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  • howdy, nightshift folks... been kinda preoccupied for the past month or so...glad to stop in and see that, despite some comings and goings and odd animal encounters, everybody is well - B, we'll keep your old man lifted up until you get some (hopefully good) news. life's been good here in Nashvegas - humid as all hell, and…
  • something innately soothing about waking up, hearing rain beating against your window, and rolling over and going back to sleep... :)
  • I've started keeping downloaded movies on an external hard drive and bringing it back and forth to work with me...because we're soooooo busy right now. :) current selections for this week: Music documentaries - "Nothing Can Hurt Me" (the Big Star story, from 2012), "Muscle Shoals", "Sound City", and a BBC documentary…
  • i'm pulling out of the parking lot at midnight to drive to Sandusky, OH for a show...so I'll be up, but not exactly accessible. kinda like the rest of my life. :)
  • not that it would be in your best interests to do so, but somebody needs to tell these douchenozzles to Google the word "math" and familiarize themselves with how it works. no matter how many different ways you try to divide the number 40, it's still a finite number.
  • i ate nothing but crap, generally speaking, the whole time i was on the road this past week and a half or so - but somehow, only managed to come back a pound and a half heavier. certainly grateful for that, but also having a hard time getting back to basics. those microwave burritos in the breakroom downstairs actually…
  • i almost never have to set an alarm, as i usually work backwards...go to sleep soon after coming home from work, and generally wake up well in advance of having to come in - but I'm cramming a ton of stuff into the next couple of days, so I'm doin' the alarm this week. and yeah - not one of my favorite feelings. runs in…
  • this might be the second most "your mileage may vary" question there is, behind "should i do cardio or not?" - which doesn't mean you shouldn't ask it. :) if you're gym-curious, then maybe dip your toe into the water somewhere like Planet Fitness, where the cost is minimal and there's no contract and try it on for size and…