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  • Just eat it and move on. One packet of crisps isn’t going to do irreparable damage.
  • If you’re having it black and logging it, nope. For me, it would increase weight loss in a bad way as proper coffee acts like a laxative on my guts. Currently back to using this app to try tracking what’s upsetting my digestive system but I already know that coffee is not my friend.
  • "Cleansing" is a nonsense. If you're feeling rubbish about eating "naughty" foods and maybe boozing too much maybe you're craving a day of the opposite. Have a fruit based homemade smoothie or fruit salad with yoghurt and seeds for breakfast, a homemade soup or jacket potato with roasted peppers for lunch then a homemade…
  • I'd rather have 2 whole eggs and a strawberry.
  • The treadmill means I never use the weather as an excuse. I also don't have to stop and pick up poo or find somewhere to put my key, asthma pump, dog poo bags... I use the treadmill as part of the other stuff I do in the gym.
  • It's unnecessary. You can lose on 1200 a day. That 200cal is a small but essential part of my daily diet.
  • Me. Last year I was doing well until I had to have a medical procedure that stopped me from exercising. Really threw me off course, demotivated me. Got back on it in January.
  • The answer to your question is: you can eat just one meal a day. I can't but it's how some people roll. I'd go mad with boredom on what you're eating at the moment though. Are you in school? Is there a canteen?
  • Ditto what the previous two have said. I'm on 1200 a day, I'm 5'1", I do go over sometimes (weddings, birthdays etc) and I usually eat back my exercise calories. I've plateaued for about a month but have fluctuated through the weeks. Are you measuring inches too? Sometimes my measurements have gone down when the scale…
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  • The only way I've lost over 7lb in a day is giving birth.
  • 100 days of logging. Scales have been unhelpful this week ranging from 10 stone 4lb to 9 stone 12. SW 11 stone 1 lb / 155lb (January 2017) CW 10 stone 4 lb / 144lb (May 2017) GW 9 stone / 126lb Yes I do need to tidy my room and yes my leisure wear isn't super flattering.
  • Haha, not helpful but I remember this so well and I made some appalling decisions! Super strong coffee with sugar, cereal and milk, toast and butter, cigarettes, pro plus... bad times for the waistline and my guts. Good luck!
  • Have less of it - go for an open sandwich on one slice. Go for less quantity more quality - whole grains. Or just eat the bread and less of everything else.
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  • I add all booze and milky hot drinks from cafes or coffee shops like hot chocolate, cappuccino, flat white, latte. I don't log my water and I don't log my tea. Naughty but I'm still losing. I do log my breakfast cuppa but I don't the rest of the day. I don't use sugar and only a splash of milk. Oops.
  • Use a measuring tape too and log your cm or inches.
  • It's fine to want to change, you're here now. Start logging, make some supportive mfp friends and go for it. I didn't like who I saw in the mirror in January. I've made slow but steady progress. It would be awesome if I could click my fingers and magically become a toned 9 stone. Alas, that's not how things work. Give me…
  • I don't do "cheat days" or "cheat meals". It ain't cheating it's eating. I go over some days but even it out over the week. I don't waste a random Thursday by eating like a pig but if there's a special occasion or party I won't make myself stressed or hate myself by panicking over the buffet and booze. I log it and move on.
  • I log weekly. Same day, same time, naked. Sometimes I weigh daily but I don't log it. Maybe I should. I also log and measure my inches - really helpful for motivation as this month I've lost only about half a lb but I've lost at least an inch.
  • Your profile is private so I can't see your diary. How often have you gone 1000 over? That won't help you lose. Are you measuring inch loss too? I didn't lose weight this week but did lose inches. Mentally this really helps me. How accurate are your scales? I find myself thinking more of food when I start logging or come…
  • You're not too different in height and weight than me. I'm 155cm. In January I was 155lb and now I'm 144lb (so about 1lb a week) and I'm aiming for 126lb eventually. I'm on 1200 calories a day (which I sometimes go over) and exercise - I walk dogs daily and do some aerobics style classes and weights at the gym. It's a long…
  • I'm 5'1" feel free to friend me. SW 11 stone 1lb (155lb) CW 10 stone 4lb (144lb) GW 9 stone (126lb)
  • I gained the last two times I stopped taking Yasmin... because I got pregnant both times. I'm on the Minerva iud now and prefer it massively. Hardly ever have periods. Don't have to go to the GP surgery for pill checks. No side effects. When I first started on the pill I was in uni and I got fat because I ate like a pig…
  • 3lbs a month is good, it's fine, it's healthy. Slow and steady wins the race.
  • I'm 5'1" and have had to get out my calculator to work out what the deuce 110lb means. 7 stone 12lb. I'm currently 10stone 4lb (144lb) Was 11stone 1lb (155lb) in January. Aiming for 9stone (126lb). I'm sure I'd look amazing at 8stone (112lb) BUT I'd worry about excess skin and not looking like me anymore. SW 11 st 1lb CW…
  • So are you averaging 1200 per day by eating more on weekend and less in the week? On the treadmill are you just walking then? For 25 minutes? Are you adding that as exercise and eating back the calories or including in your steps for the day? Are you logging accurately? Weighing everything not guessing stuff?
  • This is just adorable! Great job on the weight loss too!
  • Talk to your GP. I had alopecia areata in 2006 and it was "just one of those things". It's never happened again since, not even through stressful times, pregnancy, weight loss or gains.
  • A banana most days is all. Keeps me full.
  • Mine's open. I get confused when people ask for help but keep it closed. I'm in the UK so obvs have different food but yay for sharing. Add me,