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  • A. What are you doing maintain your calorie count? I’m doing the same thing as I was before the virus. Preplanning with a prioritization of calories and protein first followed by carbs and fats. With that said, since I am home now I just have more of a solidified eating schedule and hardly deviate from it. In the end, it’s…
  • There is nothing really changing exercise wise for me luckily. I have been doing all of my strength training workouts 4-5 times per week from home as I always have. I also go for short runs outdoors a couple times a week. My only concern is maintaining stock for protein consumption. I typically eat around 180-200g of…
  • As others have stated, tracking is often a big issue for some people. Also, how are you determining how many calories you are burning at the gym? It’s not uncommon for people to overestimate what they are burning. Medical issues can play a role in weight loss as well such as hypothyroidism.
  • Eating at a deficit before is a nice option to have. However, since it's not a good option for you I'd try to focus on two areas. 1. Exercise just a little bit more than you would if you were at home. 2. Most importantly plan as best you can and enter ahead of time on mfp. I'm on vacation now and along with a little extra…
  • Depending on how much peppers and onions you're making (I cut up three bell peppers and one onion) I use a blend of cumin (1tsp), chili pepper (1 tsp), garlic powder (1 tsp), and salt (1/2 tsp). Half of this blend goes on the veggies and the second half goes on the chicken. It's as good as any restaurant veggies for…
  • Sometimes as part of a meal I'll have 3-4 egg whites, one whole egg, with some different spices at the end. A little Cajun seasoning, garlic, and onion powder for example gives it a boost in flavor. Add in some sautéed veggies (cooked in a separate pan) and it can significantly change the taste of plain egg whites.
  • My goal is to be able to complete my training for a late April 1/2 marathon I'm signed up for without any major bumps along the way such as injuries or sickness.
  • How severe is the strain? I've strained mine a few times all of which have been fairly minor. I just ran slower and did some more cross training for about a week and then I was back to normal.
  • We eat out 3-4 times per week. It's about the same as when in weight loss mode for frequency but I have more freedom. I often have to make a concession or two compared to what I used to eat when I was overweight but all meals are enjoyable. I find between exercise, only eating two meals a day (plus a good night time…
  • The only time I use an incline are "hill" days about once a week. Other than that I always have it on zero incline. Personally unless it's a hilly course or poor weather conditions I find running outside easier than the treadmill.
  • The only time I use an incline when on the treadmill is "hill" workout days. Other than that I keep at 0 and feel I get a similar workout as I do a flat tracks outside.
  • I tried a brick workout for the first time this morning. Worked hard on the bike for a quick 9 miles and then took a short run for a mile (8 1/2 min pace) just to see what it's like. I really enjoyed it versus just biking or just running. I liked the feeling of the challenge with my legs feeling fatigued when starting the…
  • Days that I'm going to be attending a party or going out to dinner I just eat lighter around those events. The few days nothing is going on I'll eat at a deficit to "bank" some calories as well. Other than that it's business as usual.
  • If someone carries a firearm as a security blanket that's a poor mindset and a slippery slope to go down. Obviously there are going to be MANY incidents where a gun may or may not be an option but it's definitely not the right answer to handle some problems. That's why it can be greatly beneficial to be trained in firearms…
  • What does getting involved with the local government do?
  • To answer the OP's question check out Pistol Wear. I own the PT-2. I've owned it for almost two years. I'm primarily a runner but have taken many cycling classes and it wears comfortably. PW does not recommend carry one in the pipe as it is a softer material and possible with some form of extreme force I could see…
  • I'm the same way. I live in Michigan so I run at the gym November through February. My times are typically always a little faster outside.
  • I've seen all kind of different approaches before a race. For me, no warm up unless it's in the 30's or cooler. Even then it's only a slow jog in place for a minute or two. To each his own.
  • I started doing Insanity last week. I've been having problems with my right foot and right knee for months running/biking so I was looking for an alternative. I actually have been alternating between one day of Insanity and one day of strength training (TRX/free weights) through the week. The program is a nice challenge. I…
  • I'm sorry but weighting food isn't the only way to go. I just measured and lost over 50 lbs with cups and spoons. It wasn't until the last 20 I started weighing. I'm not saying weighing isn't the BEST way to go but it is certainly not the ONLY way. There aren't many absolutes in this world and this certainly isn't an…
  • I'm not a marathon runner, but my runs range anywhere from 4.5 to 7 miles. A few months ago I ranged in the 2-3.5 miles. Personally for me I'm actually sleeping better and naturally burning more calories. Since I'm in the maintenance phase of my "health cycle" for lack of better terms, it means I can eat more to maintain…
  • I'm typically around 48-52. I'm 36 years old.
  • Where is it at in the app?
  • I stretch a few minutes before runs but nothing after. As for cool downs.....Based on how much time I have and what I was working on for the run, I will sometimes run a slower last mile or two.
  • Male 6' SW 254 CW 189 Target Weight Range 188-193
  • For your second question I personally have taken my time to get where I am now and am still not rushing anything. I started all runs on a treadmill the first few months and build up my distance/time running slower than most training regiments you see online. It's something I want to do the rest of my life like when I lost…
  • Typically I prefer running outside over the treadmill. However, it ultimately depends on the weather outside, what I want to accomplish for the day, and how my body feels.
  • That is awesome! Congrats! How long did it take to build up that high? How much distance did you add and how frequent? I'm just curious. When I started running about 5 months ago I didn't plan on running more than 5K's. I'm currently at 5 miles and am consider a 10K and down the road MAYBE a 1/2 marathon.