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new here looking for motivation ... got sick about 2 years ago . Hyperthyroidism , pcos . Gained 75 pounds . Trying to lose :)


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    That sounds difficult. New here too. Feel free to add me.
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    I also have hypothyroidism and pcos. I'm on levothyroxine every day. I'm going to add you. :)
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    I have the same..You can add me if you want :)
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    I've also struggled with hypothyroidism. You guys can all add me too!
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    About 2 years ago i was 155 pounds . Right now i sit ay 238 ...
    I woke up one morning feeling dizzy and off balance and just nit feeling myself in general . I went to doctor adter doctor . Being told i was fine . As the weight packed on i went to even more doctors . Trying to get an answer . A year ago i moved from canada to the states . And went to the doctors here . Who diaginosed me with hypothyroidism and pcos .
    I went on an extreme diet 4 months ago and lost 16 pounds . To gain it all back in 2 weeks . My eating habits haven't changed . If anything i eat healthier tha ever .

    Any tips and advice is greatly appropriated . Thank you in advance .
  • GeoffTKirk
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    Hi Amy, congrats on deciding to get healthy!

    Best advice is to;
    1. Drink only water (2-4 litres a day!)
    2. Get lots of sleep
    3. Eliminate processed food as much as possible, in favour of fruits, veggies, and meats.
    4. Get active, doing something you enjoy!

    I know it seems like a huge task, but start small. Don't stress about bad days, just cheer the good days, and remember that every time you make a healthy choice, you're one step closer to your goal!

    Feel free to add me if you like. I'm a personal trainer, and I'd be happy help, if you've got questions, shoot me a mssg ☺️
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    Tipa and Advice: set some goals and stick to them. Research shows that your brain celebrates every success, even if it's really tiny (like not taking that Reese PB Cup at the grocery store), and your brain will reward your body for each goal you meet, meaning that you get more motivation to complete more goals.

    Your goals should be small and achievable (ie. Not "lose 100 lbs in 2 months"), so like "walk 5000 steps per day" , "workout 2x per week". These small goals can be upgraded to larger ones as you achieve better habits.

    Special diets don't really need to be factored in. There is only one way to lose weight, eat less calories than you burn (or burn more than you eat). The average woman burns 2000 calories per day, in order to drop 1 lb a week of fat you would need to consume 1500 calories per day (500 cal deficit), your numbers may vary, but that's where MFP and some research comes in.

    I'll add you as a friend, support and motivation is very important as well. Surround yourself with people of good habits and you'll develop those good habits too.

    Good luck on your journey! I'll be here if you have any questions