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  • I was just curious in general what people burn I was not eating back calories as I was wanting to lose weight. My goal this week has been to burn between. 300 and 400 in an hour session
  • I normally don't eat anything before I work out. I try to push my first meal as far back as I can. I'm not uncomfortable with 1600 to 1800 calories and I'm still losing about a pound a week. I do know it will have to go down in the future just looking where to make those cuts
  • ON whey protein- extreme chocolate. 8 oz almond milk 30 vanilla, 1tbs peanut butter or leave it out if you are short on calories
  • I have tried fasting and not eating until later in the day that lasts for a few days and then I end up being weaker at work outs my schedule is really messing with me it looks like this.... Week out 3 am, work 7a to 3p Week out 3am, work 7a to 3p Week out 8 am, work 3p to 11p Week out 8…
  • So I changed it to a pound a week loss and 1800 is my calories, I tweaked the macros to 162g protein, 116 carbs and 80 or 90 days ( I'm going off memory here) I made carbs lower at the 30 percent bc it was recommended by my gyno to eat less carbs bc of slight insulin resistance I have. I'll work with this and see where I…
  • I work out in the morning before work my meal after work out is a dose of protein with eggs or a protein shake. I go by what my Fitbit tells me for calories burned which is normally 300ish. I lift weights and do 30 mins cardio daily. Diary is open to my friends, not really ashamed of what I eat it's normally not like fast…
  • I do prelog in the morning all my stuff through the day but don't for after work I will have to start doing my whole day and see if that helps me
  • I started trying to count macros so it gave me 1787 calories a day. I work out 5 to 6 days a week. I'm active at my job as well. My fit bit says my average daily burn is right at 2500 which I think is high. If I do my fitness pal calculation I think it give me alot less calories if I remember right I'm 5'4 right at 163 and…
  • And I guess I have done the every 2 to 3 hours bc I have heard it helps your metabolism
  • I had someone suggest to me to take a fiber powder. I was doing higher fat and protein and ended up eating too much cheese. I pack my snacks and meals everyday. I do find even with a bigger breakfast at 530 am I'm hungry by my break at 9 but my last break is 1 so maybe I should skip that snack if I know I'm consistently…
  • I'm looking to lose 15 to 20, lost 40 gained back half!!! Love working out and motivating people! Add me
  • EVL grape flavor for the win! Also don't mind C4
  • Loving myself and embracing 30!
  • I'm just not sure if it's really that much of a deficit. I do have a HR on my fit bit i guess I can try at 1800 or so and see
  • Iowa! Love lifting with cardio burst, play softball, kayak, and bike ride
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  • I sent you a request!! Sounds like a great friend to have!
  • That makes sense I was just following what the app I have says for low carb. I realize 111g is really not super low I have done much lower and it's miserable! 90g of protein seems much more achievable! Thanks for the input I really appreciate it!
  • Ok perfect I'll track and see how I do. I have PCOS, I dropped 40 pounds by eating better doing weight watchers and cardio only. 3 years ago I started lifting and not eating super great so I've gained some weight back. ALMOST HALF! but I have been at the 155 to 160 range for those 3 years and can't seem to get it off. I…
  • I haven't tracked recently the last time I tracked I quit and went back to just counting calories. I am wanting to start again though what I want to try and follow is p178 c111 f69 which is 1783 calories. I'm 5'4 weigh 160 and I'm in the gym a minimum of 5 days a week. Lift weights and do minimum 15 mins cardio
  • I have wireless beats and have had them for a couple years and had no issues. I keep them in their padded case in my gym bag when not using them. Great for lifting and running.... Just connect through blue tooth on your phone and go! Well worth the money
  • Depending on what your goals are this schedule will be different for everyone. Someone doing a 5x5 program who is trying to gain strength would lift fewer days a week. I am currently doing Jim Stoppani short cut to shred and I go all the days of the program and if there are more rest days than I want then I fill in cardio…
  • I think that's a lot of my problem I don't have a lot of friends or acquaintances in the area and I don't have a specific goal to hit! I need a challenge or goal!
  • I may try doing the t25 and easing in with intensity. I don't know why but it seems it always makes me sore and it's not like I don't work out its just different muscles. I'll look into the 5/3/1 my fav is lifting so worth a look
  • I'm at 1550 a day for calories some days more to be lifting heavy 1400 seems a little low, if you were doing lower weight and higher rep for more burn it might be ok but to go heavy and increase I would say it's low. I am hungry on 1550 and I'm lifting and cardio every other day and non lift days are cardio. I am most…
  • Thanks for all the suggestions. I guess I should have been more specific I'm not trying to cut them out specifically just eat less than I am now. That bacon bread looks amazing though probably more calories that I want though lol
  • I do eat a lot of carbs now so cutting them down wouldn't be anything crazy or unhealthy
  • One of my doctors told me because of PCOS and insulin sensitivity if I wanted to be at normal weight for my height his suggestion would be to go to a lower carb diet
  • I get it the planning ahead, having meals on hand ect. I do all that and I'm not new to this I actually started about 4 years ago and lost 40 pounds SLOWLY. I always lived in a town where the nearest food or grocery store was 15 mins away. In the past year and a half I moved and now food is close and available with in…
  • Protein shake, eggs, ham, yogurt and granola.... Any of those normally keep me fine until my next snack 3 ish hours later