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  • @MissionEnforcer Color Challenge DAY 1: Spinach - Green Apple - Red Sweet Mini Peppers - Orange, Yellow, green Day 2: Broccoli- Green Brown Rice - Brown Greek Yogurt - White Day 3: Eggplant - Purple Grapes - Green Orange - Orange Day 4: Spinach - Green Blueberries - Purple Raspberries - Red Day 5: Avocado - Green Tomato -…
  • Good morning everyone! Sorry for being absent the last few days on mfp. I'm still getting my workouts in - it's how I handle stress. But i have a lot going on right now so i will either handle it thru exersice or withdrawl! Trying my best to work it out! Just a quick note about some things going on: We haven't heard from…
  • Hi guys! Just stopping in quick to let you know I am alive, barely last night was the longest night ever between my own softball game and the World Series!! What a game!! I'm here and doing my tasks! I promise I will try and get the SS updated at some point today. My squats will be finished today! Loving the radio vids!…
  • All challenges done! Spreadsheet finished for the day!! And to answer the question of where were you in 1975......ummmmm I'm pretty sure I wasn't even a thought in anybody's mind!! My parents were just wee little ones themselves!! Lol. I recorded the new Rocky Horror that came out but haven't watched it yet. My older…
  • Hi guys! I'm here, just been a stupid busy crazy week. So I got my steps finished today - it was leg day and we did bleacher sprints (i walked up once to see how many steps up then counted how many sprints were done!) Probably will be walking like a penguin tomorrow :p I'm good on the no snacking after 10, and videos will…
  • @Shauna30 Congrats on the awesome run!! I hope your doing the RICE method the rest of the weekend! And I totally would have run for that shirt!! Lol
  • @MissionEnforcer Hi all!! So a little more about where I live. Honestly not a lot to tell. LOL I live in a tiny town called Abita Springs pop of about 2,500, we are about an hour ish north of New Orleans. It was the Choctaw Indians that settled here and created our community. We have no Walmart or major grocery store but…
  • @MissionEnforcer Hi Team 6! Sorry I'm so late (a cpl of you may know that it is not unusual for me! I'll try to be better, I promise!)! I have sent friend requests and accepted friend requests! Now a little about me! My name is Shannon, but please call me Shan. Nobody calls me Shannon except when I'm in trouble! I am also…
  • Ok ya'll...I kinda fell off last week and completely struggled with the first days Pull-up challenge. I don't fully understand the pyramid and I totally suck even with assisted pull up machine!! So I'm thinking maybe this challenge ge isn't for me? And it totally kills me to say that.....I hate to quit. Anyone have any…
  • Just outside of NOLA
  • Time for a revamp! Looking for friends that will help motivate, inspire and maybe challenge me! I'll do the same! If your up for it add me. Let's kick *kitten* together!!
  • You guys are rocking this!! Great job. I'm already doing a 30 day Crunch challenge but anyone feel free to add me for support! You got this!
  • Count me in too!!
  • Accountable: 1. Consistent logging 2. Being part of team makes me work harder to accomplish my goals 3. The nutritional & hydration challenges have made me more aware of my eating habits (although I am still a picky eater) Things I want to achieve 1. Really pay more attention to my macros, protein especially so I hit my…
  • Team Daryl OMG....I've been running from them all night....did I make it? 7 pts -- missed my protein goals
  • Team Daryl 10 pts!!
  • I don't do alot of cooking....but I can scramble up some mean eggs! 2 eggs 1/2 c Fat Free half & half 4-5 Slices Sargento Pepper Jack Cheese (thin sliced) Onion & bell pepper Heat a pan w/some EVOO and scramble it all together. When fully cooked put on a plate (in my case a paper plate so I don't have to do extra dishes!)…
  • Team Daryl Met personal goals = 7 pts Bonus PT 2 & 3 (HIIT workout) = 2 pts Forgot to share my struggle with my team
  • Oh man I hope I am not missing!!! It's been crazy with our weather here. Team Daryl: 8 pts
  • Would love to have some new motivating friends! Anyone feel free to add me! I love to help motivate if I can. Anyone with nutrition advice definitely add me......#TheStruggleIsReal Let's do this!
  • Team Daryl I sure hope I'm not too late.......... Personal goals met all days this week. 7 pts (thanks to my other challenges!!!!) All 3 Bonus pts met 3 pts Total pts this week 10
  • Team Daryl Met all personal goals (except 1 day I missed strength training) and did all the bonus videos......Bring Sally Up (How many times do we do this one?? Lol) So I guess that's 9 pts for this week.
  • Count me in.....if you haven't already. Sorry I'm a little behind
  • Hi all! I'm Shannon (friends call me Shan). I am 23, from South Louisiana and I love challenges!! This is my 3rd? Or 4th Challenge w/@mallowbar. She and her challenges are amazing and inspiring and soo soo motivating. I am in alot of challenges right now they keep me sane.....which is insane! I love these because watching…
  • Team Daryl 10 Points -- NOT sure how I stayed under all week while traveling but yay!!!
  • Oh Boy......I'm super late!!! I'm Shan, I choose Daryl always and forever!!!! Such a bad *kitten* and those arms....... Goals: 1. Log everyday......good or bad 2. Be under calories at least 6 of 7 days preferably everyday 3. Strength training esp upper body 4-5 days min 4. Continue w/ my rehab....I have been wanting to…
  • Ya'll can Add me.....I had ACL/Meniscus surgery in May! It's hasn't been easy but I am now getting back to all sorts of activities....including playing softball again! You can definitely do it. You have to be disciplined, determined and willing to do the work!! Good Luck!
  • It's time for me to clean up my friends list. Looking for supportive, interactive friends. If that's you ADD ME!! Let's crush some goals together!
  • Same here....feel free to add me! Would love some advice and support. And will do the same! We got this!!