Upper Routine

I'm 54 m. Switching to an upper / lower split.
How's this for a basic upper routine?

3 - 5 sets 8 - 12 reps

Incline bench
Shoulder Press
Bent over row
Easy bar curls
Close grip bench press
Pull up


  • feisty_bucket
    feisty_bucket Posts: 1,047 Member
    Looks solid. You've got an overhead push & pull, and a chest/back push & pull.

    Suggestion: you've got isolated bicep work, but no isolated tricep. If you've only got time for one, I'd do the triceps for bigger arms.

    Also, I don't think you need to do two forms of bench press. You can move your grip around from set to set. So I'd cut that down to one, and replace with some focused shoulder work (dumbbell side and forward raises, maybe).
  • grandpahaddon1334
    grandpahaddon1334 Posts: 3 Member
    edited July 2022
    Ok. I'll swap out close grip bench with tricep pushdown and add lat raises

  • Retroguy2000
    Retroguy2000 Posts: 1,531 Member
    Looks good for the back.

    I'd leave any isolation sets to the end, i.e. after pullups.

    It seems a bit light for the chest though. You have incline bench, which hits the front delts a lot, and close grip bench, which hits the triceps a lot. I'd suggest adding flat bench, and that can include flat bench with supine grip to target upper chest more, and fly's. If you only have db's not cables, do those on the floor for safety rather than the bench.