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  • Cheam Village here!
  • @arachnofobia7 At her weight, the weight of your skeleton isnt going to affect your progress , its such a small % of your overall mass. She is 5'4 200lbs, im gonna guess most of that is fat not bone... the skeletons weight is irrelevant right now. Maybe if you've got 5lbs or so to lose it might be a little harder, but when…
  • Just two things. Firstly there is no such thing as "big boned" really, yeah some people(me for example) have a large ribcage (40" or so), slightly broader shoulders or different shaped waist but other than that everyone has a similar skeleton mass relative to their size. Secondly the American Thyroid Association has stated…
  • Why are you so far under? If you managed to get 45lbs overweight then you're used to eating more. Just eat a piece of carrot cake or something.
  • Just start doing Squats, that will solve all your problems.
  • Well it depends on the person. If I end up having a binge when I know I shouldn't be then I will feel guilty. There isn't anything wrong with that. You feel guilty becuase you let yourself down, which makes sense.You need to use that guilt to motivate you onwards. Do you enjoy feeling shame or guilt?No? Then use it to…
  • 4 Hard-boiled Eggs and 2 scoops of protein shake.
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  • Green Poo is normal if you're eating a load of veggies.
  • Oh yeah this happens to me. I have a fairly strong stomach, but if I have a pack of the sugar free worthers hard candy I WILL get unwell and have diarrhoea and feel terribly unwell for at least 24 hours. Very annoying as I like a low cal snack to use while studying.
  • See a damn doctor! That isnt *kitten* normal.
  • The fact is, you didn't get to your weight on 1000 calories a day.You know what foods you can eat to up the calories because for years you managed it. I feel like this post was more of an attempt to somehow brag that you only eat 900 calories a day.
  • Have a shower....
  • Well everything can be explained by science yes.The brain is a biological entity, which follows the rules of chemistry and hence the laws of physics. There are many evolutionary reason for love, its beneficial to look after each other, especially your mate, hence you love them. But I am not a biologist, I cant answer all…
  • >You could say a form of social evolution yes, not biological evolution. Ohh look at me yeah ahahaha how funny, he knows basic biology. Yeah what a nerd lets laugh at him because laughing at nerds is great! Im sorry I have chosen to pursue a career in physics and hence have a respect for science.
  • You could say a form of social evolution yes, not biological evolution.
  • It doesn't really disprove anything I've said because what I have said is biologically speaking the truth. Just because you wanted to marry someone because they were rich(ie, if you were fat in the middle ages you could provide),doesn't mean you have to be physically attracted to the person (see:gold digger)
  • Yes its called "The Theory of Evolution", technically it could be proved wrong. Aliens could be doing it all, but there isn't a single shred of credible proof against the current theory of evolution. I am astounded at the scientific illiteracy of some people. The fact is you're misunderstanding what the word "theory" means…
  • >Technically speaking it's still a theory. Oh for the love of god do you even know what a theory is? Have you looked up the definition? A Theory is something that fit's the facts, makes perfect predictions and has NEVER EVER EVER had a single thing be able to disprove it. Take a basic science class and you will know how…
  • Have any of you even taken a basic class in evolutionary biology? Really? These are basic things people should just... know.Blame darwin if you wana blame anyone, you can dislike it, but its a fact.
  • What I am saying is that it is subconscious. I personally am not attracted to someone who is overweight, this is the case with most men.The reason for this is because of the factors I listed. You can't choose what you're attracted to, you can't guilt someone into being attracted to you, the same way they're not an *kitten*…
  • No, its not ingrained to go after a partner with the same skin tone (im not a biologist, maybe there is some preference. Ill have to look into it later). I personally am more attracted to someone who is Caucasian, maybe its a coincidence that I am Caucasian as well? I don't know enough to tell you for sure. But this is not…
  • Well it's ingrained into us through millions of years of evolution to be attracted to someone healthy. So yes...
  • Also you seem to be ignoring what your weight implies. Firstly if you're overweight you're unhealthy, hence biologically men are far less likely to be attracted to you as its in our DNA, the same as in women, to seek out a healthy mate. Also if you're overweight it strongly implies you're undisciplined, you may be losing…
  • Just eat less, by far the easiest thing to do.
  • Dude, just eat less and move more. Its not that hard to lose weight if you actually put in effort. None of this fat burning crap works. Is it really that hard to just eat at a calorie deficit? Just eat 500 less calories than you need every day for the next few months and the weight will fall off easy.
  • For weight loss,then it doesn't matter what you eat, only how much you eat. That said, personally I try to stick to a pretty healthy diet ie Oatmeal and Banana for breakfast , fish and veggies for lunch etc...But this is mainly because getting sufficient nutrients helps your overall fitness. So if you're aiming to be as…
  • Its pathetic seeing people make excuses.Don't have time to exercise? FIND *kitten* TIME. I get up at 5:30 every morning to go to the gym, people who don't and then claim they don't have time are finding excuses.
  • >But I'm sure some college kids could benefit from your experience Exactly my point.As stated many many times this isn't aimed towards the majority of people. Its the very small minority who need a bit of a kick up the *kitten* to get on with their goals. And I have already had messages from people telling me I achieved…
  • Because in bouldering, atleast to begin with you need to be as light as possible. Strength is obvious important, but being light is more important.
  • I probably did lose more muscle than I wanted, but I do bouldering so weight loss was a much larger priority than muscle