Basically about to give up



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    One month? I've been at this for 4 years. I got close to my first weight goal, lost focus, gained half the loss, and now am again trying to lose. This game ends when we die.
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    Don’t give up. Not to be cliche, but the only difference between winners and losers is winner get back up and keep going after getting knocked on their butt. Getting frustrated at not making progress is getting knocked on our butt.

    Keep accurate track of things, review the data and adjust as needed.

    I think the most likely culprit other than your body going through some adjustments is “under estimating calories consumed” and “over estimating calories burned”.

    Even if yoru weight stays the same regular exercise will make your heart and body stronger at the least, so you are still making progress. Make sure you get enough protein in to capitalize on the exercise. I use .83 times my lean body weight goal, not my current weight. Fat doesn’t need protein :)

    I am over weight because I am terrible at portion and calorie control on my own winging it, I must track every morsel that goes in my body and use measuring and weighing devices where needed to be accurate or I will eat more than I think.

    Personally I figure about 50% of what my Apple Watch tracker says I burned for calories and even less for regular weight lifting sessions. I don’t even consider regular walking around calories burned either, only a dedicated exercise session.
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    whaleybob wrote: »
    My HRM says I'm burning 1,000+ calories each session, and at least 400 calories a day just walking.

    Noooo way that's happening. I'd expect you're really burning about 25-30% of that. Look up expected calorie burns on this site, and other sources. The ones here are even exaggerated, but they're nowhere close to what this monitor is telling you.

    what makes you so sure of this? you don't know what he's doing to burn that. Let's say it is off, why only 25-30%? Then you say "look up the calorie burns on this site" and say that they are exaggerated in the next sentence. So what is it then?

    What is it? Nobody knows! Calorie burns are "impossible" to get accurately. But I'd bet money that's what the problem is. Do you have a better guess? 'cuz that's all we're doing here.
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    Please hang in here. I have quit so many times and here I am again. I have tried many things and never stuck the course but here I found a group of people who always are encouraging and they have been successful as was I then. My main goal is to live so I can care for my son. I am stumbling but trying. AND if you have lost 45 already, then WOW. Maybe think of it as you are already too thin to qualify for those tv shows about weight loss so just do what you have been. Can you add 1 more or different thing? Sort of change a thing and see if that bumps you along? Best wishes.
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    Exercise is a big part of my weight loss. It sounds like it is for you too.

    Most trackers, gym machines and MFP over estimate caloric burn for exercise. My first month was no progress because I ate back inflated calorie estimates. I was using default MFP estimates which are really bad (off by 50%+). And I got frustrated and then posted and the MFP police/evangelists all MFPsplained that I must be miscalculating my food cals...get a scale etc (I was in fact being extremely accurate about cals in...)

    (NB: I like MFP as a tracker and for the food database....and think it's a good tool overall and it's worked for me.)

    A HRM is not a good estimator. What worked for me is finding very accurate cal estimates for my exercises. For walking, its 0.32 x weight in lbs per mile. I cycle a lot and for that its ave watts x 3.6 x time in hours (accurate within 2%).

    Once I got accurate estimates...I still eat back my exercise cals. But weight loss has been consistent.

    This may not be your issue. But I burn 500-900 cals a day exercising...and if exercise is a big component of your plan...its much more important to get accurate cal estimates of burn. And most estimates are wildly inflated (sometimes intentionally because it makes you like whatever did the estimate more...).

    Lastly, dont let the "weight loss and exercise are not related" crowd get to you. Pretty much any major study about healthy weight has correlation with consistent exercise. And most MDs will encourage exercise within your ability as part of a healthy weight loss program. So, dont give up on it.

    Hope that helps and good luck.

    (And did I mention your a badass while doing this and quitting smoking?)
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    If it were me, here's what I'd do.

    I'd stay at it. But for Month 2, I'd weigh all my food (even bananas, broccoli, grapes) on a digital food scale and enter it into MFP in grams and ounces. I'd make sure my logging was perfect.

    If that didn't result in weight loss, I'd make Month 3 about assuming the calories I'm being told in my workouts are too high. I'd shave 200 calories off of that estimate, then see how Month 3 went.

    It's a long game!

    When I work out for 60 minutes at OrangeTheory, my HR monitor tells me I burn about 600 calories. However, I'm always skeptical so I only enter about 450 calories into MyFitnessPal to eat back.

    When you say you burn 400 calories walking, do you mean power walking for fitness? Or do you mean just walking around the world?
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    Okay, let's just say it's "unlikely" that anybody burns 1000 cals in a workout. And if you're stalled in your loss, it does stand to reason that the calculations are off somewhere, right?
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    I was right where you were man...

    And I'll tell you, I never tracked calories... I cut out junk food, fast food, everything I knew wasn't good for more, not all at once but gradually over time...

    It was small changes over time that worked for me...
    I also tried hard not to eat any late meals and walked every day after dinner...

    I know there are a ton of people on here who will go on and on disagreeing with what I just said but results don't lie...

    Don't give up, make small changes, have patience and be persistent...
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    Welp, looks like our protagonist has deleted his account.