Favorite Protein Powder/Drinks?

GingerAlx Posts: 12 Member
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Just interested in everyone's choices.

I'm a fan of Naked Whey with some pb2 mixed in myself. If I'm getting a premade bottle of something I usually grab an isotech42 (blue razz most of the time).


  • Christine_72
    Christine_72 Posts: 16,056 Member
    Myprotein chocolate/peanut butter whey impact isolate is my all time favourite.

    Anything by Optimum Nutrition

  • richardgavel
    richardgavel Posts: 1,000 Member
    Optimum nutrition chocolate for me!
  • shaneozouf
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    Revolution Nutrition is the brand I like currently. It is lactose free for us freaks
  • janjunie
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    Quest cookies and cream, but I don't use it to make a shake. I add it to my ice cream or when baking cookies. Quest is great for baking if anyone is curious.
  • cityruss
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    Whatever is on offer and best value from myprotein / TheProteinWorks / Bulk powders / gonutrition.

    Usually a plain Jane flavour like strawberry cream or Banana.
  • Ironandwine69
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    I am not very brand loyal to protein powders. I buy whatever is on sale. I am cheap like that. A girl gotta save money for shoes.
  • ocrXfitter
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    For premade drinks I like Core Power because the ingredients are simple. When I'm being cheap, I get the 5lb bag of EAS in chocolate from BJs's. When I want to splurge, I order online from truenutririon.com.
  • MotherOfSharpei
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    Core Power or the new Nesquick Protein Chocolate Milk are my go-tos for premade. For powders, I exclusively use Isopure...Whey Isolate mixes well with anything and their low/no carb formulas are tasty, too.