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  • Omg!! Snow in May??!! Heck No!! We're in the 90's but still cooling off in the evenings maybe low to mid 70's here. Thankfully we're not full humidity yet!! Good luck with your training!
  • Hellllloooo!!! I'm ready for us to travel!! Hopefully it will be soon!! I'm ready for a new challenge!!
  • I have the Polar M400 w/the H7 bluetooth HRM which I absolutely love! It has GPS I've had it for a cpl years. Polor Flow gives a great analysis daily weekly and monthly. My watch can go a cpl days before charging so long bike rides and runs aren't a problem. It also will track your sleep patterns and give training advice…
  • Anyone can feel free to add me! But please only if you intend to interact! I like to encourage and motivate as well! Warning: I can be a bit of a smartass! It's time to do some cleanup on my fl!
  • Challenge # 3: Eat Your Greens! I ate spinach, avocados, green grapes, cabbage (I am Irish!), and just in case the cabbage doesn't count as green I also had green beans.
  • Challenge # 2: Tuk Tuk to Thailand I chose Sabai (Relax) Your Feet challenge from week 4 I chose this one because I really enjoyed the benefits of the massage when we did it the first time around.
  • Challenge # 1: The Last Great Race! I chose the 10.49 mile "Frostbite Footrace or Iditarod?" Challenge from Week 6 - Alaska. I chose this one because I love to be outside and I love Alaska. Our weather has been a little bipolar (70 -80 for a cpl days then down to 40 - 50) but still gorgeous.
  • Challenge # 3 - Spice Dat Up Mon I choose ginger as my spice and I tried it 2 different ways. I made grilled sesame ginger salmon that was ahhhmazing!! I will definitely make this one again and it was super easy to make. I also had ginger lemon green tea. My stomach was upset the other day and a friend suggested I try it.…
  • Been a busy couple of days! I will go update the spreadsheet and I have all my challenges done. So sorry to hear so many of us are having such a difficult week!! Hugs & positive vibes to you all!!
  • Ya'll can add me if you want. I love to support and motivate if I can. But I also need the support and motivation! Macros is are a huge struggle for me!
  • Maybe you don't suck at it, maybe your just bored with it or really don't like it? I love running and have run several races from 5ks to full marathons. The suggestion about the shoes is good. But it could be the time of day your running, or it could even be your diet. What you eat and when can effect the quality of your…
  • Sorry I haven't checked in guys! I've been dealing with some medical issues but I'm not letting that stop me!! Keep up the great work everyone!! #WeGotGoals
  • Oh my gosh!! What do we have to do beat team 1?!! You guys are all rocking it! Let's have a great week!
  • @SmashleyM914 - yay on the weight loss. That's awesome! @Scherzie & @mckeon11 - I hate riding in the wind! Good luck!! Stay strong!!
  • Challenge #3 - Lighten Your Load I gave up jelly beans and flavored carbonated waters. Giving up the water was way easier then the jelly beans! I definitely noticed a difference from the water. Jelly beans are my go to when I'm stressed/depressed/happy whatever! It was a huge struggle and I'm honestly glad it's over. I…
  • Hi Smashers!! Sorry I've been MIA still!! Good news Mardi Gras is over. But this is a tough week. I'll get my mi uses in just not sure how much logging on here I'll get!! For Challenge 3 just so you guys know I chose to give up jelly beans and carbonated flavored waters. I realize since I only drink water that these…
  • Hi everyone! Just checking in. Everyone is doing awesome! The water challenge is super easy for me as I really only drink water and coffee (way too much coffee!). I'll be getting a lot of minutes in this wknd as I am a volunteer for one of the local schools and we are marching in some Mardi Gras parades. Plus I have a…
  • OMG!!! #SexybySummer I'm in!! I live in the south so this needs to happen soooon!! Anyone can add me. I love to motivate and be motivated & inspired!! #NoExcuses #WeGotGoals
  • Challenge # 3 - Grab a bag of bugs! 1. What did you try? Peanut Butter Overnight Oats 2. Tell us about your experience: The first time I tried them I just couldn't get myself to eat them cold. They are meant to be eaten cold but I heated it. Oh it was way too sweet....the dark chocolate chips.melted and that just made it…
  • Hello Smashers! I am here and I believe I'm still alive. So sorry for not being an active member in the team thread. I think in the next week or so things will hopefully settle down for me and I will have more time to chat with you all! Your all doing awesome. I have finished Challenge 1. I went to an actual Muay Thai…
  • Hi Team 4! I'm so sorry I have not been active on the team thread (well not even on mfp this week). It's a crazy busy week and it looks like I'm working 16 or 17 days straight before my next day off. I'm not sleeping much so thank goodness for my exercise or I'd be a total mental case. #SleepDeprivationInFullEffect I hope…
  • Hi everyone! Sorry I'm so late on the intro and the team thread. Three things about me: 1. My name is Shannon (everyone calls me Shan) I am 24 from a tiny town outside of New Orleans called Abita Springs. Where we are known for our beer (yes we have a brewery but no grocery store! Not even a Walmart!), our spring water,…
  • I'm not starting back like ya'll but if you want to add me I'm willing to jump on the #SexybySummer train. Let's do this!
  • Challenge # 2 - I went back to Transylvania and did all the Videos again. They were fun. I did them with the preschoolers again and we just laugh and laugh! They are so inspiring and always in awe of everything! Plus they love the videos too! Challenge # 3 - 8 Lifestyle Changes 1. Eat more protein 2. Drink water 3. Eat…
  • I need more interactive friends! I have goals and I will reach those goals and make new goals! But having friends willing to talk and comment and help with suggestions on workouts would be amazing!! Add me!
  • Way down in South Louisiana....near New Orleans!
  • Hi guys! I'm here its just been a crazy busy week. I'm exercising and working on challenges. I have the stairs challenge completed. Will finish the vids hopefully tomorrow and I'm good on my calories. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  • I did a 5k Turkey Trot for the LA March of Dimes on Thanksgiving. I'll be finishing the Rockette tomorrow (I'm actually enjoying them....although I'm sure it would not be enjoyable for anybody to see me doing them!!) For the Thankful Challenge: This was very hard for me. It's been a rough year. With that being said like…
  • Sorry guys no hike for me today! I have an earache and am unable to keep food down again!! UGHHH! So no minutes for today but I did run the miles so I can get credit for the challenge. I hope everyone has had an awesome wknd!!
  • I have all the challenges completed. Well I did the 8 mile running b/c I didn't think I would be hiking and walking just bores me! However a group of friends wants to go hiking tomorrow so I will have that challenge done as it was meant to be tomorrow, hopefully!