I just binged and ate a total of 4100 calories today. Will I die?

I ate tons of sugary foods including cookies, cupcakes and chocolate. I counted and it's all approximately 4100 calories for the whole day. I feel a little out of breath and my heart is pounding. I'm 21, 5'4 and 115 pounds. Will my stomach rupture? I finished eating about 2 hours ago. HELP!?


  • cmriverside
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    You'll be fine.

    And yes, some day you'll die. If you really think you're in danger, get to a hospital.

  • pinuplove
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    Most likely you'll feel like crap for a while, digest, and continue living until eventually yes, you'll die. But unlikely tonight.
  • amtyrell
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    Relax, drink a glass of water and take a walk around the block you will be fine
  • clicketykeys
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    Everybody dies, sooner or later.

    Want a tulip?
  • burdensomebandit
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    Everybody dies, sooner or later.

    Want a tulip?

    I know, but do you think I'll die today or tomorrow because I feel like death after eating the amount of sugar I did today?

    And yes, a tulip would be nice indeed
  • clicketykeys
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    Probably not FROM the sugar. But if it made you feel this bad, learn from that experience and eat a more enjoyable amount next time:)
  • Luna3386
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    I always try to remember this feeling for the next time I want to binge.
  • L1zardQueen
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    On Thanksgiving, I can put away a serious amount of food. I'm still here.
  • L1zardQueen
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    If 4100 calories could kill you then restaurants like cheese cake factory and claim jumper would be convicted murderers.

    Yep, there would be paramedics lining up outside.
  • shaneozouf
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    I'm going to add you as a friend, because I need to be friends with me :/
  • CTcutie
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    I once ate so much in a day (bfast & lunch out w family, dessert, party that night, & alcohol) I didn't see how I make it til morning without a hospital & briefly considered it would be ok if my belly revolted & vomited bc I'd feel better. But I have a fear of vomiting & haven't done it since I had the flu in 2002, & hadn't for at least a decade before... Rolaids. Lots of them helped. And I won't eat like that ever again
  • Ironandwine69
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    Next time you shouldn't count when you're going nuts with food. What you don't know doesn't kill you.
  • SweatsOnSunday
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    Next time you shouldn't count when you're going nuts with food. What you don't know doesn't kill you.

    Totally agree here. I just record a generic 3,000 calories for the day and move on. Like I will be doing for yesterday. Started off well, but ended up with fried chicken and a huge bag of M&Ms for dinner. At least I didn't swirl it all down with a bottle of wine -- although I did have the corkscrew out, and I was seriously tempted to do a total f-k it and just accept the binge for what it was!
  • tiptoethruthetulips
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    How old are you OP?
  • iofred
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    maybe die of shame ... but you are still posting it, so it might be pride
  • dpwellman
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    I think I got close to that daily in my late teens early 20s. Heck often "lunch" was a quart of milk and Little Debbie Swiss Rolls-- because cheap. About $1.60 all told. Kind of my version of RC and Moonpie, heh.