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Hey peeps!

Does anyone have any tips for working out at home? I don’t have a gym membership anymore (they’re closed anyway) but that’s how I worked out in the past. My neighborhood isn’t the best so outside activity isn’t really an option and I live on the top floor so I have to be careful with how much noise I make.

A little bit about me:
I’m 25, work full time, go to school part time, and I’m a parent (my kid is 6). Also don’t really have money to spend on new equipment.


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    Lookup Tina username TinaZ2018
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    Lookup Tina username TinaZ2018

    Thank you! I’ll definitely look her up!
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    Not many options as you describe your situation but, depending on how much space you have, I'd suggest a spin bike or rower that should provide you w/sufficient exercise w/o disturbing your neighbors.

    The rower will provide you w/a better workout overall but takes up much more space than a bike unless you store it upright.

    For upright storage, a water rower is better but costs more than a Concept2 rower, which is the most popular and widely used rower in the industry.

    However, a water rower is more attractive and can be placed upright virtually flush w/the wall w/o the need to install a holder in the wall (a concern of renters), while a bracket has to be attached to the wall in order to store a C2 rower upright and even then the C2 will projects far out from the wall which may still cause problems.

    On the other hand, a stationary bike will fit almost anywhere you can make room for it, be it the middle of a room or in a corner. Just depends on ehether you can/want to give up that space for the bike.

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    Resistance/Strength training should be quiet enough. I like Jessica Smith TV on YouTube, and pilates (I use DVDs) but lots available on line also.

    Cardio is a bit trickier. Low impact cardio done on a yoga (or puzzle) mat should be fairly quiet ((again, Jessica Smith).

    But step aerobics would also be quiet and more intense than walking. Place the step bench on a puzzle mat to muffle sound further.

    Look for a used step bench at a thrift store. I bought my Gold's Gym step bench at Wal-Mart (fairly inexpensive <$30). Jenny Ford YouTube videos are excellent. I'm choreographically challenged so I stick with the most basic DVDs and videos I find.
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    I've been doing Chloe Ting's workout challenges on Youtube (I work better when I'm goal oriented :D) Her programmes are free and literally only suggests a workout mat. She also has no jumping options and apartment friendly modifications to some of the exercises. The majority of it is resistance based workouts but she does have some HIIT videos. She has tons of programmes to choose from and I can comfortably say that they're damn effective. :)
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    I have a small stationary bike that I love. I also do YouTube or app workouts. I do have a question for some of you more advanced fitness people responding I'm looking into a mini stepper with resistance bands to change up my routine a little.. thoughts? I've never been a gym goer so I don't know the equipment well.
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    YouTube and running are my go tos now. Some of my favorite channels are: Sydney Cummings, fit outside the box, Jenny Ford, quest club, and Yvette Bachman.
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    Maybe you can buy some resistance bands. You can train full body with those. Now gyms are closed i use them next to some weights and can make a split training. I even made progression using these bands. It's cheap, need no space and you can use them wherever and whenever you want
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    Maybe a balance ball? Giaim has (had?) some good videos. They might have some stuff on youtube. I think they have a streaming video service. Glo? Balance balls take up a little space but are pretty cheap. A couple resistance bands...
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    Use your stairs.

    If you live on the top floor of a duplex/triplex/multiplex situation, then you'll still need to be mindful of noise but it's workable for a number of cardio routines. You can take the stairs, one, two or three at a time on the way up. Then you can squat, dead, "good morning, etc" between flights on the way down. These can be done with bodyweight but surely you have heavy, compact things in your home you can lift.

    If you live in a condo or some residential tower, then noise is less of a factor and you can work your way up to endurance levels. All the stuff mentioned above...but now you can also jog or run up/down flights.

    In either scenario, if you're not squeamish about germs 😫 then you can do push-ups between flights as well. Depending on the space available and your ability that can look like hands on steps for positive incline push-ups or feet on steps for negative incline push-ups.
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    Hey! People over complicate things. They have the mindset that because there is no gym suddenly you can't keep fit. Of course, it helps in terms of equipment and the association and environment attached to the gym and exercise. However, use your imagination, get creative, and have fun with it! Everything you need is at your finger tips! Even with no equipment.

    Example, I train very hard most days. I love my gym! But I've adapted. Bought a few dumbells and set about expanding my knowledge about alternative exercises at home. I can now do handstand push ups, deadlift the couch, learned every exercise I could with dumbbells and as someone mentioned, resistance bands. They are cheap, and they are awesome! I can mimic every exercise with these bands. Go to youtube and just type in bands exercises or home workouts, and have fun learning. I'm loving it so far! No queues for equipment and less time spent to and from gym.

    Also a site that does pretty awesome equipment to give a try They are even giving away chance to win £100 worth of equipment to get you started for helping them with a new service. + have a small training vids library to help you learn how to use equipment.

    I'm a PT, so give me a shout if you're really struggling and I would gladly help you get excited about training at home.

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    Body weight exercises - lots of routines on yourtube. Things like press ups, squats and lunges should be fine :) Also lifting weights, and as I see a few people say resistance bands. What about a booty band, they're great for increasing the difficulty in squats, glute bridges etc.
    Yoga is low impact on the noise, but if you look for ashtanga that can really increase the heart rate nicely.
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    I feel like I’m keeping fit. I’ve been doing tons of body weight exercises. For cardio simply running/walking/rope jumping/jumping jacks/mountain climbers etc. I also ride a bike. For weights at first I used a backpack loaded with 25 water bottles (approx 25 lbs). Then I moved to an old gym bag filled with sand (20kgs- 45lbs). Then I borrowed some dumbells from my closed gym.

    There is so much you can do with minimal equipment. I have my brother using a big rock he found in the yard. No idea what it weighs- it doesn’t matter.

    For me the hardest part is keeping motivated. It’s too easy to say “I’ll do it later” which never comes. Doing it together with my brother and his wife on WhatsApp is keeping us accountable and having fun.
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    Options has a lot of good info for exercising with no, or very little, equipment.

    I've been using a couple adjustable dumbbells I already had. And more recently a resistance band set (about $50) that I wish I'd gotten years ago. That's been super useful, and I'm really stoked about all the new techniques I've been learning with the bands.
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    I'm a fan of Jessica Smith. Check her out on youtube. She seems to have something for everyone.
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    Go to MFP Blog | Fitness | Workout Guides
    4-Week Progressive Bodyweight Workout Guide
    4-Week No-Gym Workout Guide

    You can also do a search for body weight exercises.

    Good luck!
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    I thrive in competitive team dynamics so I used to hate exercising at home, but I’ve learned to like it. I’m not at the love stage just yet; However, I’m looking forward to my routines more and more. I’ll tell you what I did:

    1. Buy a cardio machine. Any cardio machine. You don’t need to break the bank as there are always some on Marketplace, but you need SOMETHING to work with.
    2. Designate a space or an area for working out. Not all of us have enough room for a home gym, but there are still things you can do to isolate the space.
    3. Start small. I ‘run’ for 15 minutes. That’s it. Nothing impressive, but better than nothing. Having such an easy goal makes the starting process less intimidating. I’m still only running for 15 minutes, but I almost look forward to it now!
    4. Buy yoga blocks for stretching. I regret not getting these sooner. I thought they were a gimmick, but if you’re just starting to bend your body it’s not easy or safe to hold positions properly. These blocks make it possible and the process is more enjoyable.