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  • The problem I’ve noticed in myself throughout the 6 years I’ve been low carb is that sweeteners of any kind seem to increase hunger. I’ve completely quit them 100 times and every time I decide to have a little again it slowly creeps back in to being a daily staple. With the hunger, I overeat and weight starts to come back.
  • I can’t seem to edit my spelling error :lol: That should be it may be hard to see it after only 3 weeks. MSU has nothing to do with it autocorrect
  • It’s entirely possible to lose fat without losing scale weight. If you are also not seeing any difference in your body, which will be very slight after only 3 weeks so MSU be hard to see right now, then you may simply be eating too much of the right things. Or, you think you’re eating the right things but actually…
  • Check out to learn more about it and you can even run your numbers there to *kitten* your risk.
  • As far as I know Monkfruit is ok for keto
  • Are you getting any cramping?
  • Okie dokie then
  • I’ve always heard minimal fat needed is more like 50g. Anyway, that’s not even what my point was. There are no essential carbohydrates but there is essential fat. Just makes sense to me if I am cutting one drastically to cut what’s not essential. That was my only point.
  • Im also 5’4”. I started at 165 pounds and size 18/20. I also had a goal of 130-135 and honestly, I never reached that but I did get to a size 6 at 145 and have been very happy with that. I have been very surprised at how much smaller my body is eating keto then it has ever been at the same weight at other times in my life.…
  • If you’re interested in keto try this calculator and read from this resource to help you understand
  • In my opinion it is because fat is an essential nutrient where carbs aren’t. To me, if you’re going to cut something drastaically, I would cut what’s not necessary in the first place.
  • You can’t really do low carb and low fat. That pretty much leaves you with tuna and chicken breast. Your body needs some fat for proper hormone function but you don’t need to eat sticks of butter or drink heavy cream or basically eat fat bombs like many people think. Just eat meat and non starchy veggies (if you want) and…
  • From what I understand it’s the blood meters that are most accurate but the breath ones can be mostly trusted as well. Certainly for your purposes of just verifying anyway. I’ve been keto for 5 years and while I don’t often turn the sticks dark anymore every time I bother to check, it at least shows trace even now.
  • There are other groups that are more active but all of them that I know of on here are much slower than they once were. Look for Low Carber Daily Forum
  • Honestly you would probably more successful with a normal sized protein/fat meal eating only once or twice a day for your goal.
  • You may need to lower your fat and concentrate more on protein so that you can eat more volume with less calories. I’m your height and started at exactly that same weight and 1200 was right for me. I’m also pretty inactive averaging only about 6000-7000 steps a day with no purposeful exercise.
  • No need to force yourself to eat when not hungry. It takes a lot of protein for that to happen. Like calorie excess kind of amounts... you aren’t going to store fat in a calorie deficit. No matter how much of it is protein. Wherever you have read that isn’t being clear or is someone that doesn’t understand this process…
  • Are you still hungry? Or are you just trying to reach a certain calorie goal regardless?
  • A friend of mine is a keto coach if you’re interested I can get you her info. She took the certification program that Maria and Craig Emmerich teach.
  • Sounds like you had low sodium I personally wouldn’t supplement potassium without a confirmed deficiency. Get that from your food. Or at least don’t aim to get to these numbers from supplements for sure.
  • Also research Dr Richard K Bernstein and his book The Diabetes Solution. He is an 80-something year old type 1 diabetic endocrinologist who once had kidney disease and other complications of diabetes that reversed with his low carb approach to normalizing blood sugar. He’s on YouTube at Diabetes University.
  • I would consider the almonds, the fat bomb and cream cheese cupcake wasted calories. Imagine how much meat you could eat for the same calories. That would be much more filling for you. You need more protein.
  • O agree with watching the electrolytes. The need doesn’t diminish as you remain keto. If it’s not adequate, deficiency will just build
  • I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It won’t last. It’s very common to not have much hunger when you begin to be able to access what you have stored.
  • These two photos are from the same person. The first one was trying to correctly dose insulin to a high carb diet. Working hard every day on trying to iron out the kinks. They took the diabetes education classes and attended every Endocrinologist appointment and their doctor wasn’t even really concerned with the…
  • I’m in the group with these people the study was done on. I can guarantee you it was the diet since every single one of them previously followed the ADA diet as their doctors recommended and never got near normal blood sugar control. So low carb diet either helped make blood sugar easier to control or it made people…
  • Honestly, I wouldn’t ask your doctor about it because nearly all of them don’t understand it, aren’t current on research and in my experience, one diabetes educator actually told my daughter she would die if she ate a keto diet and refused to see her ever again because of her choice to eat that way. My daughter brought her…
  • I wouldn’t assume low blood sugar without testing it. My guess is sodium deficiency
  • This is all the same old same old... They make the judgement based on the belief that saturated fat causes heart disease, that eating fat makes you fat therefore it can’t possibly help diabetes because “everyone knows” that’s caused by being overweight right? Also the fact keto wouldn’t allow for eating all those “heart…