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  • How should I measure liquids? I already measure all solids in grams, I can't recall the last time I used volumetric measurement for anything that wasn't a liquid.
  • I just pictured 100 grams of garlic, I think I'm going to be sick...
  • Since I can't edit the original post anymore, I'll post an update here: After about half my day, I had taken around 6000 steps and my returned calories were 380, this is much more in line with what I would expect. This is after having turned off the Heart Rate feature. At this rate I expect to burn around 633 calories for…
  • I was taking a look at the heart rate settings, seems like I can set a max heart rate or one custom zone (the custom zone likely has no effect on calorie/minute calculations). In order to get custom zones closer to what other heart rate zone calculators have told me, I'd have to crank my max heart rate up, but Fitbit only…
  • Yeah there is, when you look at the Heart Rate trend in the Fitbit dashboard it will tell you your "Calorie Burn per Minute" based on different heart rate ranges. For example: Yesterday from 2:20 to 2:25 PM, my avg HR was 78 BPM, the burn, as recorded by Fitbit was 2.7 Calories/Minute. Yesterday from 3:10 to 3:15 PM, my…
  • You wanna see how much weight can fluctuate? Weigh yourself, then drink 24 Oz of water, then weigh yourself. You should weigh roughly 2 lbs more. You need to consume less calories than you burn to lose weight, but weight isn't just "body fat", it's total weight.
  • Another thing to note, is when it comes to logging food in the database, you should always check the item that you're adding (unless you've already checked it and are confident) yourself. The barcode scanner is nothing but empty confidence, trust it as little as you'd trust typing the item name. On most occasions, it's…
  • Ok. So I'm going to answer the actual question. Find a good recipe for making sushi rice first. Sushi rice should be served just over room temperature, you'll need rice vinegar for this. For the rolls you'll want a rolling mat, some plastic wrap, and Nori sheets (use gold grade). When working with sushi rice, always make…
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  • Best socks I've ever owned is Polo Ralph Lauren black dress socks, they are light, long, and seamless. They don't slip or slide either.
  • You should always wash rice, as I do every time I make it. This manufacturer's instructions state that you don't need to wash the rice, but that you can anyway. I do. I doubt 12 g of starch comes out for every 45g of rice, but that's an entertaining thought...
  • An extra 45 calories per serving is what I meant. 155-110 = 45
  • The importer must print the label for the nutritional values based on the country to which it's being imported. Because I find it funny that the exact same company has two different labels, with different facts. I guess I'll have to plan for higher calorie rice in the future, nothing I can do about the past. I might keep…
  • Used in making sushi. It's a highly glutenous rice.
  • I thought that said unregistered
  • Tipa and Advice: set some goals and stick to them. Research shows that your brain celebrates every success, even if it's really tiny (like not taking that Reese PB Cup at the grocery store), and your brain will reward your body for each goal you meet, meaning that you get more motivation to complete more goals. Your goals…
  • I'm a bit of a newbie to macronutrient. How do I measure my lean mass?
  • I'm going to add you as a friend, because I need to be friends with me :/
  • Revolution Nutrition is the brand I like currently. It is lactose free for us freaks
  • I think you should hit your goal, then re-evaluate it.
  • I have done this before, however it doesn't allow you to easily project how many calories a typical "serving" that you (or another member of your family) will take. This method will almost always end up saying "1 cal/srv" or something similar if you do this. My preferred method is to weigh the final product and divide it…
  • I assume you are lifting weights? Otherwise, I feel like that much protein is a waste of money (protein is expensive). If you are lifting weights, quite a lot through the week, then this split is pretty good in my opinion. I'd be tempted to increase the carbs to 35 and protein down to 40. A typical rule of thumb is to…
  • OK, I know this is an antiquated post by now. But you know that if you save a copy of the spreadsheet into google drive I can see all your other sheets. I see some sort of Budget on Sheet 3, a sheet called "run", and a fourth sheet called "copy_20150904". Just letting you know that there is some personal information here.
  • Hi Liz, Feel free to add me as a friend. I hope I can provide some humor and ideas, accountability is important. I'm not a student, and haven't been for years, but it got worse for me after college. I was sort of like you back then. For a few years I lost practice. Now I'm back into it and have been for a while. The best…
  • I'm the different one. I'm from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. And now I live in a rural area near Calgary.
  • Hi Carol, you can add me too. As well as anyone else here. I have some experience using MFP, exercising, and general nutrition. I'm hoping that we can provide each other with motivation
  • I'm a bit of a serial starter, I'd like to break that habit though and fully get into it. My biggest problem is that I tend to lose the ability to post over the camping season. Which is a bit like grabbing a double edged blade, by the blade. Not only does Camping tend to provide the worst possible food, but tracking is…
  • I'll send you a friend invite. I'm a bit of a serial starter, so I'm trying to get as many friends as I can so I can feel like I have a reason to dedicate my time to it. Anyone else who reads this, feel free to add me. Hopefully I'll add some comedy and motivation to your posts.
  • If you don't own one already, get a scale. Like Sabu said, pay attention to serving size. I have a bit of a story for you. My mom is kind of new to nutrition and fitness and she is kind of ignorant and uneducated on serving sizes and what is normal and what is not. We were comparing the three breads in her kitchen…
  • A goal is a goal. If I know anything, it's gaining weight :/ I try to lift weights 3x per week. Are you trying to gain muscle mass? Feel free to add me if you want to share support and motivation
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