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  • I do the same workout schedule on fasting days as eating days. However, I prefer to do fasts on sprinting/HIIT days instead of weightlifting days.
  • Rad! I've been intrigued with the Tonal since a couple months ago when I started reading about them. They don't have a demo place in our area, but we were on a road trip to Salt Lake City and got to try one out at a Nordstrom there. We were totally sold, and so placed the order a few days ago. Now, the wait begins. Stoked…
  • During the big lockdown in '20, I got a set of the big loop bands and used those with some dumbbells instead of the commercial gym. Still using them, and building up a home gym as I'm not super stoked about going to commercial gyms any more. I like that they're portable, and so bring them along on trips. Also, the door…
  • Here's a really good FAQ: https://www.reddit.com/r/ResistanceBand/comments/fnyk7f/how_to_switch_from_weightlifting_at_the_gym_to/ It helped me out last March when I switched from the public gym to just dumbbells and loop bands at home. You just need a set of loop bands and a door anchor (small looped thing that goes in a…
  • https://reddit.com/r/bodyweightfitness/ has a lot of good info for exercising with no, or very little, equipment. I've been using a couple adjustable dumbbells I already had. And more recently a resistance band set (about $50) that I wish I'd gotten years ago. That's been super useful, and I'm really stoked about all the…
  • Sure. I've been here for a bit over five years, and doing fine, mostly in maintenance. I rarely track my food these days, as I eat mostly the same stuff and know it well. But do track my exercises. It's still helpful, and seeing my friends do their thing in the feed is a good reminder.
  • I've got a little routine at home, that starts after most trips to the bathroom: some jumping jacks, some air squats, some pushups, and then downing a glass of water. That's to try to make up for when I'm being sedentary, and keeps me hydrated. Just takes like a minute or so.
  • Yeah, I'm a big fan. I fast once a week generally for maintenance/health purposes (6:1) but switch into 5:2 mode if I get a bit puffier than I'd like. Once you get used to it, it's pretty easy IMO. Been in this rhythm for maybe five years or so.
  • Old threads are the best threads ;) FWIW, I'm always barefoot in the house and that includes for exercising. No problems.
  • Pretty good. The dumbbell curl isn't needed as you're making the biceps work in the pulldown and row. Also, the top 3 leg exercises you listed are redundant. I'd do either the goblet squat or leg press (maybe alternate each session), and add a leg curl. The general principle is you want a push and a pull movement along the…
  • Eh. I go to a gym in Manhattan and nothing there is ever cleaned. When I come in from the outside world, I decontaminate by washing my hands really well (and finish with rubbing alcohol if I was in an especially high-germ environment (like the gym)). When medical people say "don't touch your face," they mainly mean _don't…
  • OP: that routine looks fine. I'd do that, but the problem with dumbbell-only workouts is there's no way to do a pulldown movement with them. Fortunately, you've got a Bowflex so you can add a pulldown to the routine. With that combo, you should be able to do everything you need to do.
  • Welp, looks like our protagonist has deleted his account.
  • What is it? Nobody knows! Calorie burns are "impossible" to get accurately. But I'd bet money that's what the problem is. Do you have a better guess? 'cuz that's all we're doing here.
  • Shifting your schedule around is mostly about your bedtime, so I'd concentrate on figuring out how to do that earlier consistently. Then the early workout stuff will be no problem.
  • Noooo way that's happening. I'd expect you're really burning about 25-30% of that. Look up expected calorie burns on this site, and other sources. The ones here are even exaggerated, but they're nowhere close to what this monitor is telling you.
  • The general suggested limit for caffeine/day is 400mg. Within that range, there are cognitive benefits. As for the coffee itself, it has lots of polyphenols that are good for you. Same for cacao and tea. If someone's getting too much caffeine, it'd be a good idea to taper down to the 400mg range. Otherwise, carry on.
  • OP - you've gotta understand it from his perspective. He's thinking that he managed to land a wife without caring about fitness. So why should he start now? You're going to have to use other levers of influence here.
  • For reference: https://rippedbody.com/nutrition-pyramid-overview/
  • Not really a book, but a resource for women's weightlifting: Stumptuous has been around forever, and is excellent: https://stumptuous.com/
  • Amen. Good job, kudos, thumbs up, etc. ;) Just wanted to add: for supplementing potassium, the best way I know of is with salt substitutes. There's "NuSalt" and a few others, but they're usually all potassium. Because some people with heart conditions have problems with potassium directly, the potassium supplements you can…
  • They're the best; I make one most every day. I add seasoning and Nusalt to the bowl while mixing the eggs. As filler, I'll use .25 cup shredded cheese and some kind of meat. Pork is my favorite, but whatever's around is fine.
  • Not simplistic! Vital. The lil' philosophical cult I've embraced (Stoicism) ;) has the idea that you're supposed to be training your mind, body, and spirit constantly, to live well. And be focused on growth. If people do that, they'll be more "developed" in all areas a year from now, and continually wiser and happier and…
  • Eh, ok, sorry. I guess I didn't get what OP's point was.
  • I walk every day no matter what, and always look forward to it. I also go sledding when there's enough snow. My favorite time to walk is to head out right at sunrise, to the park as it's the most quiet and peaceful time of the day. Since the days are getting shorter, I stay aware of when sunrise and sunset are (they shift…
  • Sorry man, that's really intense. Good advice here already. I'd just add to search through subs on Reddit because there are several focused on mental well-being and dealing with emotional shocks like this. The sidebars will have helpful resources/links/books. Read some good CBT books and focus on building a new social…
  • It's calorie cycling and it's totally normal with weightlifters. You eat more on lifting days and less on resting days.
  • Then come here and talk about it! This is the best place. So, good job, you! FWIW, in real life, I wouldn't say a word about anybody's weight, good or bad. Unless directly questioned. "Hey, you look like you've lost weight." "Yeah, I've got cancer/worms/AIDS/an eating disorder, but thanks for bringing it up, fkface!" Nah.
  • I love peanut butter and eat it most every day. I mix a big spoonful of it up with chocolate protein powder, gelatin and a little Nesquik - stir all that up with a little water in a bowl until it's slightly goopy and it's awesome. Hella delicious protein. Also, saturated fat = happy brain. It's your friend; don't knock it.