think we all love hearing our family news and views. We know everyone and even their pets. We have missed you!

    Sandy: glad you explained about the daughter and little Dexter. I sort of knew you would be working out some arrangement. As I said before, it is a complicated trip. The point is this…enjoy your trip and the friend’s birthday party. The interesting truth is that there are many more 90+ People around these days. So this friend will doubtless be around for his 91 or 93-95. Best wishes to him.

    Anne: yea! Mike is back for his weekly visit and lunch. That would almost be a weekly party for me. Having our son come once a week would be such a great! Enjoy! I too have wondered and have been concerned about our Jackie. I assume she is involved in a massive gardening project. I am always last to post because I am not an early morning person. And I live thousands of miles away from most of you. Does the iPad know about daylight savings time? Maybe……….
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    Well, Michael came, took Bean for two long walks, explained politics to me, ate his potpie and asparagus and broccoli and etc and departed clutching two large slices of pie to have for lunch the next two days at work. At least we know the lad won't starve AND he brought me some hairspray which he found so I won't go around looking like a fuzzy wuzzy any more for some time.

    Apologies sent to SANDY for worrying about Dexter but I had no idea your grandson would be with you every evening and that makes me feel a little better.
    By the way I was thinking more about things being cancelled during the two months, you know like Corvid rearing its ugly head. Anyone driving at 90 is pretty nimble in my books.

    PATSY new siding!!!!!! thats so exciting! I'm like you, definitely not a party girl. I'm most comfortable with one or two close friends I've known for years. Take after my Dad who avoided gatherings like the plague. My Mom liked a party but me and my kids take after my Dad. The funny thing was he was immensely popular and his bicycle shop was always full of old cronies and British bobbies warming their bums at his stove before continuing their beat. He would complain after work that he could hardly work for the crowd.

    I seem to have lost my old friend Flo and I wonder if she's been carted off to a senior home. I know the family were trying to place her but having trouble because she smokes like a factory chimney.
    Must do some detective work.

    JACKIE, I really feel for you! Every time I get chucked off MFP I vow THATS IT, but back I come. The next time for me will be July I expect. Every 3 months.

    After Michael left I found an old movie on TV with Barbara Stanwyk starring. A murder movie. The villain was that old suave English actor who usually was the villain way back when but I can't remember his name. I'm more interested in the glamorous clothes of that era and the home furnishings.

    Better start thinking teatime!

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    Hello everyone. I watched church online this morning and have subsequently had two phone calls from church ladies. I received more information about my friend who is being evaluated now regarding her dementia. It was emphasized that she will not return to her home under any circumstances. Apparently the basement of her house had about 8” of water in it and there is mold all over the wood in the basement. There was food out on the counter that should have been refrigerated, a burned up TV dinner in the oven and another one burned to a crisp in the microwave. The front door lock was broken and a crew started to try to clean things up and use bleach on the molded areas but the house is in poor shape. The house is to be sold but I don’t see how it will sell unless someone pays for the lot and has the house destroyed and start over with new construction. Oh my, life!

    Diane, I am so excited to hear from you. I hope we see you often. Your news is not boring to me as it is all brand new to me! I am sorry your family is scattering. It would be nice to be close to them. Wow, it is dry in your area. Any chance of the weather turning to rainy days? Do take care of yourselves.

    Jackie, oh my gosh, this is crazy! Your post was lost again? Can you copy all your text to the clipboard and then try to post? If it didn’t post, you could paste the text in and try again. I have seen posts, not in this group, but elsewhere on MFP where there are people saying , they try to post and find they are not logged in when they hit the post button and what they have written disappears. Things still don’t work 100% on my phone. But I do want to hear from you!

    Anne, lovely that Michael paid you a visit today. Wow, moving on from the P.J.s? You are doing better. Yes!! I am trying to avoid some of the news once again. I am so upset about the suffering in the war. I receive some Instagram posts and some YouTube posts from a card designer still living in Ukraine. Lots of people are worrying about her as she films as she dashes to shelter with the sirens shrieking in the background. She helps to make some medical supply runs from time to time and looks in on her mother who is a stomach cancer survivor. Her mom is the primary reason she did not leave the country.

    Sandy, I hope you are finding ways to get along with Babe. He must be very sad at this point. May the visit be pleasant.

    Patsy, wow, new siding. That was a big surprise to me. Well, lovely. A big and expensive job but it will last a long time. And that is the most unique gift I believe I have heard of. Good for you.

    Barbie, hello. Did you go for groceries today? Are you planning anything for your birthday? Be safe.

    I will be off to a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning. I have no idea how long I will have to wait or how many tests will be required. Hope to see you tomorrow afternoon.

    As far as posting photos of cards, I don’t think I will do much of that. I did one abstract card and did like it so I will maybe make more using the same types of supplies. Here is that one.


    Tea set


    See you!

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    :) There is so little news here that there is no danger of my writing a long post and having it disappear. Our days have been the same as usual. My Sunday walking friend is back from Texas so we walked for an hour this morning. We went to Costco yesterday the instant they opened and bought three packages of frozen salmon burgers (Jake's new favorite food) and bought more TP, as well. We were shocked that no one was wearing a mask since the mask mandate was lifted. We wore masks and kept our distance.

    :) Jake want's me to tell him what I want to do for my birthday and I have no ideas. My life is perfect the way it is. I have everything I need or want and I can't think of anything that would make it any better.

    :) It has been cold and drizzly so I haven't worked in the yard for a few days, but it will get warmer soon and I'll be back to work. Today I treated myself to a two hour nap instead of working in the yard.

    :) We picked up groceries this morning and the only substitution was unscented cat litter instead of the usual scented version.

    :) I enjoy reading about all your interesting adventures.

    <3 Barbie
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    Testing, testing!! Thanks for the hints Lin but I’ve worked my way around our sneakers just in case I’m not logged in but havie used my touch password and my user name is showing at the top, I have to assume I’m logged in.

    We’ve walked, dropped in on friends with crazy 8 month black Labrador, for coffee, posted a birthday card and bought the last Cornish pasty in the shop… now consumed!

    2pm so time to do some gardening. Let’s see if this post arrives! 😤🤔
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    Well, well said the Walrus! 👀
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    Hi JACKIE.
    Wash day here and a beautiful day it is. I noticed the hyacinths are just poking through. Bean and I need to do a closer inspection now the ice and snow has finally melted.

    What to buy BARBIE for her birthday. I'm the same Barbie, I have everything I need. I also have umpteen cans and jars of hand, body, moisturizing cream etc and am wondering how to tell people I could open a shop with all this cream and really don't need any more without hurting feelings. I think folk have problems in what to buy for us as we get older.
    In my case I would love a simple bouquet of flowers. Not roses or exotic flowers, just everyday garden daisies or chrysanthemums to pop in the jug. Flowers are one of the things in life I love.

    Oh LIN, what a sad tale you tell of your poor sick friend. Wasn't any of her family keeping an eye on her? I mean I can't have a cobweb without Mark spotting it. Has she family? It got me thinking of how my own life could be had I never had children. I think the best solution for future woes is after say 75 years one starts noticing and inspecting various senior homes we visit.....just in case. Poor Tony next door is on the waiting list here but Marie has to accept whatever shows up and if she refuses the placement, back to the end of the queue goes Tony.
    Thats why I think I'd get my name down early in a place I fancied rather than wait for life to give me no choice. Buzz was in a beautiful place of her own choosing but I realize many of can't be so lucky.

    However, I'm on a roll NOW and I feel so much like my old self I am just enjoying living in the precious moment of today and thanking the good Lord for my many blessings.

    Which reminds me I bet the little Bean would like to go for a walk.


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    Happy Monday!😀 I got up at 7am to get here by 8:15 while Lisa had to go for jury duty. Who knows how long she will be gone or if chosen. It is going to be a beautiful day so we will be going outside to get some fresh air.
    Babe came for dinner and we talked about living together and figuring out what we need to fit his clothes. This move probably won’t happen before the end of May so time to get adjusted.

    Glad you made it back Jackie and hope you are here for good.

    Have a great day everyone. Time for kiddos to get off devices.

    Home now, forgot to hit send when I wrote this post this morning. Beautiful day here!!

    One Day at a time
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    I've charged up my Apple Mac and spent a lot of time logging in only to be told I appear to be a new member so would I like to complete a questionnaire? I declined because I doubt they would like my answers then I'd be gone again!

    A very quick update of my last few days is that the weather has improved considerably so we have sunshine and everything on the ground finally drying. The daffodils and primroses have been out for some time but can now sit up without fear of being flattened by the wind. We've walked across the moors and sometimes locally and I'm hoping, with some gardening thrown in, to begin to lose some weight.
    Sad news was Chrissie being diagnosed with a return of Lymphoma that has spread. She remains in hospital while the oncology department decides on her best treatment. Apparently chemo is out because she is too weak to cope with it and the next option is probably steroids. She was only allowed one visitor so Katie took on that roll. Seems a cousin that is down as her next of kin, so in charge of her finances, isn't coping so dear Katie is back and forth daily to Plymouth as well as looking for a local care home that could take Chrissie then she can be released from the hospital. She was going to look this morning at one that's just round the corner from me which would be good as I could pop in daily. Some others have terrible reputations so I've warned Katie which ones not to go near! The tragedy is Chrissie has only been given months, possibly weeks so you're so right Anne, best to have a few options just in case!
    Apart from that news, a friend's horse dropped dead, David that had the cute little pug that lost the use of its back legs caught up with me to tell me she had to be put to sleep so he is of course, devastated and another dog walker told me on Friday his little Cavalier King Charles has inoperable cancer and not long to live. On top of all that, daily news is ghastly to the point I can no longer watch a great deal because what those brave souls are going through
    doesn't bear thinking about.

    Lin, now Dan and his family are home I imagine his large extended family will be in a position to support them until they get back on their feet. I can't see any of those millions of refugees moving back home in the near future. I support an organisation that raises money for all charities involved in the current situation so imagine my purchase of Veronica's picture will be it unless she can do more painting. She's a talented young lady so I don't mind encouraging her.

    My friend Linda is visiting in the morning for coffee and cake although she is still coughing and feeling a definite lack of energy. She has asthma so the district nurse that has kept an eye on her warns of long covid, just as she wants to plan and work on her allotment plot.

    That reminds me Patsy, I did answer your thoughts about me sharing the new veggies garden with Debs and Louise next door but that was in one of the flying posts! They have grand plans to dismantle an old wooden garden shed and replace it with a poly tunnel so wow, serious growing will be going on. We have already discussed swapping some tomato seedlings so I'm sure we can keep each other supplied. With prices soaring it will be a great help to be self sufficient, at least for most of the year.

    Goodness, just answered a call on my landline from a company selling life insurance and funeral costs... I was, on the whole, polite before hanging up!!

    Hi Sandy, I've done my best to keep up with your activities and see you are, as ever, thoughtful, caring and sensible about decisions needing to be made. Your suggestion of typing my post elsewhere before copy and pasting it is a good one. Just a shame I didn't think of it before I got started!! I still haven't weighed myself and that probably indicates I haven't been particularly good but with warmer weather arriving I'll find it easier to diet.

    Barbie, I agree with Anne, a bunch of regular flowers would be a treat for me too. I remember my neighbour dropping by with a bunch of tulips after surgery on my arm last year and she couldn't have thought of a better pick me up! Im also amazed how many people out shopping have stopped wearing a mask even though our infection rate is scarily high. I can't imagine what they're thinking, especially as I see how my friend is suffering.

    Diane, last but not least, what a big read you must have had catching up with us all. It's always an absolute treat to read your news and know you are well and safe. I'd hate to live with the idea huge, scary fires are becoming a norm near me so do think you are brave not to move away with family. Home is so important though so I do understand. I hope you can visit us more often instead!

    With some trepidation I will finish and do my best to post.
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    JACKIE, a very sad read. Poor Chrissie. I guess when she acquired the little dog she was wishful and hopeful thinking.
    Its lovely that you've got back though. Similar experience to me except you explained it much better.
    All work on my basement has ceased for now. Poor Marks very bad backache is back and he's having physio. It caused his early retirement. He just couldn't stay huddled over a computer at work all day. An unfinished basement is no problem for me, I just go downstairs to the washing machine these days. I have suggested I help with the expense of getting a Reno firm in.
    Things have to improve for everyone soon, even that horrid situation in Ukraine. Like Jackie I find it unbearable to watch. Those poor old people barely able to walk to escape the bombing. Those little kids and the pets. What on earth is going on in that awful mans head! Just an unbelievable horrible three years all told. Please be cautious when shopping etc dear Sneakers. Whatever the authorities say, Corvid isn't done with us yet.
  • jwubben6600
    jwubben6600 Posts: 1,677 Member
    Well hello sweet raindrops! I see they are still here and bringing a bit of chill at the same time. I am still adjusting to daylight savings time. I know spring is here but honestly, it sure looks like winter to me. Sweater, hat and coat weather.

    Looks like soup and crackers tonight. I have my fruit ready for dessert. (An orange).

    Sandy: life is certainly going to change for you. I know you will adopt a positive attitude and the little hiccups along the way will not be a big problem. My best wishes and hopes that your new arrangement will a comfortable one for both you and Babe.

    Anne: I often think about how life has so many twists and turns. When our son Damon was a teenager and early in his college years, I never thought he would become so caring and attentive toward us. I assumed that role would be our daughter. But while she does the best she can, her life has far too many burdens to take us on as well. Who would have thought?

    Barbie: flowers for birthday? Of yes! Perfect. A blossom of any kind or color. Accompanied with a sweet kiss and hug. I can’t think of anything better.

    Diane: hello and how is your weather today?

    Lin: your card design is very sophisticated and modern. I love that. My brain doesn’t work like that. I do love the uncluttered look but can’t seem to achieve it.

    Jackie: such heartbreaking news about Chrissie. And to be so alone! She is fortunate to have good friends. I pray she is pain free and in good medical care. I totally understand about how you feel concerning the news. I can hardly keep myself from sobbing each time I see tv news or read about the trauma. Such a dark and cruel heart in Moscow. Not even human! It is seeing the devastating grief when one loses a dear animal family member that actually scares me also. I often think I can’t survive the loss of another sweet animal.