Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • jim2960
    jim2960 Posts: 4 Member
    New could always use more friends!
  • ShansGotGoals
    ShansGotGoals Posts: 928 Member
    I need more interactive friends! I have goals and I will reach those goals and make new goals! But having friends willing to talk and comment and help with suggestions on workouts would be amazing!! Add me!
  • Flapjack_Mollases
    Flapjack_Mollases Posts: 218 Member
    heck yeah, I'm always up for new friends
  • aerial102
    aerial102 Posts: 52 Member
    Feel free to add me! (: We got this! Let's fight the good fight together. <3
  • ZeroSugarSte
    ZeroSugarSte Posts: 39 Member
    New here and need some friends!!
  • John1643
    John1643 Posts: 13 Member
    Been going well for a year, have a few more to lose and then maintenance. Could use some support
  • jim2960
    jim2960 Posts: 4 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • ergeneserkan
    ergeneserkan Posts: 5 Member
    Free to add me. Im interested in fitness. So Im using pal for weigth control.
  • tomk8
    tomk8 Posts: 27 Member
    I'd love some friends for extra motivation!!
  • ksknight21
    ksknight21 Posts: 2 Member
    I could do with some encouragment and inspiration. Always say ill diet but never do. But as of today i will really try and make an effort. My gym membership is not being used, so going to be gymming it 3times at least a week from now also. Ill be posting pictures of meals and progress etc. Watch this space
  • taranicolex2013
    taranicolex2013 Posts: 13 Member
    I need active friends to keep me motivated. Feel Free to Add Me :)
  • DaybyDay517
    DaybyDay517 Posts: 5 Member
    Looking for friends for sure!
  • indiacaitlin
    indiacaitlin Posts: 691 Member
    Anyone is more than welcome to add me as a friend! :smile:
  • Mayhew85
    Mayhew85 Posts: 77 Member
    Feel free to add me, always nice to be motivate fellow MFP users
  • Halleeon
    Halleeon Posts: 309 Member
    Looking to have active comments and support on my feed. Willing to do the same in return, please add!
  • indivisible0518
    indivisible0518 Posts: 19 Member
    Add me!
  • pandahead76
    pandahead76 Posts: 122 Member
    Starting getting serious about better health last week. I could use some friends!
  • matthew_garcia
    matthew_garcia Posts: 16 Member
    Always looking for new friends and people to share motivation with . Feel free to add me!
  • jordanaus29
    jordanaus29 Posts: 28 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • Hey! Getting back on the My fitness pal train today! Ready to get this weight off! Add me, I would love the accountability, motivation, and support!