Messed up

I just had 640 calories worth of cookies within 10 minutes. I feel very guilty and ashamed. How do I move forward and recover?


  • Carriehelene
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    Oh, and I’ll just add, my son makes THE most amazing chocolate chip cookie calorie bombs known to man. 3 of them will beat your 640 calories hands down. I will eat them, enjoy them, log them, and move on, guilt free.
  • quiksylver296
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    Log them and learn.

    What caused the issue?

    Did you undereat previously to the point you had no willpower left? Were you upset and you ate them for comfort? Was it that time of the month and you were hangry?

    Figure out the underlying issue and then make plans for how to deal with that issue better next time.
  • feisty_bucket
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    Throw the rest out, and then don't do it tomorrow. But you've gotta forgive yourself and not make a big deal out of it, 'cuz it's really not. You can easily make the deficit in, say, a day.
  • paradelac
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    I work nights at a Hospital and patients family alway get the staff pastries and chocolate. I did the same thing with the cookies and felt the same way. I look at it this way, I did it, there is nothing I can do about it accept the food choice. Make a better decision next time. Let it just roll off you back! Good luck friend. You can do it!
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    Do the next right thing.
  • JaysFan82
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    I went to Toronto with my friends recently for 4 days and ate/drank everything in sight, including Popeyes Chicken at 2am two night in a row. I'm also now down 98 pounds. It's not that big of a deal. Trust me. You just move on.
  • corinasue1143
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    Yesterday is gone. Forget it.
    Tomorrow is a dream. Dream of how good it will be when you achieve your goals.
    Now is the only time you can control. How can you minimize the damage without putting yourself into a yo-yo situation?

    How much is your built in deficit? Subtract that amount from 640. That’s your real damage for weight loss purposes. For instance, if you are cutting 500 calories a day to lose one pound a week, 640 - 500 = 140 calories over maintenance. 140/3500=.04 pound. Do you really want to be mad at yourself for .04 pound?
    If your deficit is 1000 calories a day to lose 2 pounds, you’ll still lose weight, just not as much today as some days.

    Learn from it. What can you do to avoid it recurring?
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    It was a Crumbl cookie wasn't it.
  • csplatt
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    instead of hating yourself, remember the cookie fondly and get back to your calorie goal tomorrow. do not punish yourself and lower tomorrows calories because of your choice