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  • That is a seriously impressive play house! I'm bet you're glad you didn't miss out on the fun
  • 200 consecutive days of logging today! I love the way it makes me feel in control of my food intake, which is not something I have felt before.
  • Don't knock stationary bike riding - it can be harder than on road sessions because you don't get to free wheel down hill - it's more consistent effort :-)
  • I have successfully maintained goal weight for my first month of maintenance! I know that's scale related, but the non-scale part is that it's helped me overcome my anxiety about maintenance and feel more confident that I can succeed at this part of the process too.
  • That is a real victory! It's those tough times when we make the healthy decisions that show us how strong we are
  • I went to the pool yesterday and did my full hour long workout, even though I wasn't really feeling like it. Was hard to get out the door, but once I was there it was all good. Glad I didn't pike :)
  • Can I just say, this is my absolutely favourite thread. I feel so happy and actually proud when I read of all of your achievements on the train every morning (a bit weird, I know, since I don't actually know any of you!). We are all awesome, keep those NSVs coming!
  • My yoga instructor called me her advanced yogi today. So proud, because I still feel like a newbie. But the regular practice is definitely paying off!
  • I call it 'thinposter syndrome' it's like in my mind I'm a fat person masquerading as a thin person. I'm slowly getting better at seeing myself as a fit and healthy person though, but it's certainly going to take time!
  • I hit my target average cadence last night on the indoor trainer for my hour long session. 90rpm avg, and only stopped briefly twice to mop sweat. So stoked, usually I stop too often and end up in the 80s, or lower! My most consistent trainer workout yet *fist-pump* :)
  • Had a team lunch then a team building afternoon today. Normally this would lead to a massive blow out, but today I managed it pretty well. I checked out the menu in advance and knew what I would have for lunch before I arrived. I also brought all the food to sustain us through the afternoon session. I baked a cake and some…
  • Congrats on coming back. And focus on the 90lbs lost rather than the recent gain - you got yourself back on track and you're still doing great!
  • Haha - you can wear whatever makes you happy ;-) I'm sure you could rock a kilt - and given they wrap around, they would certainly fit at a range of sizes!
  • I stopped wearing trousers and just wore skirts/dresses while I was still losing. They are much more forgiving in fit and are much easier to take in... I caved and bought one pair of work trousers a few kg shy of goal (on sale), figuring they'd be ok, and they are already on the alteration pile... Good thing I actually…
  • I went for my first long training ride in the outside world yesterday. Did about 45km in 2hours. Went out even though the forecast was for a strong head wind (yep, that happened) and rain (only the last 10mins). I'm not very confident on my road bike yet, and have been doing most of my riding on a trainer indoors, so I was…
  • ^This! It's so good not to have to check weight limits on things any more! Best feeling ever :D
  • My sports massage therapist was working on my back and shoulders and said you could definitely tell I had been swimming. i'm assuming that's because I have been toning up and getting some visible muscle there, rather than because I smelled of chlorine! Made me feel like a boss :D
  • Completed a full swim workout in an hour this morning. I have a book of workouts that I use, but always end up cutting it short. But not today! I did the full set, and swam 2.35km in total :D
  • This is going to be a long one, so apologies in advance... 2014 was a really bad year for me and my husband. Knowing that we had packed on a few too many kgs, we agreed to get fit together that year. However my husband started having back pain which meant we didn't really get into it. I held off, waiting for him to get…
  • Congrats! As a fellow full-time worker and part-time student with a hefty exercise schedule, I hear you on that. It's certainly an extra challenge to not only fit everything in, but to do it well. Well done for making the time for self-improvement off all kinds :)
  • My NSV is that I did tumble turns in the pool this morning for my whole main set. I haven't done them since I was a kid in swim squad, and had been a bit nervous about trying to bust them out again. I tested myself the other day as part of my warm down and was a bit all over the place, but this morning the pool was nice…
  • Great work. I love Triathlon - they are a great challenge, the training is varied, and you don't have to be awesome at any if the 3 sports to do it. They are addictive though! Good luck with the next goal of Olympic distance :) Btw, you look fabulous in the tri suit in your avatar! I'm psyching myself up to buy a 1 piece…
  • Running on holiday is the best - it's great way to explore new places! Have fun! :)
  • I was given a box of gourmet chocolates last Friday as a thank you gift. I shared them with my husband, but strictly rationed us to only having two a day between us. And they lasted until last night! Normally we would have scoffed them all in 10minutes! And we discussed it last night and felt we enjoyed them more in small…
  • Awesome work! It's so good to know that you have nailed your exercise for the day before breakfast!
  • I managed a head stand during my yoga practice yesterday for the first time - super stoked! Next stop, hand stand :)
  • Great work! You definitely deserve a montage and theme song for that effort :)
  • *fist bump* Awesome work. As someone just starting on maintenance, that's so motivating to hear :)