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Hey I'm Kayla!
My goal is to gain around 12 pounds I know it doesn't sound like much but it is a lot for me, I would also love to start working out and get fit!
I've been small my whole life and it's not always fun being told how skinny and small you are...


  • shaneozouf
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    A goal is a goal. If I know anything, it's gaining weight :/ I try to lift weights 3x per week. Are you trying to gain muscle mass?

    Feel free to add me if you want to share support and motivation
  • kaizaku
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    I'm also on the gain too.
  • lifeisahighway
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    Hey!! Welcome to myfitnesspal. I know you'll do great here.
  • joshgallant_1986
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    Hard work and commitment
  • xxtonixx87
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    Hey Kayla we have a similar goal of you want to add me we can motivate each other