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  • I was coming here to suggest the same thing! Dry them with a paper towel then lay out to dry for several hours. Makes a big difference
  • Fitting BACK into my jeans that fit only months ago! Dang it I allowed myself to indulge way to much due to stress and I’m paying the price. So Day 1 of being accountable again
  • I did take measurements and I'm glad of that, however I wish I would have taken a couple before pictures to really SEE the differences.
  • Hmmm, leg fatigue, so like cramping, pain soreness from exercise or the feeling like you can't control them accurately?? I live in a small town and 2 years ago a friend was DX with ALS. His first complaint that led him to the Dr was tripping and feeling like his legs were weak. Not to scare you, but I'm not sure if ALS is…
  • I think you are at a good starting point. You may need to play with it, up or down as you go. Milk supply could drop, if so make sure to hydrate and add 100 calories at a time until you find your ideal calorie intake to keep milk. Listen to your body and don't go extreme and you should be fine.
  • I rarely log veggies, UNLESS theyre the starchy ones like corn, beans, potatoes. Lettuce, cucs, carrots etc I don't log
  • I lost: my boobs! Like WTH still had plenty of hips to lose but oh no the boobs left instead. Lol And I lost the notion that "I'm just big boned".
  • I do at home bodyweight exercise videos off YouTube. To start you may like the plethora of Walking videos that incorporate some extra little moves like squats, kicks, punches and go from there. No reason to start off super hard and get hurt or discouraged, any form of exercise is better then nothing.
  • Fresh Garden Tomato! So much flavor
  • Very necessary!
  • I remember when I started myfitnesspal, I of course over estimated my activity level and wanted to loose 2lbs a wk-it set me up at 1200. Well that didn't even last a WK, I too was starving and it made me lightheaded. I adjusted activity/goals and settled between 1500-1700 cal and I still lost weight and was able to stick…
  • 10 lbs is a great thing! It's hard for us to see the differences, but you will. Taking measurements is another great way to reinforce that you are doing everything right! Keep up the hard work.
  • Looks delish. Breakfast doesnt have to be eggs/bacon. Eat what you love
  • I love salt! Last time I cut it drastically. However, in the end my Dr concluded that that was what was causing my light headedness. *shrug* wasn't totally convinced it was the cause but was happy to add it back in
  • Take your measurements. It may not seem like your tummy is shrinking to your eye, but #'s dont lie. Yes, carbs are fine to eat if they fit into your calories. Just weigh accurately. I hate standard situps. I prefer standing up and doing like high knees, front kicks, that work abs without the neck strain.
  • Just what the heck is ON that salad? Wow that's a lot of calories. Sad thing is many would still think they are healthy because it is a salad! I may have pre weight loss.
  • I love watching the scale go down. Good job, keep at it
  • FOOD SCALE When going shopping/doing errands ect I must plan ahead by bringing healthy snacks to prevent a hungry lunch binge Water, water, water. Exercise: I love food, burning the calories allows me to eat more!
  • When I started I weighed 193, I just wanted to get to pre-preggo weight of 170, which I'd been my whole life. When that goal came so quickly, i then realized i COULD get skinnier. So then i chose 160, then figured I'd see how small i could get. 1 got down to 142, but was just skinny fat and dh hated it. I've since put on…
  • Currently my bottoms are shoved into a drawer buried, as they are no longer fitting. Damn 10lbs creeped right back on!
  • Plus don't forget how many calories can be in alcoholic beverages. And your glass maybe larger than what they calculated a glass to be. I think 4oz is typical, but when I pour a glass I pour a GLASS! Which would potentially putting you over for the day.
  • Start off slow and DON'T over do it! I think a lot of people go all in, get too sore or injure themselves, then they give up. :( There are a ton of "walking" videos on YouTube, or get outside and do a short brisk walk. As you build up you can add small hand weights, or ankle weights.
  • My ONLY goal right now is to squeeze back into my jeans from my last weight loss. I sadly packed on 12lbs and they don't fit. Working on it slowly but surely, 9lbs to go
  • I think we need more details before giving accurate suggestions. Are you using a kitchen scale to log calories? What are your stats? How do you compute exercise calories? And what is your calorie intake set to?
  • Rip the top off and only eat the bottom half?? Lol. It will come, usually just slower than 1 likes
  • Eating "pretty healthy", might be part of the issue. Do you weigh your food with a scale? It's easy to overeat even when eating healthy. Other than that patience might be key. My rear/thigh hold on to weight more than my upper half, which is just as frustrating as belly over staying it's welcome.
  • Trying to get back into my "skinny" jeans
  • I love my instant pot. I love twosleevers.com for recipes, plus she has several cookbooks out now. Most of her recipes are keto. She has a fb page too and others post recipes all the time. My fav recipes of her is the Butter Chicken, yum
  • I used a Garmin chest strap for 2 years but I hated the bulk of the strap while doing floor exercises. I recently bought a Polar arm strap. I haven't used it enough yet to know if it's more/less accurate than the garmin, but I do love that it doesn't interfere with any of the exercises.
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mine! As far as a fad, many parts of the world use stove top pressure cookers, so I think it's here to stay. There are so many recipes out there, I've tried many new flavors, there's an Indian cookbook that I've enjoyed immensely. I say give it a whirl :)