Trying to be a role model

Hey everyone I'm Zach! I'm on here trying to better myself of counting my macros and staying on top of my diet! Here to help support y'all and help out! But could also use some tough love if I start slacking off myself


  • Mel3933
    Mel3933 Posts: 43 Member
    Hey zach! I'm close to the maintaining part of my whole weight loss process and always looking for committed friends who can be a true support :)
  • Safetysuitgirl
    Safetysuitgirl Posts: 26 Member
    Hi there! I'm always in need of support! Trying to loose 10 more pounds and tone up! I'm looking for friends like you!
  • ShansGotGoals
    ShansGotGoals Posts: 928 Member
    Ya'll can add me if you want. I love to support and motivate if I can. But I also need the support and motivation! Macros is are a huge struggle for me!