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    Happy birthday Barbie. Enjoy the day!
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    A busy morning shopping, walking and then showering George because he rolled in fox poo. He’s now laying in the sunshine, drying off. Breakfast was only a banana because I shopped early so I’ve now had a sandwich and coffee for my lunch and will start more gardening projects while the sun continues to shine.
    One million new cases of Covid yesterday and no wonder with so few wearing masks. My friend Linda is struggling with an exhausting cough so has been in touch with her GP who will monitor her. Don’t anyone tell her it’s only like a cold!!

    Lin, we must have posted at the same time yesterday so I’ll get back to look properly at the gorgeous puppies when I stop for my afternoon cuppa.

    Happy Friday!
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    Barbie! A very happy birthday my friend. In reading your posts, I know you are a very positive person. Positive people are a real Treasure in today’s world. We have benefited from your advice and input. My ancient device doesn’t not allow me to offer a birthday graphic, but I want you to know I am so pleased that you are part of our group. Happy birthday and everyday.
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    Happy Friday! :) The sun is shining but it is cold and we are expecting some winds, rain and snow mix this afternoon. I am picking Babe up for dinner around 3ish weather permitting. He doesn't know it but we are going to have a long talk about finances. There are some things I have to get off my chest and better to be honest so I don't hold any resentments. Laundry is started and glad to be back on schedule.
    Will make an appointment for next week for mani/pedi for my Arizona trip which is April 5-9 where the weather is 90 degrees today. I will be happy when all trips are done to be honest, too many in such a short amount of time. Good news is I should be tan when our pool opens. B) I did invite Vivruth to this page so hopefully she will join us here.

    Barbie, I hope you have a wonderful birthday today enjoying Jake and the pups. I am sure they will spoil you. <3

    Jackie, nasty George rolling in fox poo marking his spot. I am glad you got some sunshine to work in your garden which makes you happy. I posted on the pound a week club because I lost weight this morning and who knows what tomorrow will say. :D

    Lin, love all the pictures of the dogs especially the puppies. I got all but one item which was great as I had a big order since my son and his wife are visiting. I went to Target and got a few more items so I am all set. Groceries are sky high and so is gas but at least I have a roof over my head and not in the middle of any bombing or evacuations.

    Patsy, I am so sorry about your hip, are you sure it is not broken so you don't do more damage? I did not make the pillow, I ordered it from Amazon. I have no idea what to buy so I thought he would like this.
    My other friend who will be 90 is another gift I have no idea what to buy. My guess is I will just give him $90.

    Anne, at least for now I don't need a puppy, we will see what happens down the road. I would love one like Jilly, did you rescue her?

    Time to eat. Have a good day.
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    And a happy Friday from here too! We are in the wind warnings right now. But I am so incredibly happy that we have sunshine. ☀️☀️

    I have emails to answer but I just stamped up a new set with wheat and sunflowers on several types of paper. We will see what comes next. I have out watercolors, India ink, and colored pencils. Looking for inspiration right now. 🌻🌻

    Sandy, I am glad you were able to get stocked up for your upcoming visitors. Good job, it isn’t easy sometimes to find the things you’re looking for. Wishing you the best on the upcoming conversation with Babe. Anything to do with finances can be difficult. ❤️❤️

    Anne, grocery day for you as well? Will Michael be visiting at some point during the weekend?

    Patsy, I hope you are feeling a tiny bit better today. Best wishes with your steps to heal that hip.

    Jackie, another busy day for you. I saw case numbers were exploding again. I had no idea there were 1,000,000 new cases. That takes my breath away.

    Barbie, again have a happy day with lots of time spent on the things you like the most.

    Be safe.


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    Hello everybody. We are in for a cold snap starting tomorrow. Its just a dark miserable sort of day today.

    I got Jilly when she was 9 weeks old SANDY. She had two brothers who were snapped up before her because I think they were prettier. I bet they aren't as interesting though! She was the size of a mouse in those days and a chap down the street from me used to ask why I was walking a small rat on a leash. When we meet these days I tell Jilly to bite his ankles all in fun of course, and he says "you are never going to forgive me are you". Jilly of course is her usual friendly self regardless.

    Not much happening here, Mary Jo and Mark {standing very upright and tall from his back] came over yesterday and Mike should be over tomorrow.
    The order turned up and included two chocolate bunnies holding two chocolate carrots each. Those are for Mark and MJ now I know they are a super Easter treat and I'll order another two for Mike and Sandy next week.
    Not cheap! Made my eyes cross - the price of my order.

    I wonder what BARBIE is up to on her birthday.

    1 million new corvid cases in the UK! However it said on our news last night that cases are increasing here at a worrying rate as well. The powers that be said everyone could chuck their masks away. Hmm, no comment from me but many doctors aren't pleased.

    LIN, sunflowers and wheat sound lovely! And I hope PATSY is feeling much better. Ouch, I can feel your pain Patsy. Did George get another bath JACKIE from the fox poo?


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    :) Thank you for all the great birthday greetings. This is the card that started my day along with Snoopy Joe Cool socks from Jake and the pets. This has been a great day with dog walking in pleasant weather, over an hour of line dancing with my friend, one of my favorite simple lunches, more dog walking, work in the yard in pleasant weather. Other highlights of the day were no YouTube videos about cars or phones or war or politics and the opportunity to watch figure skating without headphones. Life couldn't be any better than this.

    :'(Jackie, oh no, fox poo. Dogs seem to carry the bad smells for much too long.

    <3 Barbie
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    A beautiful sunny day here. My oh my! Spring comes then hides behind the bushes and then pops out again just when we think she is no where to be found.

    I have been whining and exercising and stretching all day. This hip thing is a true misery. But like we all know, things will get better…one way or another. Right now I am rather down in the dumps over the whole thing. Cauliflower Pizza night. Good grief! John will be in the kitchen tonight. It might be impossible to serve up poison pizza, but John could do it.

    And speaking of the news, sounds like things are looking up. Yea! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this horrible war would just go away? I have high hopes. I suspect that we will going back to masks soon. I don’t mind them too much and there are new kinds of masks now. Easier to breathe when wearing, and some are see through, reusable plastic. I suspect also it will be one of our big new industries. Also rapid home tests.

    Here is my annoying and miserable tale. I felt my hip was on the way to swift recovery. I was snuggled in bed and made a strange move and pop-bang-snap! My hip slipped out of position. I realized I had inadvertently turned on my side. Now we are back to square one. I even took a pain pill. An ugly option. Also John is in charge of the kitchen, equally scary!

    Anne: isn’t it fun to surprise our adult kids with fun toys or treats? I love to do that. I am planning Easter baskets for my group. I am somewhat hampered because of my hip but I am starting early.

    Sandy: oooooh that is serious! Financial discussions are always emotional. it is never about money or finances. It is about other things and money is just a way to say it. Like John says, it is never about high food prices, it is about going hungry. These are emotional times for you. I am wishing you and Babe well. Funny story, John told a friend of his that even though we got married so young, the hardest part was deciding which side of the bed to sleep on and sharing blankets. It is still a negotiation!

    Jackie: isn’t it interesting how you can read what animals are feeling just by looking at their expression? I have always felt they communicate loud and clear. Betty and George as well as Jilly and Katie let us know what concerns them. Sometimes past experiences color their communication, but I believe there is an animal language we can hear if we listen hard enough.

    Barbie: what a lovely birthday, thanks for sharing the day with us.

    Lin: I think one of the reasons I love children’s books is the delightful illustrations. Inspirational!
    Time to stretch,
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    After having had 3 days of 80-82 degree days I feel quite spoiled from this. Spring seems to have sprung with all of the new growth on our shrubs, trees and blossoms forming. I am also noticing lots of bulbs showing their pretty faces. I am thinking just maybe I need to make a trip to the nursery for some pretty flowers to put into pots to add to my geraniums. With no rv now it means I will be home more to keep them watered this summer assuming we have water. I have been waiting for this day. Love colorful gardens !

    With much sadness our baby hummingbird left his nest a few days ago. We have so enjoyed peeking at him with our binoculars for several days. With luck the same nest will be reused next year too. Now we get to enjoy all of the birds at our feeder as well as our hummingbird feeder. We get surprised a few days a week with a few quail traveling across the bark or fence. Don't you all love what mother nature provides ?

    Busy days this week. Our appointment to get our taxes done, plus 3 estimates from different HVAC companies. After being reminded of costs increasing considerably in the future we decided we couldn't put getting the HVAC done any longer though our 23 yr old one works just fine. With our hot summers and colder winters this year we don't want to get stuck with it not working. Besides our 12 yr old dog wouldn't take extreme temps well anymore either. We will call to get the work started on Monday.

    Lin I am having real concerns with your asthma. It can be nasty and you don't want to be without your meds at a bad moment. You really need to have an inhaler around if your dr prescribes it. Enough on this topic from me, but I am concerned about you. We all care about you.

    Patsy how is your hip doing ? This too is a big concern, so please be careful. Do you have a walker to help you get around for more support until you are stronger ? This is one of my biggest fears for my future because I have osteoporosis. Aging seniors are such a concern. Two things....I am the daughter of a retired nurse and I live in a senior community and see changes happening frequently. Yes this has affected my life. Health care runs in my family.....enough.

    Sandy thought of you when I was at Costco the other day. Now I don't know if you belong to Costco, but I saw a sign in the pharmacy area that said they give Shingles injections and I suspect the price might be better. Maybe worth a phone call for information anyway. We happened to be there to pick up pet meds for our dog. Senior dogs rx can get costly and they carry some of them so we were there.

    Bought gas the other day....8 gallons of unleaded for $49 making it $5.679. Like everyone else the prices of food are on the way up too. Living in this state is very costly. Could go to Tennessee, but both my husbands and my siblings all live in this state. We are the eldest. One can't help but wonder where things are going to in the future.

    My neighbor passed away so we have a funeral tomorrow to go to. She will be missed.

    Thinking of you too Jackie, Ann and Barbie. Hope I have remembered everyone.

    Getting late, so until next time.


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    Good morning. What lovely hopeful posts from everyone. Well except for PATSYs poor hip and the perils of Johns adventurous life in the kitchen.

    I REALLY feel for you Patsy and admire your courage and despite pain; planning your children Easter baskets. It's a lovely thing to do and much more fun rather than at Christmas and the spectre of over spending not to mention inclement weather and virus's making trips to the malls perilous. Actually you inspire me no end planning your small surprises for Easter Sunday and other significant days. Any ideas you might want to share would be very welcome over here in the East.

    Diane full of the joys of spring with everything bursting forth about you in the garden. I want to dig up the day Lillies which are totally out of control and killing off some of my more beloved plants. They occupy the sunniest spot in my back garden so if I can get rid of them, the perfect spot for tomatoes. Mary Jo is starting seedlings this weekend.

    BARBIE, you had a super birthday, it couldn't have been more perfect. Did you wear your new socks?

    And we all know what LIN and JACKIE will have been up to with pots of paint or with George and Betty out on the moors.

    I wonder how SANDYs day went talking finances. A very tricky subject indeed. By the way Sandy did you mention Babe has a daughter? If so, does he or she visit often?

    Must away. Jilly's cooking chicken will be about ready and I have to tackle KALE a veggie I am not familiar with.


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    I’ve spent the morning fussing with water colors, masking, stamping, blending and am not particularly thrilled with the result. But this is an attempt to honor Ukraine. Their wheat, sunflowers and colors of blue and yellow. I have more things stamped so who knows what is next.

    Be safe everyone.


    I will be back later.

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    Looks beautiful to me. Super in fact LIN.
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    Happy Saturday! :) I slept until 10am this morning, I guess I was tired. It is cold and miserable again but just some snow flurries nothing to keep me home from movie night. When I picked Babe up he got in the car and he started talking about finances which kind of took me by surprise. I told him I had a whole speech prepared and he just blew it with his good news for me. He told me what he was leaving me in his will which made me very happy. I also told him I needed more money than he was planning on giving me each month because I don't have enough to put any extra in my savings for emergencies. He agreed so I managed to get all my resentments out and now we can start on a clean slate. All good news.

    Yes, Anne, Babe has a daughter in California. He hasn't seen her in over 5 or more years but she is coming to visit in April. She is married I think around 37 years, with no children but lots and lots of cats. She has health issues including bipolar and has put Babe through a lot years ago, but seems to be doing better from what Babe tells me. Kale is not one of my favorites I think it is a lot like spinach but not sure.

    Lin, I love your water color especially what it represents. You should sell some of your stuff on Etsy. You are very talented. Hope you are feeling a little better.

    Diane, I love hummingbirds which come to Illinois in April or May. I would think a baby hummingbird would be so tiny and amazing. I love sitting on my balcony with a glass of wine waiting for my "buddy" to come and visit me. He gets so close it just makes me happy.
    I do not belong to Costco but will check on their prices for the shingles shot, thank you for the info.

    Patsy, my conversation went very smooth as we were both on the same wave link. He is calling the attorney to change his will so all is good. I don't mean to sound greedy but we were married 21 years when we separated but have now known each other 40 years. And as noted with the cost of living going up so much I needed more help monthly.

    Barbie, glad you had a perfect birthday especially with the line dancing I know you love. Any chance you will go back to teaching?? I love the card, what a way to go. lol

    Jackie I am sorry about your friend Linda and please forgive me but is she vaccinated or have underlying conditions? I have a slight cough from having covid but nothing that is serious. My back seems to be my biggest problem with pain on my left side but no other symptoms of kidney infection. I think it is arthritis from my back surgery but will make an appointment when I get back from Arizona. Our news talks about you high number of cases but seems to feel it will not come here. Not sure why not but I hope they are right for a change.

    Have a great day and keep staying safe.
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    Good to read your Saturday post. I am trying to get back to my meal posts and some accountability. I moved in 2020…yes, during Covid. Also went with my white hair then too. I am living in sunny California with one of my daughters. Another daughter lives three minutes away. We all have so much fun together. Except for my arthritis, I am in good health and will celebrate my 85th BD this year.
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    Hello VI, I couldn't find any earlier posts from you so you probably posted around the time I got kicked off MFP. So, am I still the oldest here? Can't say it thrills me to bits but old Time he keeps a marching on. Anyway, ever so glad you are with us.

    I dug some of my old paintings out today, and I'm feeling the old familiar itch to have another go which means I'm definitely better! I thank LIN for this sudden urge!

    No Michael today because he is off having lunch with a long time male friend who hails from Fiji. Says he's coming tomorrow but I'm not so sure with SANDYs storm catching us up overnight. Very cold day tomorrow. He says he will cook us lunch to bring and give me a break. Stay away snow storm!

    The kale was okay but not something I will rush out and buy again. Mary Jo grows it in her veggie patch.
    Much prefer Brussels sprouts, savoy cabbage and broccoli when it comes to greens.
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    Im beginning to hate this Applemac Book!! I typed for over half an hour, worked my way through all your posts and responded with long messages and just as I was about to post reply a WhatsApp message came through and the computer went back to requiring me to sign in! Guess what???

    No way can I go through all that again at the moment so just know I wanted to post!

    Jackie :'( (it doesn't even have emojis or a symbol for our pound currency!)
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    Hello dear ones! Cloudy and a bit chilly. Katie had a short ball game, thank you God! I am snuggled up with my mug of coffee. I was able to hobble into to start the dish washer and put in a load of laundry. So far, that is my only accomplishments. I will find a few other tasks that I can manage with is nasty hip thing. It is ever so slightly better. I can walk but the part of the step that requires lifting my foot on the bad hip (left) side is awkward and a painful.

    Diane: thank you for your understanding words. Yes I have every device John can think of, to help me. He bought two walkers, one extra for garage to get to the car, two canes, grab bars everywhere, a ballet bar in my dungeon to hang on while exercising. He now wants to get a folding wheelchair in case I really feel weak and wobbly. I am resisting because I know I need to think of myself as not totally disabled. And I am not. I do have issues however!

    Anne: funny story here! You remember I felt very worried about John in the kitchen? Well yesterday, Friday cauliflower pizza night, John got a frozen cauliflower pizza to which I normally add a few veggies. He decided to do the same. So we had slightly cold pizza with scorched veggies on top. He cooked it on broil for a few minutes…DONE! He is a love, but he should be bared from any kitchen. As far as holiday plans, you know I have more fun than anyone. I love planning and putting little surprises together.

    Vi: hello! Happy to meet you. I live on the north Oregon coast. Our weather is most like Jackie’s but not quite the same. You are a lucky lady to be near both of your daughters. As you know…family is everything! As in the case of dear Jackie, everyone adopts her. So she is our sister, daughter, friend. Do you have a pet? We all adopt each other’s pets as well. Looking forward to hearing about your California adventures.

    Lin: sunflowers have such a special and dramatic presence. Their dramatic size, spicy aroma, seed offerings to people and animals-birds. Your bringing them into your designs as a statement of support for Ukrainian people is perfect.

    Sandy: I can’t help but be impressed by the incredible turn of events there in your life. Your relationship with Babe is truly remarkable. I know you had your share of heartbreak, but it appears that he has kept you in his heart. Wishing you both happiness and continued good health.

    Jackie: hello…..I can almost hear you digging and raking and planting. Do you also grow that awful kale? I think it tastes like a leathery old sock. But I know that’s just my opinion.
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    Hello again. I got a bundle of paper in the mail. Yes, my taxes all prepared and ready to sign. She always lets me proof read and check everything before the electronic filing. I appreciate that. Everything looks good so I will sign all the needed things, permission for electronic filing (federal and state) and banking account verification. And a couple of checks and I will mail it Monday.

    I was chugging along when the phone rang. A friend who had lots to talk about. An hour later we finally hung up our phones. It was a pleasant conversation and it was nice of her to call.

    Now to get back to writing checks and then paying some bills online.

    Jackie, I am incredibly sorry that you lost your post. It is infuriating. 😡 And we don’t get to hear from you!!

    Anne, I hope Michael does show up tomorrow with a lovely lunch of some sort. I used to buy Kale all the time and put a vegan coating on it and oven dried it. It was very nice but it took forever to make and the amount of dishes and prep items that needed to be washed turned me against it finally. I have chopped Kale and eaten it with other veggies for a luncheon salad but I do not love it that much either. I am growing nothing but broccoli sprouts right now as I adore them! The onions sprouts are okay if used as a small part of a larger salad whereas I can literally just munch broccoli sprouts.

    VI, your user name seems familiar to me but our old posts disappeared in one of the MFP upgrades. I am glad you are happy and having a good time with your family.

    Sandy, what a surprise you received from Babe. I hope everything comes together as planned and no obstacles in your road forward. And I am glad you got some rest and will be off to movie night a bit later. Like you and Diane, I like hummingbirds and it was a nice summer last year with those little cuties stopping by often to enjoy the few flowers I had on my deck. 🤞🏻that they will be back this year.

    Diane, what hot weather! Our high temperature is 39 degrees F today. 🥶 and add in some wind. I guess you are looking forward to having some flowers this year? No rain barrrels in your area then right? As it doesn’t rain often enough? It would be a little source of water for your plants if it is feasible. I will definitely keep thinking about the question of medication. My mom was an R.N. And took every type of medical treatment and drug ever offered to her. The doctor was always 100% right. In my opinion, I do not think they were always right with what they prescribed for her. I was raised that way and had decades of treatments and drugs for everything. I guess I am just very cautious now. Best wishes for the upcoming very busy week. I hope the decisions on HVAC are easy to make.

    Patsy, oh ouch! Your poor hip. I am so sorry it went out again. I hope we hear from you today after John’s evening in the kitchen. Hello?

    Barbie, what a nice birthday and I do love that card. ❤️❤️

    Back to checks…