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  • Woah woah now let's not get crazy and give up macchiatos, order them without the vanilla syrup (or with sugar free syrup) and you save 75cals on a tall and they still taste plenty sweet enough with the caramel drizzle. If I had to give up my delicious coffee I wouldn't have stuck with it for a year now. Seriously though…
  • Everyone is different and can have different causes of PCOS. You can be diagnosed without having any blood sugar issues, and who knows your precise hormone levels, and your particular stressors. I also tried a bunch of increasingly crazy things in the hope that something would work. Remember, you now have extensive…
  • I the pb I buy is available under 2 labels Smucker's/ adams... But reading the back shows they are the same. The only ingredients are peanuts and salt. The old labels didn't say they had to be refrigerated but the new ones do.
  • I try to look on the bright fingers and nose might be freezing to the touch, but really all the better to startle the heck outta my hunny. Sneak up like a shark behind the couch and bam! Cold nose on the neck! Never fails to amuse me...not so much my husband oddly enough.
  • Well I usually bring all my food for road travel which would be pretty easy to log. (Dry instant oatmeal+ free hot water at gas stations, non perishable snacks like fruit and jerky, and coffee til I burst) You could do a combo of bringing snacks that you know the cal of and prelogging potential restaurant stops with meals…
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  • In my case, it seems to pop up whenever it's most right before you have to drive 1500miles home. I find doing the foam roller and tennis ball will lessen the pain enough to allow me to "walk it off". I just walk for at least 90mins everyday (the longer the better) and re-roll it out afterward until one…
  • Oh, also Thug Kitchen is super funny and has delicious recipes
  • Happy Herbivore has super delicious recipes with nutritional info for all. (Although they are also low fat/fat free...add your own healthy fats as desired) I always check out the books from our library but the website is great too.
  • One cup of cooked white rice is 158 grams (according to several sites) I just use the one cup entry and know personally that I have weighed out the grams.
  • It is not true that everyone diagnosed with pcos has insulin resistance, increased androgens, or even have cysts on their ovaries. (Though cysts is in the name) Pcos is a collection of symptoms that occur, to be diagnosed you are supposed to meet at least two of the criteria. Though some have been diagnosed with less. So…
  • I like simple things like BBQ chicken- a pack of cheap chicken thighs, bottle of best BBQ sauce, cook on low till done or salsa chicken- just like BBQ but with salsa instead, super good for shredded chicken tacos.
  • I have read several studies regarding this in the last year or so, super interesting reading. Here is a similar one with dogs Poo swapping sounds so gross...fecal transplants not so bad. Seriously though, with the number of insane things people do in…
  • I think what works will vary based on your diagnostic criteria that you had. (Since pcos is a collection of symptoms for which they have no definitive cause/answer for) If you had a problem with insulin resistance, find a diet that works for that. If you had irregular periods or no periods, perhaps just going on bc to…
  • Something we take along on the long drives to TKD tournaments is dry oatmeal with whatever additions we like ( cinnamon, nuts, fruit) in a thermos/travel mug. When we need to stop for gas we just fill it with hot water and have a hot fresh breakfast in just a couple mins. Other than that its mostly what others have…
  • If I had to guess I would assume that plain almond milk doesn't froth due to a lower fat content and the mix with the coconut is perfect.
  • I have never had plain almond milk froth, but the almond coconut blend (almond breeze brand) froths and I just use my stick blender(approx 1 min) in a tall cup and then microwave it (little less than a min). I would guess that an actual milk frother would have better results :)
  • Unsweetened almond coconut milk is my favorite, 45 calories for a full cup and it froths perfectly for fancy coffee drinks
  • Something that keeps me full is 2 whole grain freezer waffles (140 cals) with 1 Tbsp peanut butter (105 cals) and maybe a piece of fruit for the quick energy boost. Super fast in the toaster in the am. For more calories you could double the peanut butter smash a banana in the center and drizzle honey over it